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47. For 1D's nanner

A/N hey guys im the new co-author Jamie (Mrs.NHoran1D<3) and umm... I like to write.. A lot cx

and yea.. Well this is awkward... So here's and imagine for 1D's Nanner.. Hope you enjoy it!

And this is also my first imagine so sorry if it sucks >.< hope you like it though!! ^.^ 

-Jamie ;) xx

"Harry!" I shout as I slam my hands on the kitchen counter.
"Stop it!" I shouted again as tears filled my eyes.
"Stop what. Oh tell me! Please tell me!" Harry said and an angry tone yet a sarcastic tone.
"I don't need the attitude, harry!" I spat.
"Then what do you need? Huh?"
He said annoyed
"I need distance. I need a break. I need to be alone, from you." I glared at him and put my head down.
"You don't mean that.." He barley got out.
"I could never mean it more. I'm tired of all the hate i get at school because im dating the 'most popular' guy at school... All of your friends make fun of me and you don't say anything!! and I'm tired of all the fighting we do. You're to childish harry. I'm over it." I softened my tone and looked up at him, while he shut his eyes closed.
"No please don't do this, I'm sorry, ok? We can work things out. I'll grow up. Everything will be fine, Just please don't leave me." He said opening his eyes again. As tears streamed down his face.
"I want everything back like it used to be, before i met you." I said in a painful voice.
"I can't take this anymore. Just the other day we were fighting about who left the bathroom light on. We're getting sick of each other, i didn't sign up for this. I'm sorry harry, this is the end." I told him while walking up the stairs. I made my way to our bedroom got my suitcase and started packing all my stuff inside it. I heard harry slowly creep in the room but i didn't dare to look up at him.
"I-I'm sorry.." He said in a shaky voice. I slowly looked up and saw his puffy red eyes with tear stains on his face, with new tears coming and making more stains on his face. "If this is how it's going to be.. Then I can't take it anymore... Im tired of feeling stressed and being scared for life." I admitted a he took a seat on the bed.
"My biggest fear is becoming reality." He spoke to himself, but said it loud enough for i can hear.
"Being alone?" I said getting up and sitting next to him
"Losing you, you leaving, having the love of my life walking out that door and never coming back.." He cried.
"My heart is actually hurting..." He slowly spoke. 
I put my hand in his cheek to dry the tears and looking up at the ceiling trying so hard not to cry. Suddenly My body was taken to an embrace but without hesitation, i wrapped my arms around his neck.
"Lay with me one more night." He pleaded.
"Okay.." I said in a shaky and hushed tone. 
"I missed you." He breathed out
"I haven't left yet." I said looking up and locking eyes with him
"It feels like you did. I feel empty inside.. It makes me feel hollow, broken, lost.." He trailed off
"Is there anything I can do to make you stay, please." He pleaded. I rested my head back on his chest, as I heard his heart beat, and his heavy breathing from all the crying.
"Please.." He repeated softly  
"I love you." I whispered 
"No.. Don't say that!" He said 
I snapped up my head and body and stood up, in shock and confusion
"Wha-" he cut me off
"Don't say it like you're going to stay. I don't wanna hear it out of Pity.." He said 
As his words rang through my ears I've noticed I've broken him in to a million pieces.
"I love you." I repeated again.
"I love you, not because i feel sympathy for you but because I'm staying." I said
As he heard my last words, his eyes lit up, he grabbed my hand put me down on the bed and rolled on top of me and controlling his weight.
"I love you too." He said
He rolled off of me and we went back to the position we were in before and fell asleep.




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