One Direction Imagines

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5. for my bestie whitney

"Back for you, back for you, back for you, youoo." My alarm clock went off. My awesome boyfriend Niall got the ringer to be all of their songs. And yes THE Niall Horan from the famous band One Direction. I sat up and saw that there was an intoxicating scent that filled my nose. I rubbed my eyes and saw that rose petals were all over my floor and bed. "What tha?" I whispered. I picked my phone up and saw a sticky note on the screen. "Happy birthday to my love. Find the bird like a dove." I read aloud. I was confused at first. "Oh ok, riddles. So what is related to a dove?" I scanned my room. I pushed the riddles aside and went to my bathroom. I looked in the mirror when something caught my eye in the sink. It was Kevin the pigeon! "Oh related to a dove." I picked Kevin up and saw another riddle. "You have found the first riddle. Well done. Next find the mobile device you use the most. To send a lot of posts." I read aloud. I washed my hair and put a smiley face shirt on with black jeans and glitter sandles. I took the sticky note. I checked my phone and there wasn't anything that showed I found the clue. I grabbed my laptop and was welcomed by wordpad. "You have found clue #2. Now go look in one of your shoe." "Ut oh. This will take a while." I sighed and looked over at my closet. Niall and the boys have got me a lot of shoes. If I am going to do this all day, I'll haft to put my mind into it. 

I scanned the note. I saw that is was Zayn's hand writing. I picked out all the shoes Zayn has got me and searched in the shoes. I got to the last shoe when I found the note! It was in Zayn's handwriting again. "This might have took you short or long. But this is were you might go wrong. Go outside and take a walk. And you will find some loose chalk." I left my apartment and walked along the sidewalk. Man the guys were right. This is hard. I looked up and down the sidewalk and other sidewalk. I was about to head back when I saw a crayola box with chalk laying around it. I walked up to the chalk and saw a giant red heart drawn on the ground. And there was another note in the middle. I picked it up and opened it. "Now you are on the right track. Now go find the right pack." Ok this one is hard. Pack? Package? I looked around. The city park. I walked in and saw there wasn't much people there. Except a group of guys staring at me. Pack? I smirked and walked over to the guys. "Hey, um are you the 'pack'?" They all stood up and smiled. "Well done, but it will get harder. And you will haft to try harder. Now you will find your surprise." One of the guys spoke. "Go back you your flat. And you will find a large hat." They all had English accents and we were in America. I said my thank you's and ran home.

I opened my door and it was dark I went to turn the lights on when I stepped on something. I picked it up when the lights turned on and there was the guys. "HAPPY BIRTHDAY!" They screamed As Louis and Zayn sprayed silly string everywhere. "Aw guys, this is so sweet." I went to give them hugs. They returned the hugs and guided me to the kitchen. Sitting in the middle was a pink birthday cake that had rainbow sparkles covered in it. The frosting was purple and cursive writing. "Happy Birthday to my love." I looked up at Niall. "Babe, I love it." He put nineteen candles in the cake and Louis lit them and they began to sing the happy birthday song. "HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!" They finished as I blew the candles out. They clapped. "Presents!" Harry threw his arms in the air. Louis grabbed my arm and drug me back to the living room. "Me first." Harry handed me a box. I tore it open to find One Direction converses, a pair of uggs, and two pairs of heels. "Thanks Harry I love them." I hugged him. "Look further in the box." He smiled. In the bottom of the box and the object was wrapped in tissue paper. I unwrapped it and it was Our Moment. "Oh my gosh." I looked up at the guys. "Look on the bottom of it." Zayn rested his arm on Liam's shoulder. There was a tiny card tapped to the bottom of the bottle. It was card. "Read it aloud." Harry whispered. "Hope you like our little surprise. First bottle ever made!" I group hugged them again. "My turn!" Louis shouted. The box was smaller. I unwrapped it and it was a necklace box. I opened it and it was a best friend necklace. It was the female sign and Louis pulled the other half out from his shirt. It had the the boy symbol and best. I had friends. "Thanks Lou." "One more present." He got up and went to the door. He came back with a parrot on his arm. "Uh Lou, why do you have a parrot?" I asked. "This little guy is yours. He'll stay at the nearby zoo. But you can visit him anytime you want." I started to pet him. Niall must have told him about how I've wanted to have parrot. "Our turn." Liam grabbed two boxes.

