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34. for leandra scholtens

"Ok thanks El! We will see you in a few." I hung up. Eleanor invited me and Niall to dinner with all of the guys with Per and Dani. "Niall!" I screamed. He came from upstairs running. "Leandra? Are you ok?" He was scanning my body. "Niall, I'm fine. I just needed to get your attention. El invited us to dinner." "Now?" I nodded. "Ok, you can get ready first." I got up and got ready. I dressed casual. Not trying to act fancy. I came down the stairs and told Niall it was his turn. He quickly got ready and he grabbed his keys. "You look good Niall." He smiled and kissed me. "As do you." I locked the house we shared and got in our car.

"So where to?" "El said Golden Corral." He kept looking at me then the road. "Niall. Keep your eyes on the road."  He smirked. "Sorry, you look good. I'm glad I have a girlfriend like you." He took my hand. "And I'm glad I have a boyfriend like you." His smiled faded. "Speaking of boyfriends, did you hear that your ex is in town?" "Who Marcus or Keith." "I think Keith. He came in town to see you." Me and Keith had a bad past. He slept with all kinds of different girls and I was sick of it. I just dumped him. "Where did you hear that?" His eyes glued to the road. "Your friend told me. Do you still have feelings for him?" I laughed. "No. I have feelings for you." I sat up looking at his face. "Niall are you jealous?" He gripped the steering wheel to where his knuckles turned white. "A little. I know it's silly but he said he won't leave until he finds you." "Niall there's no need to worry. I dumped him for a reason." He eased. We got to the restaurant and were welcomed by everyone. Dani and Liam weren't there yet. We all said our hi's and then Liam and Dani showed up. We paid and found a table. Niall already had three plates full of food and I was in the middle of filling my plate when I bumped into someone. "Sorry." I looked to the floor. I heard a guys laugh and I looked at him. Keith.

"It's ok Leandra." He smiled. I walked away. He followed. "Come on. I came from Organ to see you." "And I broke up with you for a reason." I snapped back. I made my way to the table with El and Dani sitting there. "Keith, you can go now." He smiled. I gave him a death glare. "Keith go." He smirked and leaned to my ear. "You'll be mine before the nights over." "Get out of here." I about slapped him. He laughed and walked away. Niall saw him walking away from the table and he slammed his plate on the table, his eyes full of hate. "What is he doing here?" I got up and laid my hands on his shoulders. "Sh calm down Niall. I took care of him. He bothers me one more time, I'll let you have a crack at em." I laughed at the end. He slightly smirked and we sat down. Niall and I shared a dessert and it was delicious. After everyone was done we all went to the front entrance. The guys used the bathroom while me and the girls waited. "Man, Niall really hates that Keith guy huh?" Per laughed. "He does. But I have no feelings for him what so ever." "Ok, then kiss me." Keith laughed behind me. I turned around and my lips smashed into his. I kicked and tried to pull him off of me. One of the girls kicked him in the groin and he fell over. I kicked him in the stomach. "That's for being a douche. You little prick." The guys came out the door laughing and then stared at Keith. Niall ran to me. "What did he do?" "I think he thought that I said I had no feelings for you." He looked at me confused. "What?" "We were talking about how much you hate him and Leandra said, 'He does. But I have no feelings for him what so ever.' She wasn't saying she liked him." El explained. He still was furious. "Come on Niall. Lets go home." I grabbed his hand. We said our good byes and got in the car.

"Want me to drive?" I asked. He shook his head furiously. He turned the car on and sped onto the road. I noticed that Niall was driving fast. "Niall, slow down." "Why did he kiss you?" He literally shouted. "I told him to stay away from you!" "You talked to him before?" My quiet voice was like a mumble against his. "Yes. I told him to stay the f**k away from you. He's dead." His knuckles were deadly white against the wheel. I took his hand. "Niall, calm down. Focus on your driving." He looked at me. Hurt in his eyes. "I'm sorry Leandra. Seeing you kiss him took over my body." I smiled at him then looked at the road. "Niall!" I screamed. Then everything went black.

Faint beeping repeated in the background. Everything was black. Was I dead? Was I alive? What about Niall? What Happened? Ok calm down Leandra. Try to open your eyes. I tried and I saw a white light. It was blurry. I was dead. But then I saw a black box. Then brown and other different colors. My vision cleared enough to see I was in a hospital room with Harry, Zayn, Liam, Louis, El, Dani and Per. "What happened?" I barely whispered. They all had red puffy eyes. My left foot was in a cast propped up with a pillow. It almost hurt to breathe. And my arm was in a cast. "What happened?" I was able to talk at a normal level. All of their heads perked up and smiled. I could tell they wanted to hug me. "Where's Niall?" "Look to your right." El smiled rubbing my arm. I looked and it was Niall! His eyes were closed and he had cuts on his face. Both of his legs were in casts and his right arm was in one. "Niall." I cried. My right hand was still holding his left hand. The tears came faster. His hand was warm. He was still alive. "What happened?" "You and Niall had a car accident. You collided with another car. It all came back to me.

