Playing The Bad Boy's Game

"So, who sits here?"I whispered, noticing the other empty seat beside me.
Blondie glanced to the clock. "Him," he said just as the time clicked 10. The door opened and I looked up.
My pencil dropped to the ground, eyes wide.
Oh. My. God.
It's him.
The first drug dealer that began my parents addiction.
The player that stole my best friends virginity.
The wicked monster that sent my cousin to rehab.
The hottest guy I've ever seen.
The reason why my life is hell.
And he's coming to be my English partner.


6. Chapter 6: Aw hell no.


Hey yal!  Sorry for the horrible ending of chapter 5.  It was so long so I had to end it somehow.  Don’t worry ‘cause here’s the next chapter!!!

AND BTW!  I have so many quite readers ;P  Come on people!  Like an awkward ‘hi’ or ‘:)’ works too!  Just post anything!  I don’t even care if its story related either! 

Anyways, back to the story.  So we left Rivyn at an awkward moment with Brian as he just explained himself. 

I FORGOT TO SAY:  Remember, Brian doesn’t know who Rivyn is yet…..he just knows her last name is DeLor from the PA announcement in gym class but he assumes that DeLor is a very popular last name for people so it doesn’t really ring a bell. 

And when Noah introduced Rivyn to Brian on the date, I scratched that out and only “Brian introduced his date (who is Avery) to Noah” in the story. 

The point of these two paragraphs: BRIAN DOES NOT KNOW RIVYN’S NAME….. yet.  ;) 





Love ya all!

Mylanxoxo :D

 Song: Gives you hell by All American Rejects

(for all those depressed people who just broke up with their gf or bf!  this will cheer you up!!!! :D  ))

Chapter 6: Aw hell no.

     “Too shay,” I nodded.  It all sounded quite right actually.  “Just so I can clarify this....” suddenly remembering the roof scene, earlier today.  “Do you remember who I am now?”

     BRIAN P.O.V

     “For god’s sake you crazy women!  I don’t even know your NAME!” I cried out.

The girl raised an eyebrow.  “Excuse me?  Can you repeat that?”

     I smirked.  “Which part?  That I don’t know your name or that you’re crazy?”

     Her eyebrows narrowed, arched at a very pointy angle.   “Did you just call me what I think you did?” she huffed, taking a step towards me.

            I stepped back, shoving my hands in my pocket.  “Maybe…” I said casually.

            She pointed her finger at me, poking my chest.  “Don’t you dare call me crazy,” she hissed, her tone fuming with rage.

     Honestly, when this chic is pissed, it’s a total turn on.

     “Loca!” I teased, pinning her back on the wall.  She yelped with anger, trying to get away.  “Stop squirming,” I commanded softly.

     Instead, she chose to move even more.  “I said stop moving, there’s no use,” raising my voice a little higher.

     She insisted on shifting, struggling to get away.  “Stop moving,” I ordered, forcing a harder tone.

     The girl continued to shove and push, ignoring my orders.  “STOP MOVING!” I roared, straight up to her face.

            She stopped.  Dead silence echoed off of the ally walls.  I could feel her heart thumping in fear.  Her reaction was stone scared, eyes wide.  I look of guilt hit homerun, making me slightly loose my grip.

            For all these years, the petrified look of terror never really bothered me.  I never meant to hurt anyone.  Just live’n a little and letting loose was what I lived for.  But for some reason, I felt a weight in my chest.

            Something I haven’t felt in a long time.

            A very long time.

      I glanced back into the strangers eyes.  She had the same pure brown as I remembered.  Smooth skin and soft lips.

            Hell no, Brian.  Don’t go back there.  She’s gone.  Left you in the dirt.  Rotting with a broken heart.

            I searched her face, trying to read what she was thinking.



            Brian’s face abruptly went soft, his grip loosened as he stared into my eyes.  It’s almost like he felt sorry for me.

      Was I thinking correctly?  Did I just say Brian was going soft?  Ha!  Kiss my ass!  Not in a million years, would Brian Daniel’s ever go soft.  Ever.

     I snapped straight, coming to my senses.  I stepped away and opened the door into the restaurant.  Pausing for a second, I waited for him to pull me back out but I didn’t hear anything.Weird.

