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18. for Im_A_Directioner213

I was sitting on my living room couch when I heard my phone buzz. "I wonder who that might be." I laughed to myself. The color ID read 'Zayn<3'. "Hello?" I cheerfully said. "Hey babe. The guys are coming over for a movie, wanna come?" "Sure! I'd love too!" "Awesome. I'll be there in ten to pick you up." "See ya." And I hung up. I loved Zayn's friends. They all have something about them that makes them special. Harry, Niall, Liam and Louis. Louis is so funny, Liam is quiet but care free. Harry is a hopeless romantic and cheeky. And Niall is a guy who cracks jokes at anytime and will eat anything. Then there's Zayn. The quiet one but still crazy when he wants to be, plus the most romantic guy I know.
I was wearing a t-shirt that had a smiley face on it and holy jeans. Good enough. I ran to my room and did my hair and make up. I curl my hair letting the curls rule out. I put some light blue eyeshadow on to highlight my hazel eyes. Zayn says that that's his favorite feature about me. He gives me compliments like that everyday fifty times a day. I grabbed my phone and ran to my front door where Zayn was waiting for me. He was leaning on the passenger side door. When he saw me, I ran to him giving him a hug. "Hey babe." "Hey handsome." I poked his nose. "Ready?" I patted my jean pocket to make sure I had my phone. "Yep. I'm ready." He smiled and opened the door. I hopped in and he jumped in on the other side. "Hold on to something." He laughed. I tried to ask why, but he slammed his foot on the gas petal and we were speeding down my street. My window was rolled down. My hair was flying everywhere. I couldn't help but to laugh and scream. Zayn opened the sun roof and I stood up in the car. Letting my hair fly behind me. I felt something touch the bottom part of my back and it was Zayn making sure I wouldn't fall. He's such a gentlemen. Within minutes we were at his house. Harry's car was parked in the grass and Zayn pulled in the garage. I hopped out checking my hair in the review mirror. It looked better than before. "Come on, the lads are waiting." I took his hand and was greeted by yelling and laughing. The boys were wrestling on the floor laughing. Niall had a hold of Harry's hair and was trying to get the sandwich that was in Harry's hand. Liam had Niall's legs shouting while laughing for him to let go of Harry's hair. He repeated 'never!' like a broken record. Louis was trying to grab the sandwich from Harry, but he kept moving his hand so he couldn't get it. Typical boys.
Zayn was laughing his head off and I whistled. They stopped moving like something scared the crap out of them. They looked at me as I grabbed the sandwich from Harry. "Now since none of you can share, ten minute time out for all of you. They laughed and untangled themselves. Niall hugged me. "Can I please have the sandwich?" I tore half of it and gave it to Niall me eating the other half. The boys laughed and gave me welcome hugs. "Hi Bri, looking good as ever." Harry pecked my cheek. "Eh, watch it Styles, she's mine." Zayn pointed at him. "Aw he's ok. Nice to see you Harry." I returned his hug and pecked his cheek. He blushed as I turned around. "What movie we watchin'?" I asked hopping down on the couch. "The Hangover!" Liam threw his balled fist in the air. "Is that ok with you?" Zayn turned his head towards me holding the DVD case up. "Yeah. I love that movie. To funny for words." Zayn popped it in and we all sat on the couch. The previews began and Louis shot up. "Who wants to play truth or dare?" We all looked at each other. "Ok." We said in sync. Louis ran to the kitchen and came out with a bottle. We sat in a circle in the middle of the floor.
"I'll go first!" Louis shouted. He spun and it landed on Niall. "Niall, truth or dare?" "Uh truth." He groaned. "Fine. Have you ever cheated on a girl?" "No." Niall spun the bottle and it landed on Zayn. "Truth or dare?" "Dare." Niall taped his chin. "I dare you to go run around the street and tell the woman you love her." "Ok." "I your underwear." We all gasped. "A bonus kiss from Bri if you kiss the woman." His face brightened. "Ok I'll do it." He slipped his pants off and shirt. I was laughing so hard. He opened the door and ran across the street. I had my phone out taking a video. There were so many kids outside with their parents. Some were laughing, some were shielding their kids eyes. The door opened. He talked and we saw him peck the woman on the cheek and ran back over. The guys were on the floor laughing with tears falling from their eyes. "Ok I did the kiss to. Bonus kiss." He tapped his cheek. I kissed and he turned his head to where we were kissing on the lips. I play pushed him and we went back in the circle.
The bottle landed on all the guys. Liam spined the bottle and it landed on me. "Ok Bri. Truth or dare?" "Dare." I sat up straight. "I dare you to... eat a raw potato." "What?" I got up and went to the kitchen. I washed the potato and inched it towards my mouth. The guys were video taping me. It was almost to my teeth when I backed away and laughed. I tried to pull myself together. "Come on!" They screamed. I bit into the potato. The guys cheered and screamed potato! Niall was the funniest. It tasted awful and it was really mushy. After two more bits, I threw it away and ran to the sink. "That was disgusting." Liam touched my arm. "Eh, no hard feelings?" I smiled and spined the bottle. It landed on Niall. "Truth or dare?" "Dare!" "I dare you to do the cinnamon challenge with one other boy. You can choose." They got real stern as Niall ran his finger pointed at them. "Louis!" He threw his head in his hands. "Cinnamon time!" I shouted. I got to spoons, the cinnamon and two glasses of water. Louis and Niall were standing. I poured the cinnamon and gave it to them. "On three. One, two three!" The cinnamon was in their mouths.
They stood there with their hand over their mouths. Brown powder began to puff out of Niall's nose. Then it all came out! He was coughing and gagging. I handed him the water and he ran to the kitchen. Louis was still going. His mouth opened and gasped for air. "Done!" He swallowed all of it! I pulled his arm up. "Louis Tomlinson completed the cinnamon challenge!" He shouted. Niall came in with a water bottle. "That was awful. Never again." We all laughed. "At least I gave you the sandwich." He shrugged. "Yeah I got that." I smiled and we continued.
The rest of the time we played, it got mostly truths. We paid no attention to the movie. It got to eleven. "I need to head home. It's getting late." "Yeah us to." The guys said behind each other. Zayn drove me home and I went to bed. I have the best times with them.
for Im_A_Directioner213, hope you liked it!! only if that could happen lol!! :) :)

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