Playing The Bad Boy's Game

"So, who sits here?"I whispered, noticing the other empty seat beside me.
Blondie glanced to the clock. "Him," he said just as the time clicked 10. The door opened and I looked up.
My pencil dropped to the ground, eyes wide.
Oh. My. God.
It's him.
The first drug dealer that began my parents addiction.
The player that stole my best friends virginity.
The wicked monster that sent my cousin to rehab.
The hottest guy I've ever seen.
The reason why my life is hell.
And he's coming to be my English partner.


28. Chapter 24: Team Brian Or Team Damon?


What happened to all of my 1700 something readers?!?!?! Please come back! I NEED YOU GUYS! :( Did I do something wrong in the previous parts?


Anyways, LONG CHAPTER (all with love! I had so much fun doing this one and legit, you will laugh A LOT!) PREPARE TO BE AMAZED!

Btw I'm giving credit to some lines to Pitch Perfect and Breakfast Club because those movies have awesome comebacks and I had to put them in here. SO DON'T GIVE ALL THE CREDIT TO ME!



Do you recall the time when in the middle of gym class, your knees were shaking endlessly as you saw multiple people on your team getting their ass's whipped by round objects? That rough game of dodge ball where everyone takes advantage at this abusive sport?

That moment when the large red ball is hurling towards you, eyes elsewhere to even notice you were about to get hit, but turn a millisecond later to come in contact with your fate.

Wind knocked out, air sucked from your throat, sudden pain shoots from you abdomen, and you merely gasp before stumbling. Shocked, you back track and think, 'what just happened?' Too dazed to even think anymore, you're eyes are ogling, mouth-trap opened, framed in a frozen time space.

That's exactly what happened just several seconds ago.

I stared at Rivyn in disbelief as she softly pulled back from the kiss, my soul sent up into flames like paper.

"No," I croaked just under a whisper, only loud enough for me to hear. My heart shattered with one knock, the inside of me silently suffering.

The officer cupped her soft cheek in his evil hands, and she looked back to him, forgetting I was there. does she know him....?

Shrinking in my little corner, I dug myself into the car, scooting farthest away from them. I heard the door close, and cringed, hearing a beautiful laugh on the other side.

Tasting salt, I wiped a tear from the brim of my eyes, sobbing wordlessly as I felt the car begin to move. Heavily breathing, I gulped one last time, struggling to stop the continuous drops.

I had to be strong. I deserved this. Besides, this was my entire fault. If I haven't broken her heart, we could have been together.

Leaning my head against the cold window, I watched as cars passed, hearing yet another beautiful laugh that didn't belong to me.

Biting my lip, I chewed on my tongue from bawling all over again. Men didn't cry. It was a show of weakness.

But who am I kidding? I was always weak. She always made me weak. Her smile crushed any strength that I grew throughout all these years, all with one gorgeous smile.

Face it, Brian, I thought to myself, letting the handcuffs tighten from my rising stress level.

Rivyn DeLor wasn't yours anymore. She loved another man.



Two minds ransacked themselves in my head as I watched Damon close the passenger door. One screamed, 'Noooo! You love Brian!' and the other was shouting, 'Forget about him! He used you, bitch!'

Honestly, I think the whole little devil and little angel thing was happening on both of my shoulders. The good part of me wanted to snuggle up to Damon in the front seat, and the bad part wanted another hot-tongue action with Brian in the back.

The thought of me having my own conversation with myself was funny, and I laughed.

"Here," offered Damon, taking off my handcuffs. As soon as his fingers touched my wrists, a comfortable wave washed through, and I couldn't help but smile.

"Thanks," I whispered, and watched as he opened the door for me. I slid in, and took a deep breath, gripping the edge of my seat. Why was I so tense? Was I nervous? Hell, I should be bitchy since Damon drugged me!

Questions suddenly scrambled on the floor, and curiosity began to bite at my feet. However, I wasn't mad, let alone angry. It was more of an alone feeling as Damon took the driver's seat, squeezing my hand as he took off. I felt empty as he hit up the radio, turning to a country station.

Wrinkling my nose, I quickly changed it to an upbeat song, nodding to the sick beats. Damon raised an eyebrow with a disgusted look and I laughed again.

"What? This is good stuff," I grinned, nudging him playfully.

He chuckled, and tried to mix with the rhythm, but he ended up looking like a gorilla trying to line dance.

