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16. for Natalie_Churcher1320

Ugh school. But yay! Cause today is the last day of school. By 2:45 I will be a official 11th grader. I put some capris on and a rolling stones t-shirt on with my black converses. I grabbed a apple and a bottle of water and headed to school.

When I got to school, I threw the apple core in the trash and kept the water. Turns out we are staying outside the whole day. It's not that hot today, so it's perfect. I met up with my best friend. "Hey Emily!" "Hey. Last day of school!" "Yeah." She kept looking at the entrance of the school. "What are you looking at?" "My cousin is suppost to come today." "On the last day of school?" "He's visiting from England and the principal said its ok." "Dave your crazy." "Not as crazy as you Emily." We talked to a few of our other friends when Dave's cousin found him. "Dave!" "Harry!" They hugged. After they broke Dave had his arm around his shoulder. This Harry kid was cute. His brown curly hair made his bright green eyes. "Harry this is my best friend Emily." "Nice to meet you Emily." I already fell in love with his accent. "Dave has told me you came from England?" "Yes, Holmes Chapel." Dave and Harry talked on their own and I climbed the tree were standing under. The guys soon joined me.

"So tell me cutie, how do you know my cousin?" Was he flirting with me? "We met at the beginning of ninth grade." "Dave hasn't talked much about you. I wish he did." "Come on Harry, that's my best friend you're flirting with." I blushed knowing that he was flirting with me. "Aw do I see someones cheeks getting red?" "Maybe you do. Maybe you don't." I laughed and he laughed along with me. "You are one funny girl."

For the rest of the day Harry didn't try to flirt with me. I think he saw I was kinda uncomfortable. I played baseball with some of my other friends and the guys. Harry played soccer with Dave and his friends. The day seemed like it never ended. I like it. I had a lot of fun. After the baseball game ended, I opened my water and climbed the tree. Harry came over with a water. Dave wasn't with him so this should be fun. "Sorry if I came on a little to strong. When I see a cute girl, I flirt. I would love to take you to see a movie sometime." Ok maybe he wasn't as bad as I thought. I hopped from the tree. "Well since you told the truth. I would love to go see a movie with you." "Awesome! This Friday? Grown Ups is coming out." "Yeah that I would like that. Here let me give you my number." I pulled the pen I had in my pocket and wrote my number on his palm. "Text me tonight." He blushed. "Ok I will." Then the bell rung. The science teacher came out and yelled. "You are now officially 11th graders!" Everyone screamed and ran out from the school. I got to my dads car. "Hey dad!" "Hey junior!" I squealed. I got in the car and we drove home.

I got my phone and I have a text from Harry. It read 'Can't wait til friday!' I replied, 'me either! At first I thought you were a guy who flirts with all the girls, but you are a really cool and nice guy :).' It was Wednesday so we had two whole days to talk. And two whole days that I had to pick something out. Don't tell anyone but, this will be my first date. I talked to Harry the rest of the evening. A boring Thursday went by and finally it was Friday!

I picked this out;

Harry always talked about how he doesn't like it when a girl uses make up to look pretty, so I just went all natural. Harry was picking me up at seven and as I walked down the stairs there was a knock at the door. "I got it!" I yelled. It was Harry. He was wearing a blue v neck t-shirt with black skinny jeans and brown boots. "Ready to go?" "Yeah." I turned "Bye mom! Bye dad!" I grabbed my purse and we headed to the movie theater. Harry's mom drove us. He has his permit but. But a small price to pay. We got in line and the movie theater was packed. We finally got to the register. "One ticket to Grown Ups please." "That'll be ten dollars." I paid and waited for Harry. He paid for snacks and we went to the screening room we were assigned to go to. There was a lot of people there and there was some empty seats in the back row. We sat in our seats and the movie started.

Me and Harry laughed our butts off. When the movie ended we walked around town. We ate the left over popcorn until we got full. Harry walked me home. "I had a really fun time." "I did too." "To bad you haft to back to England." "Uh not really." "What?" I was getting excited. "My mum got a promotion and we are moving here." I hugged him. "That's so awesome." "Does Dave know?" "Not yet. We are going to tell them tomorrow." "That's awesome! My first date and-" I cut myself off holding my hand over my mouth. "I was your first date? That's ok. I'm proud that I am your first date. And what was that last thing?" "My crush is staying." "Well I'm glad I'm staying to." We chuckled and looked at each other. Harry stared at my lips. We inched closer and finally our lips touched. It was my first kiss also. The kiss was fast and simple. "Well I'll talk to you tomorrow." "Yeah see ya." Harry turned and his mom pulled up.

Tonight was the greatest way to start out summer vacation. I changed into pajamas and went to bed.


for Natalie_Churcher1320 hope you liked it!! i thought it was going to end up short but it didn't lol :P this took a lot more thinking but i hope you liked it!! :) :)

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