Playing The Bad Boy's Game

"So, who sits here?"I whispered, noticing the other empty seat beside me.
Blondie glanced to the clock. "Him," he said just as the time clicked 10. The door opened and I looked up.
My pencil dropped to the ground, eyes wide.
Oh. My. God.
It's him.
The first drug dealer that began my parents addiction.
The player that stole my best friends virginity.
The wicked monster that sent my cousin to rehab.
The hottest guy I've ever seen.
The reason why my life is hell.
And he's coming to be my English partner.


34. Chapter 30: Holy Mother of Ham! It's a miracle!

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Chapter 30: Holy Mother of Ham!  It's a miracle!


            I sighed, taking one last gaze at the Daniel’s house.  This was it.  This was goodbye.  I stared at Aunt Darby as she tossed both of our suitcases in the car.  I was going to heading back to Canada first to gather all the stuff I needed for England.  A week from now I would be on a plane to England, heading over to the Big Ben.  It’s too bad time passes by too fast.

 “I’m going to miss you so much!” cried Klaire, tackling me with a bear hug.  I patted her back, nodding as I felt my own eyes watering.  The thought of knowing Klaire and Charlotte kissing was shoved to the back of my mind, pushing any unwanted distressed feelings.

            “Don’t worry.  We can still Skype or call each other ,” I assured, but deeply knew that was a slim chance.  It was expensive in England, and there was no way I could balance the phone charges for long distances and the internet prices.  Yeah, there’s no free Wi-Fi at the school.  What the fuck, right?

            She bit her lip as she pulled back, and sucked in a quick breath.  “You’re right.  We always have each other.  Just don’t forget about me, okay?” 

            I weakly smiled, and pulled her close again, my heart swelling as the pang of sadness struck.  “Never.  Thanks for being such a good friend.  I really couldn’t have made it out of America alive without you.”

            Her perfect cheekbones tightened, and her pink lips curled.  “Hey, it was fun tagging along on all your adventures.  And I’ll make sure Charlotte wins the provincials for you!”

            Meekly grinning, I watched as Noah approached.  He embraced me in a hug, and I uneasily tapped his neck, shortly realizing he was get teary.  Good lord, he was actually crying!

            Slowly pulling away, I flashed a genuine smile and he returned it, shoving his hands in his pockets.  It was good to see that there was know a mutual feeling between us now. 

            “Don’t be partying too much in those British dorms, okay?” chuckled Chris, rustling my hair.  Based on everything that has gone through us, it feels as if Chris was my brother, and I liked how we were close. 

            I playfully swatted his hand, and he snatched me in a headlock, giving one more head rustle.  “Eh, buddy!  Don’t mess with the hair!” I squeaked, trying not to smile as he laughed. 

            “You sound like Brian,” he joked, releasing me.  I smirked, and punched him in the arm.

            “Sure.  I just have to cut my hair.  Get a perm to curl it.  Steal some eight-pack abs and find a dick,” I sarcastically drawled, and he grinned.

            “Speaking of the devil, where is he?”

            Noah shrugged, “My mom went to go get him.  Apparently, he’s too ‘busy’,” he quoted, using his fingers.

            I gulped back a wave of disappointment, the redundant churn catching me by surprise.  I let out a small, “Oh,” and instantly regretted it as Klaire read my face, her lips turning into an apologetic 'I'm-so-sorry' look'.

            I flicked my hands, “Whatever.  Just tell him I said bye,” I flailed, shaking it off.  Everyone’s eyes searched the ground, and I cleared my throat, slightly annoyed they didn’t believe me.  “Did you guys hear what I said?”

            Their eyes snapped up, and each gave a quiet, “Yeah,” and “Sure.”  Flicking off the building irritation, I stalked off to the for-rent car, slamming the door as I sat. 

            “Aren’t you going to wave?” asked Aunt Darby, applying some powder by her jaw. 

            Giving a little wave out the window, I didn’t even bother to check if they got it and pulled out my phone. 

            Aunt Darby rolled her eyes and closed her compact, starting the car.  “Are you sure you don’t want to see Bri—”

            “For god’s sake!  I don’t care about him!” I shouted, and I knew all my friends were staring at me.  I sunk in the cushion, ducking as Aunt Darby pulled out, leaving the neighbourhood.


            BRIAN’S P.O.V.

            “Why aren’t you out there?” snapped my mother, and I jumped from my desk as she barged in. 