"You know what," I said a little uneasy, and turned off the radio. "How about story time instead? I'll be the listener and you'll be the reader, explaining everything."

Damon sighed, and licked his sexy lips. "Okay. Well, I'm actually a police officer-"

"Excuse me?" I spat, sitting up. "You said you were homeless, liar?!"

He shrugged, and grew a small smile. "It's my job. I patrol over the property, and being a homeless man is part of my cover. Just think about it. Would you continue breaking the law if you saw a police officer walking by?"


"What about a normal bunch of homeless men?"

I shifted a little and frowned, rage still approaching. "Yeah, I guess you got a point..."

"Good, now as I was saying---"

"Then why does something tell me your 'patrolling' wasn't exactly ALL OF NORTH AMERICA?!" I interrupted, crossing my arms. My wrists were still red from the handcuffs but that pain was long gone now. I had another thing to worry about.

Damon clucked his tongue, and blinked twice, looking nervous. "I took a sudden detour at work---"

"Detour?" I shot and he scowled, narrowing his eyes.

"Can you let me speak, please?" he asked politely, however I could tell he was getting impatient. I nodded, keeping up a good glare. This story was staring to get unreal and I wasn't sure whether or not to believe it.

"After the night in the forest, when I first met you, I fell in love-"

"Bullshit," I mumbled, and he ignored my comment.

"So then when I headed back to the office, the guys were talking about this girl who's been having trouble with things. Some officers who were assigned to her since she first came to America were going to follow her flight to Canada, trying to plot out why she was going back with her boyfriend-"

"The police were stalking me all this time?!" I shouted, slapping his arm.

With no flinch, he breathed in and out, his soft face beginning to break down. "Rivyn! Let. Me. Finish."

Scowling, I tucked myself back into the seat, staring out the front window.

"Looking through some of the tape recordings of you talking with your therapist Irene, I immediately recognized that voice. Replaying it over, and over, I put the pieces together; why you were running away from the hospital and into the forest, your file with previous sights of you and Brian. In conclusion, I took the other officers position of following you to Canada and found you in the ally way, a familiar patrolling sight-"

"You were stalking me," I said dryly, somewhat creeped and angry at the same time.

"Well if you put it that way, it makes me sound disturbing---"

"But you are!" I snapped. Damon gazed at me, hurt by my words, but I didn't feel bad at all. "Just because you believe in that 'love at first sight' shit, doesn't mean you take someone else's job and follow your 'love' to another country! And then you drug them? Last time I checked, that's not how you start off a relationship."

He brightened as I said relationship, and kept making several checks to the road, then back to me. It was like his eyes were constantly glued to mine. "That's what love does to you, pretty girl. It drives you crazy."

I snuggled my head into my arm, leaning by the window. "Love is stupid," I flatly stated, meaning it. The outside scenery was all white, Canada's famous stereotype living to the fullest. Thank god this car had heating, because it seemed a snow storm was heavily stirring.

Letting my tired body shut down, I mumbled words to myself as I drifted off, so many things still unanswered.


Damon pulled up the car, and I noticed we were in a mall parking lot, the snow lightly raining down over the rooftop. "I thought we were crossing the border back to America?" I asked, confused. My voice lagged a bit, still drowsy from my nap.

"I'm really hungry so I was thinking we could get lunch instead," he offered, getting out.

About to reach for the door handle, Damon quickly rushed over and opened it for me. "Come on, pretty girl," he said, taking my hand.

I respectfully took it, however this time; the warm thrill was vaguely small, like someone drained all the excitement out.

Just as Damon was guiding me to the mall, I stopped in my tracks and ran to the car, opening the door for Brian. How could I forget about him?

Peeking into the vehicle, I found Brian tucked under his arms, sleeping peacefully against the window. Damn. He still was sexy even with his eyes closed.

Suddenly, a smirk played on my face and I quietly scurried to the other side of the car. With one fast move, I opened the door and watched Brian fall out, eyes bulging as he yelped.

Laughing, he barely caught himself, standing up looking dazed. "Did you have a nice nap, sleepy?" I giggled, biting my lip.

He tried to write a scowl but a smug grin crawled up, and he shoved me with his shoulder. "You're an ass," he grimaced, a snowflake landing on his nose.

"You coming, pretty girl?" called out Damon, waving towards me.

Brian's sad face sunk in, and as soon as he noticed I was watching, he pushed his frown away and playfully flicked my neck. "Go on 'pretty girl'," he teased, "fetch to lover boy."