     I turned around and found him staring at me, looking lost in his own world.  What was his problem?

     “Hey!” called out Noah.  I put on my charming smile and made my way over to my table.  “I was getting worried.”  He stood up,alarmed.

     I grinned.  “You were worried about me?” I asked, surprised.

“Of course!  You’re still my date you know,” he said, wrapping his arm around my waist.  Suddenly, his phone blinked as he got a text.

            I peeked over his shoulder, checking out his Blackberry Bold.  It was Brian.  Noah frowned and looked to Avery.  “Brian said he had to leave early, something important came up.”

              Avery’s face fell as she got up.  “Oh.”

            “We can head home with you,” I blurted, feeling bad.

            Another victim dumped by Brian Daniels.  What a surprise.

            She shook her head, shuffling out of the booth.  “No, it’s cool.”  I could tell she was heartbroken.  I had to do something.

            “No its not.  You’re coming with us,” I demanded.  She shrunk back and gave a thankful smile.


            Noah quickly paid the bill and we walked out, turning the corner to see a cab pull by.

            “Taxi!” Noah yelled, sticking his hand out.  The vehicle parked by our feet, and Noah opened the door for me and Avery.  “Ladies first,” he bowed.

            Avery giggled and stepped in.  I crawled in, scotching over to the middle.  “Thanks,” I said, intending it this time.

            Noah grinned.  “No problem, glad you appreciated it this time.”

            The rest of the ride was fun as the taxi driver blasted the radio to full volume.  All three of us in the back were singing along to “Call Me Maybe” ((It’s a Summer classic guys :D )) by Carly Rae Jepsen as we rocked in the car.  Avery got out and thanked us again.

            After she left, Noah and I started talking again.   He was a great listener and looked super hot in that tuxedo.  “And here we are,” said the taxi driver as he pulled up by my house.

            Noah told me to wait as he stepped out first, coming around to open the door for me.  I climbed out as Noah paid the driver.  “That was sweet of you,” said Noah, as we slowly walked to my porch.

            “Sweet of what?”

            “For making sure Avery wasn’t going home alone.”

            “Yeah well,” I started.  “She was so sad…. I had to do something.”

            Noah nodded.  “You’re a soft hearted one aren’t you?”

            I burst out laughing, realizing how funny that sounded.  I quickly bit my lip, glancing at Noah’s reaction.

            “What’s so funny?” he asked, still confused.

            “Never mind,” I said, shaking my head.          “Thanks for the ride though.”

            “It was fun, wasn’t it?  Better than the horse’n  chariot ride, no?” he said as we walked to my porch.

            I pondered for a moment, looking up into the sky.  “It was less romantic but way for fun,” I said, telling the truth.

            “That’s good,” Noah said, brushing away a piece of my hair.

            To tell the truth, Noah was a great guy.  However, I didn’t really feel something with him.  No fireworks or anything.  More like hanging with a friend kind of feeling.

            I was about to tell Noah how I felt, just so he wouldn’t get the wrong message until the porch light blinked on.  “Guess that means I have to go in now,” I said.

            His charming smile covered the hint of disappointment in his reaction as I opened the door.

            “See you tomorrow?” Noah asked with a playful grin.

            I pretended to think, and looked back at him.  “Maybe…unless I sleep in or something.”

            Noah laughed and winked bye as he turned.   Just as I closed the door, I could feel him looking back once more.

            I closed the door and shuffled up to up the stairs, applying the bored look back on my face.  I still had to go through with the plan if I wanted Irene to stop the dating thing.

            “How did it go?” perked Aunt Darby as she peeked from the kitchen.

            I shrugged and continued up the stairs.  “Dull, tiresome, boring…” I drifted off, playing as if I was tired.  “See you in the morning,” I called out just I began to hear her ask more questions.

            The first thing I did was collapse on my bed, face first into my pillow.  I didn’t bother to pick the covers from the floor and completely shut down, travelling to the world of dreams.

            I blinked twice as I came first to see the digits on my alarm clock.  6:00am.  Suddenly, one word woke me up, making me bolt out of bed.  Homework.  I dashed out and threw out my homework on my white desk, sprawling the papers all over.