            “Don’t you believe in knocking?” I retorted, and dragged my attention back to my computer. 

            My mother stalked up, hands on her hips.  Now that I was closer to her, I noticed several dark circles under her dull blue eyes, them being a sparkling blue at one time.  Wrinkles creased by her forehead, and she rubbed her temple, glaring at me.

            “Brian.  How is this ‘busy’?”

            I pointed to the screen, “Just saying, you should know better that when I say ‘I’m busy’, I don’t really mean it.  And I’m virtually social on the internet!  Playing games is how we boys spend our time.”

            She heavily sighed, and sat down on my bed, the creases along her skin deepening.  “Brian, honey, I think you should stop being a boy and grow up.  The girl you love is—”

            “Since when were you so caring about Rivyn?” I shot, raising an eyebrow.

            “New Years, love.  A time for forgiveness—”

            “No,” I interrupted, spinning my chair towards her direction.  “That’s not it, is it?  Knowing you, knowing any human being, no one can switch opinions like that.  What’s the real reason?”

            She bit her lip, and stared into the ibis, looking nowhere in particular.  “Things have dawned over me, Brian.  After your father left...I, I shouldn’t have let him left.  I should have took him when I had the chance.  I should have put aside everything we’ve gone through and move on.  Move on with him.”

            “Why don’t you tell Rivyn that?” I grumbled, not giving pity for the fact she was breaking her barriers.  My mom grabbed my pillow and chucked it at me.

            “Well she’s leaving right now, smart ass!” she yelled, and I sunk in her throbbing veins, her eyes willing in frustration. 

            I was surprised by her sudden outburst, but I shoved that thought away and strode over to the window.  Sure enough, my mom was right.  The car pulled out of the driveway, and I watched as it drove into the distance, disappearing into a speck.

            “So, what are you going to do?” she asked.

            Not turning around, I said only what I knew.  “I don’t know.”


            RIVYN’S P.O.V.

“Here’s your ticket, miss.”

            I smiled and took the paper, my fingers digging into the sheet.  “Have a nice flight,” the big chested-attendant chanted. 

            Not having the energy to thank, I nodded and stepped through the tunnel.  A loud buzz ringed, meaning I was now in the plane. 

            “Hello, get ready to take flight in ten minutes,” said the elderly captain.  He tipped his hat and I couldn’t help but notice the several gold badges clipped to his torso.

            “Yes, thank you,” I respectively said, and continued to roll my luggage down the aisle.  Scanning my ticket, I quickly found my seat next to the window.  The other one was empty, the spot for Aunt Darby who was late as usual. 

            I threw my bags up in the cubby and settled into the comfy seat.  The plane was packed with tourists coming back to Canada from the New Year holiday, many probably awaiting to sleep in their homes. 

            Resting my head against the top cushion, I closed my eyes, attempting to get some rest.  I thought about what Klaire was doing, probably hanging by the basketball court, her blonde hair dripping with sweat.

            Suddenly, an enclosed feeling sat in my stomach, plummeting myself in depression.  I felt alone, and a cold dark feeling clung to my throat.  I swallowed, and my hand trembled.  My eyes started to get wet and I quickly aired the tears.

            Why should I be sad?  I was finally leaving America!  Sure, I was abandoning my best friend and all my other friends, but hey, I was finally coming home.  This was just what I wanted, right?  Maybe I could even see mom and dad!  I haven’t heard from their lawyer since we left.  However, there’s a chance they’ve gotten bailed out.  But where would they go?  The house is gone.  Unable to think of the dreadful feeling awaiting, I jumped as a perky voice caught me off guard. 

            “Honey-boo, you don’t look so good!”  All heads turned to Aunt Darby who waved a bag of peanuts in the air.  She hustled over to me and dropped her luggage down, letting the attendants take care of her baggage.  She plopped onto the seat beside me, and applied another layer of lipstick.

            Satisfied with the plentiful amount of make-up, she winked at the young man in the next row. 

            Well, at least Aunt Darby wasn’t sad.  She finally got a job in Canada, a good paying one too.  Now she could afford rent back home.

            Aunt Darby looked in my direction, and patted my cheek, her dimples digging holes in her tanned cheeks.  She pushed a strand of hair out of my face and tucked it behind my ear.  “What’s wrong?  Is it ‘cause I didn’t get you a bag of nuts?  We can share if you like!”