"Call me pretty girl once more, and I'll beat the shit of you," I taunted, smacking his head.

He chuckled and took my hit, swatting my hand away. "Sure thing, pretty girl."

I evilly wiggled my eyebrows, and smacked his butt before catching up to Damon. From the back of my head, I could feel Brian wildly grinning which made me smile.

"What are you smiling about?" asked Damon, taking my hand.

I shook my head, and bit my lip before my smile got bigger than my face. "Nothing," I sang, staring blissfully at the snowy ground.


"Are you done yet?" groaned Damon on the other side of the door. I heard Brian mumble something about women and shopping but I ignored them both.

"Okay! I'm coming!" I chanted, and stepped out of the change room.

"Wow," they breathed, taking in my red dress. Their eyes curved around my body, taking in beautiful silky fabric.

Moments of gawking later, I gave a worried look, chewing on my gum. "Does it look bad?" I asked, a little frantic.

"You look amazing," spoke Damon, blinking twice.

Brian however kept his mouth shut, and looked back down to his phone.

A disappointed feeling swirled in my stomach, but I pushed that emotion away. I didn't care about this opinion. He was just some guy.

I curled my hair around my finger, tilting a little. "It's on sale; you think I should get it?"

"I'll pay for it!" Damon quickly offered, and fumbled slightly for his wallet, his gaze flicking back to me every so often.

"No, no," I said, going over to my purse that Damon just bought me. I stuffed my emergency money that I found in my shoe in there, but out of the blue, I realized I left it at the front of the store. Ugh, I'm so forgetful.

"Can one of you get my bag? I left it on the seat at the front of the store," I pleaded, not wanting to go myself. Hey, I'm a lazy ass. What can I say?

"I'll get it!" demanded Damon, and I kind of found it nerve-wracking that he was coming to my aid EVERY FIVE SECONDS.

He scurried off, and I went back to the dressing room, forgetting about Brian who was clearly ignoring me in a dress as he continued to text on his phone. Taking one last look in the mirror, I reached for the zipper until I felt the curtain push back.

Eyes closed, I matched those footsteps well, and didn't bother to turn around as I heard the drape close, knowing I wasn't alone.

My breath caught as a minty smell fanned along my neck, making my heart stop. "You look sexy," Brian huskily murmured, barely brushing his lips up my shoulder.

My body instantly loosed, and I relaxed, leaning my head back. "It's not nice to barge into a ladies change room," I said, my mind beginning to lose control.

I quietly gasped as his hands travelled up my thigh, driving my dress upwards. "And it's not nice to smack someone's ass and leave," he said, his fingers dancing along my waist under the silk.

Holding back, I let him tease me, keeping my eyes closed. "Also, it's not nice to pass up a full view of a girl in a sexy red dress," I said, letting my disappoint show.

He moved his hand away, almost making me whimper, and played with the zipper on my side. He softly kissed me up my neck, whispering between breathes. "Who said I was going to pass it up?"

I shivered in pleasure, and turned around, pushing him closer. "It seemed your phone was much more important than me," I murmured, tapping his cellular device in his back pocket.

He bit my bottom lip, painfully teasing me as I was on a verge to a whimper again from his playfulness. "Are you sure you don't want to take that back?" he questioned, and I opened my eyes.

"Is there a terrible consequence if I do?"


I grinned, and raked my hands in his hair. "Then yes, I still believe your phone is more important than me."

He brushed his lips over mine, pulling back slightly. "Naughty one, aren't you?"

I shrugged and reached for a kiss until he inched away with a smirk. "Nuh uh, pretty girl. Your lover could be coming back any second now."

Unable to control my frown, I watched as he disappeared behind the curtain, leaving me along in the change room.

He was teasing me! That jack-ass. I slapped myself stupid, almost falling for him again. Jeez, Rivyn. You really need to buy the manual for this love thing.


I stood patiently outside of the bathrooms, waiting for Brian and Damon to come out. Apparently a pee break was necessary before eating, so I stood aimlessly by the doors, swinging my shopping bags around.

Soon, my belly began to get impatient, and people shot rude glares as my stomach growled at everything that passed. Giving out weak smiles, I was about to knock on the bathroom door until I heard shouting.

Oh boy. What were they yelling about now? Ever since Damon bought that dress for me, things have been getting tense between Damon and Brian. Honestly it was a total drag and at times I felt like slapping them both up the head, but that would be inappropriate in such a public place.

