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26. for AngharadT_1D

Man I miss Niall. Oh wait! Maybe I should tell you who I am. My name is Angharad, I'm nineteen and dating Niall Horan. You know, the famous 1/5 of One Direction. Ok so as I was saying, Niall has been busy touring with the band and I miss him. A lot. So I thought I will surprise him while he's on tour. I got my phone and called Zayn. 


"Hello?" "Hey Z! It's me Ang." "Hey! What's up?" "I need you to do something for me." "And it is?" "Could you get me a ticket and backstage pass to your next concert? I want to surprise Niall." "Sure Ang, I'll stop by later and I'll drop them off. We're flying right now." "Awesome! Thanks for doing this for me." "Hey, anytime." "We'll I guess I'll see you later." I hung up and thought of what I was going to do for Niall.


After about an hour I decided on what I would do.

Step 1: Go to the concert and get front row seats.

Step 2: Make a 'I <3 Niall Horan!!!!' sign.

Step 3: Hold up the sign and let Niall see me.

Step 4: After the concerts over, I'll sneak backstage and into his dressing room.

Step 5: Hide and then jump out and surprise him

Pretty good plan huh? I bought all the things I needed to make the sign and cleared my dining room table. I just started to draw the heart part when the door bell rang. I slipped the pencil on my ear and ran to the door. It was Zayn with the tickets. "Come in." I hugged him. "Here you go, one front row ticket to the concert in town and a backstage pass. What's your plan?" I explained it to him. "Great. I'll keep Niall busy and text me when you're ready." "Awesome! Wanna help me make my sign?" I pointed to the dining room. "Sure, but only for a few. The lads are sleeping and they'll be wondering where I am." I squealed and we walked to the dining room table. I knew how good of a artist Zayn was, so he came up with all these good ideas. Since I was going to be in the front row, I didn't make it to flashy. All I had to do was color Niall's name when Zayn got up. "Well it's been fun helping you, but I need to head to the hotel." He hugged me and kissed my cheek and left.


When I got done, I looked at my ticket. The concert was tomorrow night. I needed to decide what to wear. I pulled the I <3 1D shirt Louis got me for my birthday, knee high black jeans, my One Direction converses, yes they had them specially made for me, the princess necklace Niall got me and the earrings Zayn got me. I cleaned my mess in the dining room and went to bed.


I'm a morning person so I got up and immediately started to get ready. I took a shower and brushed my teeth. I laid my clothes out and let my hair dry by itself. I ate some breakfast, brushed my teeth again and cleaned around the house jamming to the Take Me Home album. It didn't take long to clean, I had lunch and brushed my teeth. When I jump out, I'm planing on giving him a big kiss and I want my smile and breath to be perfect. The concert started at seven and it was four. I curled my hair and applied some foundation and got dressed. I tied my shoe and grabbed my sign. Five-thirty. I sprayed some Our Moment on my neck and got in my car. There were already so many people there. Six o' clock, they started to let people in. I quickly got in and went to my seat. By the time everyone was settled, the concert began. 


They rose from the floor. Niall waved to the crowd I held my sign up. Niall saw me and his eyes lit up like crazy. The guys waved at me and began to sing. The concert seemed like forever. They sang their hearts out. One of the ushers guided me towards backstage. I texted Zayn telling him that I was heading backstage. He replied ok and he was waiting for my text. I got to their dressing room and was welcomed by Lou and Lux. "Hey Lou! Hi Lux." I bent down her running into my arms as she screamed Ang. "Hey Angharad! What are you doing here?" "Sh, I'm hear to surprise Niall. Where is a good hiding spot?" She pointed to the closet. I put Lux down and ran to the door. "Lou, act like I was never here." She gave me a thumbs up and I texted Zayn. I soon heard Louis' loud voice. Followed by my man Niall, Zayn, Liam and Harry. They got comfortable and I slammed the door opened. "Hey guys!" They all jumped falling of the couch and on the floor. I even scared Zayn. I laughed as they pulled themselves up. "Angharad!" Niall screamed. He ran to me and hugged me tight. He kissed me and I kissed back. "What are you doing here?" "Surprise!" He kissed me again, but more passionate. When we were kissing, we were showered in silly string. It was actually romantic.


The rest of the time I was with them, we watched movies. I fell asleep in Niall's arms in the middle of the third movie. Even having my eyes closed, I could tell that I made Niall happy. Silly string. If we get married, I'm going to have silly string fall on us when we kiss. Louis and his bright ideas.


for AngharadT_1D, hope you liked it!! :) :) sorry it kinda sucked, it's 2:27 am and im not very good at ideas :P :P

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