            I couldn’t help but laugh.  Thank god the tears dried up in time, or I would have looked like a mess in front of her.  “No, I’m fine.  Thanks for the offer.”

            She sighed, and gave a sincere look.  “Oh honey, I know what’s wrong.  I’m not that stupid.  You miss Brian don’t you?”

            I narrowed my eyes.  “No, I do not!  He’s gone.  I’m gone.  There never was an ‘us’.  It was all a game.  Did you not understand anything from before?  And don’t get me started on New Year.  That was nothing.  The smiles were neutral.”

            Aunt Darby heaved a sigh and rested her hand on my thigh.  “Sniggers, your rambling are a dead giveaway.  And promise me you won’t give up your day job for acting.  It’s just sad watching you try to lie to me.”

“Gee thanks,” I mumbled, fiddling with my belt. 

“Rivyn, dear, I have something to tell you.”

            “What now?” I groaned, fighting back an eyeroll.

            “Mrs. Daniel’s never really like your parents.  Hec, she never liked anyone in the DeLor family.  She hated underdogs, and judged you and I to be misfits as our family members.  The only reason why Mrs. Daniels took us in, was because she knew I wouldn’t be able to get a job on my own.”

            “Then why did she want me to live with them too—” She clamped my mouth with her peanut bag. 

            “Patience, smittens.  Unfortunately, you don’t really have any.  Hold it in sister, hold it in.”

            I flushed red and sheepishly smiled.  “Continue.”

            “As I was saying, she took us in because she knew she could hook me up with a job in Canada, shooing us back to where we came from.  That was actually the reason why the Daniels moved to America, because of our family.  She blames the DeLor family for corrupting Brian’s mind and wanted to get rid of us.  Finding a job for a woman without education was slightly hard for Mrs. Daniels, taking a few months of work, but she managed to pull it off.”

            “So Mrs. Daniels never liked us?  She wanted us out the whole time?” I asked, registering all this information.

            Darby nodded, and slid her purse under her seat.  “Precisely, darling.  She didn’t want her beloved Brian to be influenced by any ill-mannered child that belonged to the DeLor’s.  She thought having you living with them would show him how horrible we were.  However, her plan clearly back-fired and her son ended up loving a DeLor daughter---”

            “He never loved me!” I coldly snapped.

            “Whatever,” she said, sneaking a snort between her lips.  “So here we are, on a plane straight to Canada.  Me with a proper well-waged job to attend that Mrs. Daniels offered, and you out of Brian’s picture.  Exactly how she wanted.”

            I looked to the window, not wanting to face her.  “Did you know about all of this?  The whole plan?”

            Aunt Darby took her hand off and rested it on her lap.  “Yes.  I did.  I couldn’t tell you or else you would have hated the Daniels.  Besides, after noticing your hatred for America and all the drama you’ve been through last year, I knew it was the right thing to do.  Going back to Canada would mean less stress for you.”

            “So you pretended to go along with it for me?” I asked, stealing a glance at her.

            “You could put it that way,” she drifted, her eyes going elsewhere.  “But now I’m starting to think I made a mistake.”

            “No.”  I turned back to Darby with a sad smile.  “You didn’t.  You did the right thing.  We should be far away from the Daniels.  Canada is where we belong.  I thank you for making a decision I couldn’t.”

            With that I crossed my arms and huddled to the window.       

            “Alright, Rivyn, I’m not gonna bother to argue,” she said, placing the sleeping mask over her eyes.  In a matter of seconds, she was sound asleep.

            I gazed out the window, the heavy weight still sitting in my stomach.  For some reason, it seemed to get worse by the second, setting off an awful pain in the chest.  I had a bad feeling about Mrs. Daniel’s the whole time.  Maybe Mrs. Daniel’s was right.  Maybe I was an underdog, too wealthy to be with her son.

            Hell with that, I don’t even want to be with her son.  He’s an ass just like his mother.

            Well.  She wasn’t an entire ass.  Just a half of a sweet cheek, if you know what I mean.  On New Years, I had a feeling she forgave me.  It was too bad Aunt Darby couldn’t see that side of Mrs. Daniels and perhaps she could have re-thinked this whole thing. 

            That didn’t matter though.  Not anymore.  It was time for a new start.  A new start in England.

            My eyes wide awake, I watched as the ground started to move under the plane. 