            I know I don’t seem like the homework type but I still have grades to manage, no matter what country I was in.  If I got a B average on any subjects then the police will pull me out of school and throw me into summer school.

            Thanks but I rather not spend my summer in some musty building full of half brained, snotty teenagers.

            Time passed by quick as I flipped through my homework, next thing I knew, my phone beeped, making me jump.

            8:30.  Yikes!  Ten minutes until school starts.  Usually I wouldn’t care since the police never checked my records but only because Aunt Darby was home.  If she knew I was still here after 8:40, the bat would start coming out if you know what I mean.

            I stuffed my papers into my leather hobo bag, all homework finished in a neat manner.  I dashed off into the shower, later coming out with grey Roots track pants and a white tank top.  I hopped on one foot as I slipped into my polka dotted black and white socks, and skipped down the stairs with my bag.

            Slipping on my DC shoes, I grabbed an apple and munched on my way out, yelling, “Bye Aunt Darby,” as I slammed the door behind me.  I placed my expensive shades on my eyes, settling my look to just plain cool.  I scavenged for my keys as I opened the garage, getting into my red Mustang.

            I roared my baby to life and sped out onto the street, gearing this standard car to life.  I skid past the yellow light, barely passing the upcoming red signal.

            You see, back in Canada, I was a champion street driver.  Midnight time was usually the time I was either partying or street racing.  My men opponents always laughed and teased me that I was a girl and thought that I couldn’t drive.  Mistakenly, I kicked their ass’ in the races, earning my respect.  I’m a pro driver, especially at standard, drifting was also my specialty.

            Three minutes flat, I sped into the parking lot of school, drifting a sharp turn.  An inch away from the curb I stopped the car.  A perfect parking spot too.  I toned down the loud engine and stepped out of the car, resting my sunglasses on my hair.

            I could feel multiple eyes staring at me, most astonished that I was a girl who came out of that sexy Mustang.  I locked the car with that usual, ‘Beep-Beep’ noise and strutted out.  I continued having gawking looks as I walked up the long stairs to American Chester High.  I took the elevator with a janitor, him clearly not caring with his ‘Beats’ headphones on, and headed over to my English hallway.

            I quickly gathered my stuff from my locker, smoothly slipping into English Class just as Mr. Gillian closed the door.

            I proceeded to my seat in the front, sliding past Chris.   We were sitting in the same spots as the library.  I placed in my headphones as Mr.Gillian began to talk about our term 1 projects that lasted till the end of the semester.

            “…..And I will be picking your partners,” Mr. Gillian finished as the song on my iPod ended.  “Miss DeLor, are you even listening?”

            “Nop,” I said kicking up my feet.  The class laughed.  I continued blaring the music, completely tuning out Mr. Gillain.

            He mouthed something else to me so I just nodded and smiled, not really caring.  Mr. Gillian posted up a paper on the board and everyone swarmed to it, like it was the last source of food.

            I waited until all my classmates settled down until I got up to see what they were looking at.  It was the list of partners.  I scanned with my finger down the list pending for my name.  Then I found it.

            DeLor and Daniels

            What did I get myself into?

            I mumbled to myself as I made my way back to my seat, absolutely miserable.  The period ended quick with no show of Brian.  I wonder where he was?

            Probably getting high or kissing some slut, I chuckled to myself.

            The rest of the day flashed by quick.  Klaire and I switched numbers at the end of gym class.  I shot Noah a smile as we passed by each other several times during the laps and stretches.  Klaire and I talked the entire lunch period and the last two periods, since she was in every one of my classes except English.

            Next thing I knew it was the end of the day.  Tomorrow was the weekend.  Damn, that was fast.  Then again, my first day at this school was on Thursday.

            I strolled over to my car and climbed in driving home.  Just as I pulled in the driveway, my phone blinked as I got a text.

            Irene’s at home with me.  She wants to talk to you

            Love Darby

            I sighed, parking my car in the driveway, heading into the house.

            “Hey there, skippy.  How’s school?” asked Darby as I walked into the kitchen, setting down my bag.  Honestly, what’s with Darby and nicknames?

            I kicked off my shoes, throwing them by the doorway and grabbed a bottle of water from the fridge.  “Fine,” I simply said.