I sighed and heard their voices getting louder. About to step in, a man brushed past me and stepped into the bathroom. Yikes! There goes my plan on stopping them.

Stepping back, I decided to become a douche and not do anything. I already had my own problems to deal with and interrupting there's would be more stressful. Besides, I was hungry and they were men. They could sort it out by themselves.

Hearing more shouts, I groaned, and stomped my foot. "Just shut up!" I grumbled, frustrated, unsure whether or not to ditch them.

"Men, huh?"

I turned around to see a 5'foot large sized lady, blonde straight bangs hanging above her blue eyes. Her double chin was very noticeable but cute for a woman like her. She wore tight skinny jeans and a blue cardigan, her wide waist a little over the pant line.

I sighed and nodded my head. "Tell me 'bout it."

The lady gently patted my shoulder, the gesture sweet yet awkward. "I would hun, but I got nothing. I'm as stupid as a walrus when it comes to the opposite sex.....And sex as well. The whole intercourse thing is just too confusing."

I politely smiled, "Oh," was all I could say. Literally.

"Yeah....." she said, and lifted her jumbo D-sized breasts, "many men are missing all of this."

A grin widened across my face, and I stuck out my hand. "I'm Rivyn."

She shook it with a firm grip. "Names Trish. I'm a virgin."

"That's nice," I blankly said, unsure whether that was the right response. Something about this lady seemed reassuring, and truth be told, I think I was just going to let Damon and Brian take care of their business in the bathroom.

What can I say? I'm a runner when it comes to love.

"I haven't had a boyfriend before," sang Trish, her words quite open. "Nor my first kiss. I'm one of those virgin freaks who like, go all protective and shit when it comes to men."

"Maybe I could learn a thing or two from you," I laughed.

"Yeah.... if you want advice hun," she said, throwing her arm around me, "just stay away from the big ones. Those are the hunter's you got to watch out for."

My face stirred with confusion, "What do you-" She raised an eyebrow, and the gears turned. "Ooooh," I blushed.

She nodded, and let her arm fall back down. "You're welcome. I think you're going to have to name your child after me now."

I narrowed my eyebrows. "I thought you said not to have sex-"

"Ah. Ah. Ah. Never repeat my words. Take them in. Consume them. Follow them," she said, shushing me.

Glumly nodding, I couldn't help but chuckle. "Hey, uh, want to go get some lunch?" I offered.

She leaned back and forth on her toes, shifting her weight. "Well....I know I'm hot and all but lesbe honest here. I'm strictly into Italian sausages only, if you know what I mean."

"Oh, no! I didn't mean it like that--," I blurted, eyes wide.

She shot her hand in the air, shutting me up. "It's okay. You probably have a nice English muffin and great coconuts, hun but---

"Ew! Aw no!" I laughed, disgusted at the same time. "I just need to get away from them!" I motioned to the bathroom where Damon and Brian were still arguing. I knew Damon would never hurt anyone so I wasn't as worried with what was going on. Yes. I was being a total ditching duck-ass. Sue me.

"Then yeah. I could do some more carbs," she weighed, walking off into the cafeteria. For a moment, I realized she wasn't going to wait for me so I quickly joined her.


"What is that?" I asked, tilting my head.

Trish raised an eyebrow, and poured some soy sauce in a little tray. "You are Asian, right?"

I wrinkled my nose. "Uh...I think so...."

"And they say all slanted-eyed people are smart," she loudly said, her voice sounding distant as if it were only meant for her ears. Unfortunately, other people turned and I waved apologetically.

I leaned over her dish, pushing my salad to the side. "You still haven't answered my question."

She picked up her chopsticks and glanced at me. "It's sushi; Rice, raw meat, and seaweed."

I made a weird face, eyes confused. "Okay, so you won't accept a guy's tongue in your mouth but you'd accept that?"

She glared. "Excuse me bitch, but can I please enjoy the blessed food of China?"

I snorted, and stuck my fork in the salad. "It actually originated from Japan-"

"Damn you Asians," she scowled, stuffing a roll in her mouth, "Such smart-ass's."



My back slightly hunched over, I unzipped my pants and began to take a leak. The so-called Damon stepped beside me, using the urinal by mine.

Talk about awkward.

All you could hear were two piss noises in sync, both of us staring at the walls in front, dribbling out the ten cans of coke that we previously took.