            Suddenly, down the long runway outside, a tiny speck became to get bigger.  Was it...someone...running?  My heart skipped a beat as the person came closer, running down the airstrip with speed.

            I immediately clicked the emergency button above several times, the beeping noise annoying the neighbours around us.

            “STOP THIS PLANE!!!” I shouted, bolting up.  “STOP, STOP!” 

            A bunch of flight attendants ran out from the curtains and rushed over to me.  “What?  What’s wrong?” they spat, confused.

            “Stop the plane!  Someone is trying to come on!”

            On cue, the plane slowly began to halt, the ground staying beneath our feet.  What were the odds of the plan stopping.  This never happened in real life.  Why is this happening now?  Confusion stirred in my mind, but nothing could stop the rush anxiety, itching to discover what was going on.

I rushed back to the window, and looked to see the stairs coming down.  The stairs furthest from my window, the figure rushed up quick and it was all a blur.

            A large smile appeared on my face, and the world came alive.  It was like my heart opened up, ready for a warm surprise.  The sounds of feet were around the corner and I ran into the aisle, awaiting for the phenomenon.   

            “Louise!” cried the stranger.  

            A middle-aged women shot from her seat, “Charley?”

            “Louise!”  The man ran straight to the women, his cheeks red from the long sprint.  “Lousie, love!”

            “Charley! Wh-what are you doing here?” she asked, stunned by his presence. 

            He rustled past the seats as the two joined together in the aisle.  “Oh Louise, I didn’t know what I was thinking.  I should have never let you leave.”

            “But your mother, Charley.  She would never approve of me—”

            Charley grasped her hand and got to his knees.  “Louise Mary Henderson,” he took a small white case from his jacket.  Everyone gasped, as did the women. 

            A tear of joy trickled down her cheek, and she covered her mouth, “Oh Charley---”

            “Will you marry me?”

            He opened the box, and her eyes widened.  I looked over someone’s shoulder, the box empty.  The expression written on her face was absolutely blank. 

            The man smiled and stuck his tongue out, the ring sitting on his mouth.

            “You bitter man,” she cried, shaking her head with a grin.  “Yes!  Yes!  A million times yes!”

            Each person applauded and hollered as more tears streamed down the women’s face.  He slipped the ring on her perfectly fitted finger, and swept her into a romantic kiss. 

            It was like a large ton of bricks just landed on top of me, and I had just collapsed in a dark pit of misery.  My face fell and I sulked as a complete loser.  What was I thinking he’d come back for me.  Brian never loved me.

            The couple released their lips, and waved at all the people who congratulated them.  The man quickly got his fiancé’s baggage as she came towards me.

            “Thank you, thank you so much,” she said, wiping her face.  Mascara was dripping down her chin, but she still managed to look beautiful for such an aged women.

            “Oh,” I beamed.  “It was nothing, I just—”

            The women grazed her fingers through her hair, and sniffed.  “Without you, oh, I don’t know where my life could have taken me.  This is the happiest moment in my life...”

            “Louise, who is this?” asked Charley as the bags were being taken by the flight attendants.

            She wrapped her arm around his waist, and pecked a kiss on his cheek.  My ribs tightened, and I took in a sip of air.  “This is the girl who stopped the plane, love.”

            I was about to shake hands, but he embraced me into a hug instead.  I breathed in his vanilla scent, similar to my grandpa’s, and smiled.  “What a pleasure,” Charley said, slinging his arm around the women.  “Thank you for making this moment possible.”

            “Yes!  And you MUST come to our wedding.  Already done.  You’re coming!  Definitely!  We’ll exchange numbers, oh, boy!  You should even be my maid of honour!” Louise sang, taking out her phone. 

            “Don’t be scaring the girl now, hon,” Charley laughed at her enthusiasm. 

            I blushed and dialled in my number.  “The pleasure is all mine,” I said handing it back, oblivious by how nice this couple was.

            “Such a lovely women, your boyfriend must be a lucky man!” Louise winked, putting her cell away.

            “Well, uh,” I blushed deeper.  “No, I-I-I don’t have anyone in my life right now.”

            She frowned, a small wrinkle scrunched along her forehead.  “I’m sorry to hear, darling,” Louise said.  “Don’t worry, I bet he’ll come around.”

            I flashed a promising grin, “I hope so too.”

            Charley rustled my hair, like my grandpa used to do whenever I felt down.  “You will, chaps.  You will.”

