One Direction Imagines

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2. For my other best friend Ashley

"Come on Ash, we're going to be late!" My boyfriend yelled at me. "I'm almost done!." I answered putting my ear rings in; You can say I love blue. As I grabbed my phone and slid my glasses on I walked down the stairs. "Wow babe. You look amazing." "Thanks, so do you. So where is this mystery place you were talking about?" He smiled big and grabbed my hand. Me and Liam have been dating for five years. Liam said he wants to wait for a right time to pop the question. He pulled a bandanna from his pocket. "Take off your glasses." I obeyed and he blindfolded me. "What's up with the blindfold?" I could tell he was smiling. "You'll see." And he drug me in his car.

I found the outlet and plugged my phone in and turned on Over Again. Liam sang along to his parts and I joined him on the choruses. I felt the car stop and the ignition turn off. "Are we here?" I asked. "Yes." And he opened his door and ran over to mine. As he opened the door I was greeted by sea gulls and sea water. "Are we at the beach?" He didn't say anything and I felt his hands guide me. We walked up and down stairs when I felt my feet squish into the ground. "Take off your shoes." He told me. I used Liam as a rest and took unzipped my shoes. I felt the warm sand on the bottom of my feet then Liam's hands around me again. "Almost there." We walked til Liam sat me on a chair. "Ok, take the blindfold off." I listened and the first thing I saw was Liam and in between us was candles and a bouquet of roses in a vase. Then I saw the beautiful ocean with the sun shining down brightly. My mouth dropped and I faced back to Liam. "Liam, this is amazing." I chuckle talked. Then I heard Harry, Zayn, Niall and Louis' voices singing behind me. They started to sing Truely, Madly, Deeply as Niall strummed on his guitar. I turned around and they smiled at me brightly. I turned back to Liam. "I'm glad you like it." He smiled and Simon greeted us. "Hello, I'll be your waiter tonight." "Simon." I laughed as I shook my head. He set two glasses in front of us and poured my favorite drink, Dr. Pepper. Yeah I know cheesy, but I love it. Liam held up his glass and we touched them together and both drank. We talked for a few minutes Simon came back with our food. Chicken Alfredo. "Fancy." I chuckled. He laughed back. The rest of the boys sang songs from both albums. After we ate, Simon came with dessert. A brownie with ice cream on top with hot fudge drizzled and chocolate on the side.

We were half way done when Liam set his fork down and rose from his seat, rolled his pants legs up and held out his hand. I rose and he guided me to the water til it was up to my ankles. I had my arms around his neck. His brown eyes sparkled off the water. "Ashley?" "Yeah?" "We have been going out for quite a while now and..." He stopped. Oh my, was he going to ask me to marry him? He bent down on one knee and pulled a very large box out of his jacket pocket. "Happy anniversary." He opened the box and was a beautiful necklace; "Oh Liam, thank you. It's beautiful." I turned around and he put it around my neck. "I know what you might have been thinking." As I turned around. "You thought I was going to ask you to marry me?" I couldn't help but giggle. "I' savin' that for your birthday." He winked at me. Then Niall walked up. "Sorry to interrupt but I was promised food and a party." Liam wrapped his arm around my shoulder. "There's still that brownie at the table." And he ran. "Oh Niall." I shook my head. "And what party was he talking about?" He just laughed and walked back to the table. After Niall ate the rest of the brownie Harry ripped his dressy pants. I shielded my eyes when I saw that he had swimming trunks on. I looked at him confused. Then Niall did the same and Louis took his shirt off and pants. I looked at Zayn who was pulling arm floaties up his arms. And Liam grabbed a bag out from the table and handed it to me. "Go to Simon, he'll show you where to change." I didn't argue and went to Simon. "Go down the hall and take the second right." I followed and went into the bathroom.


I opened the bag and saw a bathing suit, sunglasses, saddles and cover up. I sighed and changed; As I pulled my thick brown hair into a messy bun, I threw my old clothes in the bag and came back outside. The sun was still up. As I got to the bottom of the steps I saw the guys kicking a soccer ball around. There was a two umbrella's and beach towels and chairs. I got back to the boys and scanned the beach. Other people were starting to come on the beach and fans were starting to notice. That was when Paul and some other security made sure they left us alone. It was a small price to pay. I sat in one of the chairs when I saw a cooler. I opened it and grabbed a water. I drank it an joined the guys in the water. I laughed at Zayn playing with the little kids at the low level and Niall having a splash fight with Harry. "Oh Narry." I yelled over the waves. Harry swam over to me. "Hey Ash Look at Liam and Louis go!" I cheered the boys on and laughed when they fell off. Liam swam over to me and signaled me to get on the board. I hesitated but he flashed his puppy dog face and I couldn't resist. I climbed on and sat facing Liam. We shared a kiss. Louis and Liam set the boards back on the beach and came back out with Zayn. He had a large inner tube around him. We jumped the waves and stayed at the beach until it got dark. Paparazzi was flashing cameras and fans were waiting. I looked at my phone and it read four o' clock. The guys were talking as I looked at the fans. They were screaming 'I love you!' and 'You changed my life!' I laughed at them. They all looked at me. "You know you guys can go say hi?" They smiled ad got up. After Liam had a picture, he signaled me over to the fans. "Oh my gosh Ashley! I love you!" One girl screamed. "Aw thanks. Love you too." "Can I get a pic with you?" I smiled. I loved it when fans like me. "Of course!" After the picture I held up a finger and got my phone. "Can I get a pic with you?" She squealed. I took the selfie. "Can I have your number? You are such a nice girl." We exchanged numbers. I did a few other selfies with the fans and they all left.

We all sat on the hot sand. "Those fans sure can be nice." I put my glasses on. "They're dedicated." Louis laughed. Niall looked over at me. "So Ash, are you having a good anniversary?" "Yes! I got spend the day with my wonderful boyfriend and my four best friends." We chilled and tanned for about an hour and headed home. I stayed in my bathing suit and cover up.

As Liam drove me home, my eyelids began to feel heavy. I rested my head on the window and fell asleep. Then I felt two strong arms pick me up and carry me to my room. As I set on the bed, I woke. Liam was sitting on the edge of the bed. "Thanks for an awesome anniversary." "Anytime babe." I changed into my pajamas and crawled in bed. Liam kissed my forehead and wished me goodnight. He turned my lights out and closed my door and I fell asleep with a smirk on my face.

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