There's a fine line between bravery and stupidity. And clearly, trying to impress Rivyn by who could chug down the most soda was definitely stupid.

Suddenly, I heard a whistling noise and turned to see Damon singing a tune.

Slowly, he started to hum louder, ".......Why can't we be friends....why can't we be friends..."

What the fuck was this guy on?

Shooting a strange look, I rolled my eyes, continuing with my business.

"Why can't we be friends, why can't we be friends.....?" he sang, getting louder.

Trying my best to ignore him, I shifted a little, attempting to concentrate on something else.

"....why can't we be friends---"

"SHUT UP!" I snapped, and Damon shrunk back a little, scared by my outburst. What a woosey, I thought to myself.

Finishing up, I was about to zip up until Damon cleared his throat. "She's beautiful, huh?"

I narrowed my eyebrows. "Who are you talking about?"

He looked over and smiled, "Rivyn. She's beautiful, isn't she?"

My jaw dropped, my mouth shaped bigger than an onion ring. Did this guy just say my Rivyn was beautiful? Shit. He must have really wanted a beating.

"It's just that I think she's scared..." Damon said, eyes trailing along the tiled walls.

"Scared?" I scoffed, "that bitch is the complete opposite of scared."

He shot a death glare at me, ready to stick his knuckle down my throat. "Don't call my girl a bitch!"

I snorted, "Why not? She is one!"

Damon's face steamed red, and I would have sworn smoke could have been pouring out of his ears. Hm, and I thought police officers had self-control.

"She is not!" he defended.

Something snapped, and it was as if his dependence for Rivyn was the trigger. "Rivyn is a bitch!" I yelled, unable to restrain. "She's the bitchest, most stubborn, most ignorant, piece of shit that has been stuck in my ass for the past month! That woman is a killer, I'm telling you! A complete pain in my fucking ass!"

Damon angrily spun around, his crotch hanging out of his pants still.

"Dude! Keep that thing away from me!" I cried out, taking a step back. Damn. Rivyn wouldn't have been impressed with this guy.

He zipped up his pants, and I did the same, leaving him by the urinals. Going over to the sink, I couldn't help but smile as I heard him mumble curses, his temper boiling.

"I can't believe you!" shouted Damon, turning back to me.

I stifled a laugh, and continued to rinse my hands, ignoring him.

"You're so-so-so disrespectful toward women! I've read your records! All you are is just trouble for everyone!"

I went stiff, his words hitting home. "And you know what, Brian? You're not good enough for Rivyn. No. You can't handle the responsibility to have a soul mate. You can't even handle yourself!" Cracking my neck, I heard his footsteps approach, his presence right behind me.

"For god sakes, why aren't you saying anything? Are you scared to hit an officer? You afraid? You weak?"

Spinning around, I punched him below the chin, leaving him sprawling cold on the floor. My body froze and I glanced up to see two men staring at me in shock.

My heart raced and I quickly realized; I just knocked out an officer. Jeez, Rivyn's persona must have been rubbing on me. Shaking my head, I understood that if anyone found out that Damon was with the police....I'd be dead. Surely in court.

With one last gaze at Damon, I sprinted out of the bathroom. Ready to grab Rivyn's hand and leave, I noticed she wasn't there.

"Dammit!" I groaned, and frantically explored the cafeteria. I remembered she was very hungry and impatient when we left her, so I found it reasonable to search here.

Finally, a familiar laugh caught my attention, and I spotted her gorgeous long hair flipping over her shoulder. I ran to her, and grabbed her wrist.

"We got to go," I ordered, my voice commanding.

She jumped up, scared by my sudden reach, and yanked away. "Brian, calm down. Where's Damon?" she asked, looking over my shoulder.

"You slut!" exclaimed the large lady sitting with her, eyeing Rivyn. "You sly dirty dog! You're with two men?"

Rivyn laughed, and I gave the lady a once over. "Who's this?" I asked, cautioned.

"Oh, this is Trish," she smiled, and Trish checked me out.

"On second thought hun, I think this boy can be an acceptation for you. I think he'll deliver a good child that can be named after me," grinned Trish.

Rivyn giggled, and I awkwardly shifted, unsure what was going on.

Suddenly, I sensed fast movement and turned to the bathroom on the other side of the court. Opening the door, Damon stumbled out, squinting around the cafeteria.

"Okay Rivyn. I think it's time to say bye to your friend now," I demanded, throwing Rivyn her purse.