            A warm feeling buzzed inside of me and I shoved my hands in my pockets.  “Good luck in the future,” I said.

            “Chumps, you’re invited to the wedding so the future will be fast approaching since the faster we get married, the better.  And thank you, again,” said Charley, carefully eyeing me.  “But what I’m really wondering is why you did it.”

            “Oh...” I gave a small shrug, and weakly smiled.  Honestly, I wasn’t sure how to answer to that. 

            “Mr. and Mrs. Danforth, your luggage is taken care of,” said one of the attendants.

            I rubbed the back of my neck, “Well...I guess I was just looking for a miracle.”


            It’s only been three days since Rivyn left.  Three days.

“Brian, stop.  Shit man, put that god damn bottle down.”

            I continued to chug, the burning liquid stinging my throat.  My head started to get light and my whole body shook.  I dumped the rest of the beer all over myself, wishfully thinking I could drown in it.

            “Dammit,” hissed Chris, and grabbed the bottle.  He took my shirt and thrust me against the wall.  I grunted and let out a high giggle.

            With powerful force, Chris punched me directly in the jaw, sending my face to go flying.  Holding me still, he plunged the second hit, then the third.





            “Okay!” I shouted, and Chris instantly let go, dropping me to the ground.

            “What has gotten into you, man?  You need to see her!”  Chris urged, kneeling down beside me.

            I groaned, rubbing my arm.  “You think so?”

            He shot a fake laugh, and smacked me upside the head.  “Yes, you idiot!  I do think so!”

            “I’m coming in!” sang my mom, and before I was able to hide, she came in and dropped her mouth.

            Panic throbbed through my blood, and my heart quickened, hands shaking.  I held my breath as I waited for her ritual lecture. 

            But it didn’t come.

            Confidently striding up to me, she yanked me up, and I was shocked by how such a small lady could hold me up until she did one thing.  She slapped me across the face.

            I winced, holding my cheek.  I totally deserved that, was all I could think as her beady eyes stared up at me.  A look of sadness portrayed in the round glass, the drab blue drained from any sort of energy.  She shoved a letter to my chest, and walked out, not even closing the door behind her.

            Chris massaged my shoulder with his hand as he gave me a poignant look.  He knew I deserved it as well.

            My fingers fumbled as I opened the letter, my interest to knowing what it was beginning to grow.  I got several fingerprints on the note, the alcohol sticking to my skin.  I took out a simple looking card, the background white with golden embroidery, a lace ribbon keeping the two pages together.

            Gently undoing the ribbon, I let it fall to the ground as I revealed the letter. 

            Dear Brian,

            Hello there!  This is Charley and Louise Danforth.  We are inviting you to our wedding in Thailand, the big day vastly approaching.  We know this is a sudden invite but we hope you can attend.    

January, 5, 2013, at Rosemary Park.  11:00 am 

Please call when you have an answer.

We wish to see you there,

Love Mr. And Mrs. Danforth

That was in two days.  My uncle was finally getting married.  Unbelievable.  I was about to throw the letter on my desk until a small sticky note was hanging at the bottom.  Taking it out, I reread it, eyes trailing over the black ink.

You’re taking my place at Uncle Charlie’s wedding.  I think you’ll have more fun than me since I’m getting too old for these things.  Your plane ticket is in the envelope. 

Love Mom

I felt Chris’s breath trail along my neck as he reread too.  “I think I’m going to have to sit out for this party,” he finally said as I put the paper down.

“How come?”

“I’m planning something big for Charlotte’s birthday, and I need all the time I can get.  Besides, you’ll do fine without me.  Think of this as a getaway from Rivyn!” he insisted, patting my sticky back.

I let out a small grin, something I haven’t done for the past few days.  “You’re right.  I’ll be in Thailand!  There’s no way I’ll be able to think about her if I’m countries away!  Hell, I’m on the other side of the world!”

Chris beamed, and tossed the bottles of beer in my trash can, helping me clean up.  “Exactly!  Forget about Rivyn!  It’s your time, man!  Let loose and have fun at the party!”

The grin widened across my face, and I began to unbutton my damp shirt, wanting to get out of this dirty cloth.  The faster I picked myself up, the better I could start fresh.  Without Rivyn in my life.

“Precisely!” I exclaimed, feeling as if everything was coming together, “Man, this timing is just too good!  Good-bye Rivyn!  Hello Thailand!”    


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