            Darby placed some biscuits nicely around a plate, humming to a depressing song.  “Irene’s in the family room waiting for you.  I told you how you felt about the date last night and how it was a bummer,” she frowned.

            YES!  I kept my face emotionless, even though in the inside I was cheering for joy.  Finally Irene’s getting the hint that I don’t want a boyfriend yet.

            I walked over to the family room, sinking myself into the red velvet couch.  Irene pushed up her big glasses with her hands folded in her lap.  Her Korean appearance and simple jeans and shirt made her look boring but she was actually fun.  At times anyway.

            “So, how are you these days?” Irene asked, her folders and documents scattered around the coffee table.

            “It’s okay,” I said, taking a sip of water.  Ah, refreshing.

            Irene nodded her head and wrote down something on her clipboard.  I was used to this ‘recording-everything-Rivyn-does’ thing so it doesn’t really bother me anymore.

            “I heard about your date.  So it didn’t go so well, hm?”

            I shrugged.  “He wasn’t really my type.”

            Irene nodded her head again, like she understood.  “So are you suggesting another man would suite you better?”

            I carefully chose my words, making sure she got the message that this date thing wasn’t going to work out.  “No.  To tell the truth,” I said, taking in a deep breathe for dramatic effect.  “I don’t think I’m ready yet.”  I made it sound like I just flushed out all my emotions out, relief setting on my face.

            Irene pushed up her glasses and scribbled down something.  “What are you saying?”

            I shifted awkwardly, thinking this through.  I placed the water bottle down, screwing back on the lid.  “I don’t believe I’m ready to handle a relationship at this time.”

            “So you’re saying you’re not over Canada yet, are you?”

            I grinned, acting like Irene hit the mark.  “Yes!  That’s exactly what I feel!”  She nodded for the third time, inscribing more words on her paper.

            Aunt Darby walked in and sat down on the opposite chair, putting down the plate of cookies.  She offered some to Irene but she ignored it, on a writing roll.

            I took a cookie and bit off a huge chunk, making sure not to sprinkle crumbs all over.  It was all going perfectly as planned.  In a few seconds, Irene is going to walk out, thanking me for her time, never scheduling a date for me again. 

            “I got it!” exclaimed Irene, jumping up.   

            “Got what?” startled Darby.

            “It’ll help both of your problems!”

            I sat up straight, alarmed.  “Both of our problems?” I coughed.

            “It’s perfect.  Oh my god, I’m such a genius!” cheered Ivene, a big smile plastered on her face.  If her face wasn’t so round I swear the smile wouldn’t have been able to fit.

            “It will?” questioned Darby, this catching her attention.

            I bit into the cookie, breaking back a scream.  What problem?  Aunt Darby had a problem?  And she didn’t TELL ME?

            “Why didn’t I think of this before?” chanted Irene, shaking Darby’s arm.

            “Think of what?!” I shouted, slamming down the cookie onto the desk.

            Irene’s eyes glinted, widening in excitement.  “Both of you could live with the Daniel family!” she sang.

            “AW HELL NO!” I yelled, immediately standing up.

            Darby gasped, a warm smile on her face.  “That sounds amazing!  Let’s do it!  I’ve always  want to move into a mansion!”

            “It’ll only be for a few months until your Aunt finds a way to gain more money.  Think about it.  You could bond with the two Daniel boys and one of their other friends.  You could get comfortable around men!  This way, you and your Aunt will have a place to live.  Brownie points for the fact they live in a mansion!  Even better,” she paused for dramatic effect, “You could learn to put your differences aside with Brian!  Who knows maybe you two wi—”

            I covered my ears like a child and tuned her out with the annoying constant, “La, la, la, la,la.”

            I kept this up as I walked upstairs to my bedroom, slamming the door with my feet.  I continued this until my throat went dry and my voice croaked to a, “Kra, Kra, Kra.”

            Someone slipped a paper under my door and I crawled over on my knees to the door, too weak to stand up.

            I flipped it over.

            Pack your things, doll!  We’re moving out to the Daniels tomorrow!


            Love, Darby

            I tore the paper to shreds, banging my head against the wooden door.









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