One Direction Imagines

please request on the other One Direction Imagine book!!


37. contest

Hey my beautiful readers!! I am starting high school in a couple days and im gonna be loaded with school work and i really want to write every single request, so im having a contest!! I am looking for 1 or 2 more co authors!! I'll write with ya still, but i would love to have some help!! I know that there are creative minds out on this web site and all you haft to do is send me a email to and tell me why you want to write with me!! Contest starys as soon as i publish this and will lat til sunday!! Gopd luck to all and i just want to thank all of you for reading my stories, and requesting!! I mever expected to have so many reads!! :) :) !! Thank you so mich for the support and ill see you soon!! Good luck!! :) :D Lots of love ~Sam P.S, if you cant email me, just comment why you want to write with me!! :) :)P.P.S. i have a kik its SammiDirection!! :) :)
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