"Niall was looking at me after he calmed down about Keith. I told him to keep his eyes on the road. I screamed his name and everything went black." Everyone was surrounding me. "How long have we been here?" "A day now. You got out of surgery around eleven this morning." "What time is it?" "Three thirty." "How Niall?" "The doctor said he will be in a coma, but not for long. He should wake up anytime now." "Will he have amnesia?" "The doctor said no. So there's an upside." Harry answered all the questions. "What are my injures?" "Broken ankle, sprained wrist, one broken rib, one sprained rib, bruises and some cuts." Liam answered this time. "When can I get up?" "Now if you like. The nurses want you to go in a wheel chair first." I nodded. "Where are my parents?" "They left about half an hour ago. But they're coming around dinner time." Per sat at the end of my bed. "Would you guys get me a wheel chair?" The guys nodded and left the room. "Has Keith tried to come any?" They all shook their heads. "Good. He's responsible for all this." My hand never left Niall's until I had to get up. It hurt, but I was in the wheel chair. As Zayn wheeled me out of the room I made him stop. "Take me to Niall." He nodded and I cupped his face, tears falling by the gallons. "Niall, I'm so, so sorry. It was my fault making you take your eyes off the road and causing this. Please wake up." I took his hand and touched it to my forehead. "Please." I whispered. Zayn wheeled me out of the room.

Nurses asked me how I was doing and made sure I was ok. We got to the floor waiting room. Zayn rolled me to the wall that replaced by a large window. Zayn pulled a chair and sat next to me. "When we first got the call, the first thing we were told is that you two had hands connected and they never separated you two. Even in surgery." Tears fell from my face as I watched the rain pour. The dark blue clouds lit up from the lightning. Head lights filled the streets and highway. "A dreary day for a dreary time." Zayn took my hand. "Leandra, everything will be fine." I stared out the window. "Could you give me a minute?" He kissed my hand and nodded, walking back to the room. This had to be me, Niall. I took my free hand and wiped the tears away. My hand touched the arm rest and a hand grabbed it. I looked up. Niall. Niall! NIALL! "Niall!" I screamed. He was also in a wheel chair smiling like a crazy man. "I'm so sorry. My temper took over my body. I'm so sorry I caused all this." I took his arms, both of our right arms in casts. "No Niall, you didn't cause this. Keith did. I'm just glad you're awake and ok." "Same with you." "You know our hands were connected the entire time we were out. Even through surgery." He smiled. "No wonder why I had hope the whole time." I smiled and leaned in. We kissed. Fireworks shot up. Wait no. A fire tornado with thousands of fireworks and explosions. We broke apart tears falling from both of our faces. "I love you Leandra." "I love you too Niall."

We sat together our free hands together looking out the window wall. The storm was fading and the sun started to shine. "Seems like the world isn't bright and happy when we're not together." I looked at his face. His hair was a mess and he had a nasty cut running across his forehead. Both of his eyes were black and blue, letting his eyes stand out. His smile was perfect and he didn't loose any teeth. I ran my tongue across my closed mouth. Nothing missing. I then smiled. "Ya know, through that gauze around your head, you look beautiful." I touched my forehead and instantly got a headache. "Ow." I mumbled. Worry filled his eyes. "Are you ok princess?" "Just a headache. I need sleep." I started to wheel myself backwards and Niall followed. We got in the view of the hallway and Liam and Dani came and wheeled us back to our room. We got there and we sat back in our beds. Zayn turned the TV on and I fell asleep in minutes.
(Four months later)
"Just let me get your release papers." The doctor smiled. I just got my casts off. Four moths later, Niall and I are all healed up. And I just got my casts off. Niall is suppost to get his leg casts off next week. When we were still in the hospital, Keith tried to pay me a visit. Lets just say, the boys kicked his butt. Good. Niall and I were in the hospital for two weeks when we were finally released. The entire time we were in there, paparazzi went through the roof to get interviews and pictures of me and Niall. Someone even disguised himself as Louis and tried to take a picture. Luckily he got close enough for me to break his camera. I'm not paying for him to get a new one. When we were released, I have never been closer to Niall. We got to spend everyday together and it was pure heaven. The guys and the girls were there 24/7 and took care of us. The doctor came in with the papers. I signed and we left. I still couldn't walk right, so I got crutches. "How do you feel?" Niall asked. "Good. I don't have a ten pound cast dragging me down and now I can itch my arm." Niall had to wheel around in a wheel chair but he's had a ball with it. We walked out of the hospital together with the paps blinding us. We finally got home.

I unlocked the door and turned the lights on. "Happy cast day!" It was the gang. Balloons and streamers littered the floor and Louis had his silly string. Liam got Niall and I hopped over to the couch. The rest of the evening we watched movies, played games and told stories. Now that I think about it, it kinda seems like the accident never happened. It was just a bad dream.
  for leandra scholtens, hope you liked it!! this is one of my personal favorites!! :D :D this is my first time writing something like this and do you think i did a good job?? I think I did, but i would love to hear it from you!! :) :)   

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