"Why?" she asked, her cute face confused. I pulled her up, and shoved the shopping bags in her hand.

"I'll tell you in a while," I said, and started to jerk her away.

"Bye, hun!" called Trish, and she pumped her fist into the air. "Walrus's forever!"

Rivyn laughed again, I shook my head, sighing. "Women," I mumbled, ushering the both of us out of the mall.

Hitting the fresh air, we trudged through the slushy sidewalk, my sneakers soaked. "Brian!" she scolded, trying to push me. "What the hell is going on?"

Ignoring her, I scanned the parking lot to find a sweet ride, and rushed to a Mustang farthest from the mall doors. The roof already down, I hopped in the front seat, and ripped open the compartment under the steering wheel.

Some idiot left their roof down in the middle of winter. Today must have been my lucky day.

"Tell me what's going on?! Where's Damon?" she shouted, and I threw her bags in the back.

"Get in, and I'll explain later. Now can you just shut up? I'm trying to concentrate!" I scowled, my hands hot from the wires.

She narrowed her eyes, and huffed, getting into the seat beside mine. I was surprised she gave in so quick, but I pushed that matter away, trying to get the car to start.

"What are you doing?" she asked, leaning over.

"I'm trying to get this car to start!" I yelled, and yelped as the spark landed on my finger.

She snorted, and pushed me to the side. Bending over, I didn't complain as her stomach laid on my lap, her shirt riding up. Her butt was arched, and I couldn't help but check her out.

Within seconds, the car engine roared and she shrunk back into her seat, grinning.

I opened my mouth, shocked. "You know how to hotwire a car?"

Smirking, she clicked in her seatbelt. "Brian, I know how to jumpstart anything from a Honda to a Porsche. Believe me, I know much more about cars then you think."

I raised an eyebrow at her cockiness, and then recalled why I was jumpstarting car in the first place. I quickly put the roof back up, sealing ourselves from the cold weather, and bumped up the heater.

Stepping on the pedal, I shot the both of us out the parking lot, speeding down the road in a jiffy.

Checking through the rear-view mirrors occasionally, I was secretly afraid that Damon would be catching up.

Since technically, I was stealing his girlfriend. And a car.

"What did you see in that Damon anyways?" I finally said, slowing down once I hit a long familiar empty road. I had some friends living by the coast, and I was sure they wouldn't mind us staying for a few nights.

"What do you mean?" she asked, glancing at me. She hasn't talked to me from the time when we left the mall, and finally hearing her voice was relief.

"When he's on a roll, he never shuts up. That's guys like 7/11. His mouth is always open."

She laughed, and a warm thrill squirmed in my stomach, making me smile. "You always got to say something stupid, don't you?" she grinned, nudging me.

I shrugged, and shoved her a little. "It's not my fault. It's just natural."

Chuckling, she moved so she could face me. "What happened between you guys in the bathroom?"

I uneasily smiled, and gave her a weak look. "Let's just say someone had to shut him up..."

The gears turned in her head, and her face darkened. "You knocked him out!" she screamed, and I almost lost control of the wheel.

"No-I mean yes. Yes I did."

Rage was building in her system and she narrowed her eyes, "Why?!"

"He wouldn't shut up! I just told you that! He was threatening me, and he said I wasn't good enough for you and then he started to talk shit about me and-"

Rivyn's hand raised, and I immediately closed my mouth. She took in a deep breath, and shut her eyes.

I patiently drove forward, her awaiting reaction painfully eating at me. "If you're going to knock me out," I said a bit nervous, "I suggest you do it when I'm not driving."

Looking at her, I saw a smile crack at the end of her lips, and I bit my tongue from grinning. Struggling, she forced her lips to curl back down, and she revealed her beautiful brown eyes. "Did I forget to tell you you're an ass?"

I pretended to think about it for a moment, "Uh. I think you did a while ago.... probably more than once actually..."

"Good." Then she sunk back into her seat, and shut her eyes again, leaning back in her seat.

Stunned by her quick statement, I sat up straighter, perplexed. "That's it? That's all you're going to say?"

"I'm tired," she said dryly, snuggling in the soft cushion.

"Well..." I said, playing a smirk. "If you wait a few more minutes, we can share a bed together."

She snorted, "In your dreams, lover boy."

I laughed, raising an eyebrow. "Whatever, pretty girl."

Lifting her hand, she gave me the finger, and I smiled.


Dedication winners! @werewolf_lover432 & @MayaDaLuvlee

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