The first box was from Liam and it was heavy. I unwrapped it and it was a Mac Book! "Liam I love it!" I screamed as I tackled him to the ground in a hug. "Oi! I remember you talking about how slow your laptop was, so there you go." I went back to the couch and opened the other present. "An Iphone 5? Zayn I love it!" I ran to him not tackling him to the floor. "I felt really bad about drowning your phone. All of our numbers is in it and we have yours." "Thanks guys I love these presents. Where's Niall's present?" I picked the paper and looked at him at the same time. "Well I have a special birthday date for just the two of us." Niall walked up to me and took the paper from my hands. "Now go get ready, we'll eat cake then we'll head off. I listened and changed clothes.

We ate cake and Niall we walked to the park. We sat under a tree where we had our first date. There was a blanket set up and everything. We had a romantic dinner. "This is probably the best birthday ever." I looked into Niall's intense blue eyes. We were laying looking at the stars with our hands intertwined. "I'm glad you liked it." "The riddles were fun to do." That was Liam's and Harry's idea. Was it easy?" "Yes." "I thought the shoe one would be the hardest." "I put my mind into it. I noticed it was Zayn's hand writing so I looked in all the shoes he got me." "And did you notice that each of your presents had to do with the riddles?" "Really? I didn't think of that." I laughed he laughed with me. "What was your favorite present?" "Our Moment. I was going to get a bottle of it. But now I don't need to." "That was from all of us." "Well you did a good job." He leaned and kissed my forehead. "I love you." "I love you too." We sat looking at the stars when I felt something wet hit my head. "Did you feel that?" "Yeah." Soon it just started to down pour. "Ah!" I screamed. Niall just laughed. Niall grabbed me and threw me over his shoulder and started to run around the tree. I was screaming and laughing at the same time. He finally sat me down and wrapped his arms around my waist. I bet my made up was flowing off of my face. "You look beautiful even if mascara is running down your face." He wiped my face and the tips of his fingers were black. "Sorry." We stood close for seconds and looked into each others eyes. It felt like forever. He cupped my cheeks and his soft lips pressed against mine. We moved together. It felt like fireworks and fire crackers were going off in my brain. We broke apart as we heard thunder and ran home.

We got to my apartment and the boys were still there. They were playing football in the backyard in the rain. I opened the back door and shouted. "We're home!" They quickly ran to the porch. "Thanks, we got locked out and decided to play." Louis explained hands around his arms shivering. "Come in guys." Niall was wrapped in a towel and had one for everyone else. After I was dry enough I stood up. "I'm going to take a quick shower. You guys can take a shower in the hall bathroom if you want. There are clothes you guys left last time you were over and just throw your wet clothes in the drier. "Ok mom." They all said together then bursted into laughter. I laughed along with them and took a quick shower. "Oh what a lovely face I have." I talked to myself as I saw my black face. I cleaned my face in the shower and changed into pajamas. 

When I got to the living room, Louis was running a towel through his hair along with Niall and Liam while Harry fixed his hair. Zayn came out of the bathroom without a shirt. "Wanna watch a movie?" I asked. They nodded. "How about a Toy Story marathon?" Liam's eyes lit up. Me and Liam both loved the Toy Story. I cuddled up with Niall on the couch as the boys sat on the recliners and on the floor. I fell asleep in the beginning middle of the third movie. After what seemed like an hour, I felt Niall's strong arms pick me up bridal style and set me on my bed. He kissed my forehead and whispered, "Sleep good my princess." And left.

Best birthday EVER!!


hope you liked whit!! 


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