Playing The Bad Boy's Game

"So, who sits here?"I whispered, noticing the other empty seat beside me.
Blondie glanced to the clock. "Him," he said just as the time clicked 10. The door opened and I looked up.
My pencil dropped to the ground, eyes wide.
Oh. My. God.
It's him.
The first drug dealer that began my parents addiction.
The player that stole my best friends virginity.
The wicked monster that sent my cousin to rehab.
The hottest guy I've ever seen.
The reason why my life is hell.
And he's coming to be my English partner.


27. Chapter 23: One in a million

Chapter 23: One in a million

            RIVYN’S P.O.V.

            What in bloody hell did I get to deserve this? 

            Brian and I exchanged dumb reactions as soon as his eyes laid on mine.  His sexy hair grew since the last time I saw him, the blonde strands falling along his ears. 

            Gagh!  Curse you creator of sexy gifts!

            “Someone’s been naughty, hm?” smirked Brian, nodding to my handcuffs. 

            I scowled and scooted to the window, trying to get far away as possible.  “For your information, duck-ass, I was kidnapped.”

            He chuckled and sat uncomfortably on the seat, his hands cuffed behind his back.  “Suuuuure.  That makes so much sense since you’re in a police car who is being guided by a policeman.”

            “Well....” I drifted and realized that I didn’t have a comeback.

            “That’s what I thought, Miss smarty,” he grinned, his gorgeous lips curling upwards.  Lust banged against my head, and the urge to kiss him was pounding. 

            I gazed out the window, trying to direct my attention elsewhere as the previous cars passed, our vehicle finally beginning to move.  Just looking at the boy made me forget about all the pain he’s caused me.  How is that possible?  I don’t love him.  I told him myself before I ran away! 

            The sense of Brian staring at me made me squirm.  “You know I’ve been searching the country for you,” he softly admitted, shifting to the middle seat.

            Well.  That was unexpected.  The country?  Holy shit, was he serious?

            No Rivyn!  Stay strong!  This boy broke your heart!  Get yourself together, you’re stronger than this!

            I stuck my nose in the air, grasping any confidence floating around, and continued to gaze out the window.  Brian moved closer, his presence only inches from mine making my head spin.

            “Stop ignoring me.  Please.  I need you,” he begged, his voice needy, breaking any humour he had previously.  “I’ve been thinking about you ever since you ran away.  I’ve tried to escape eight god damn times from the hospital to come find you!”

            I smirked, pressing my hips against the door.  “Man, that guy must have knocked you out pretty hard.  There’s a one in a million chances to find a girl like me in a whole country.”

            Brian shrugged, and revealed a small smile.  “But you are my one in a million.”

            His words caressed my stubborn ego, and I melted, leaning against the window.  A warm thrill traveled up my throat and I felt his lips trail along the back of my neck.  My breath caught, and I gasped as he nibbled my ear. 

            “You’re that desperate aren’t you,” I whispered, his kisses hot and pleasing.

            Turning to the side, I regretted it as his lips clasped onto mine.  A mixture of emotions thundered and I wasn’t sure if I was supposed to be happy, confused or angry. 

            Opening my mouth to stop this, he slipped his tongue in, pushing any resistance away.  He tasted amazing, and I leaned in his direction, deepening the kiss.  Bliss electrified, and I couldn’t think.  Logic traced over my head, and just as I barely grasped control, his lips trailed a path along my jaw.  Butterflies twirled in my stomach and I opened my eyes.

            “Why must you be so irresistible?” I gasped as he applied wet kisses along my collarbone. 

            He pressed closer, pushing me up against the door.  “Less talk,” he murmured.

            I fought hard as I shifted my mouth away but he didn’t accept my rejection.  Instead, he grasped the chance and attacked my neck, sucking like a vampire.  His hips grinded along mine, and a soft groan escaped from both of us.

            I shuddered in pleasure as his breathe fanned over my skin.  God dammit, Rivyn!  Don’t give in!  I tried to push him off but with these stupid handcuffs, I was hopeless.  A low moan clawed up my throat, and I held it back, trying to condense any pleasure.  Which, by the way, was A LOT harder than it seemed.

            “Brian...stop,” I huskily whispered, barely audible.

            He smirked and brushed his lips around my lobe.  “What?  You’re not enjoying this?” he deeply growled, sending another exciting shiver.

            “No.  I’m not,” I stated dryly. 

            He withdrew at my lie, a wash of hurt waved over his face.  “I mean—” I stammered, wishing I could take that back.  Wait, but did I?

            Brian bit his lip, restricted to digging his hand into his hair like he would usually do when in an uncomfortable situation.  “Did you really mean that?” he asked softly, sitting back in his original seat. 

            “I-I-I don’t know,” I mumbled, glancing away.  Way to break the moment, Rivyn.

            Brian sighed and I gazed back to the window.  Honestly though, that kiss was magical.  Something that I secretly yearned for for the past week has finally been given to me and I had to go ahead and ruin it.  Yes, I admitted it.  Now that Damon was out the picture with the whole drugging thing, I was now single.  And I missed Brian.  Badly.

            Like leech-sucking, chocolate-craving bad.

            “I’m sorry,” whispered Brian, gazing out the window.

            Blowing a strand of hair from my face, I couldn’t help but sigh.  “Sorry doesn’t cut it,” I grumbled, the pain beginning to erupt again.  Trying not to channel my anger towards Brian was a stressful task, especially for the fact he used me.   I could never forgive anyone for that, but I didn’t think Brian understood.

            “Then what does cut it?” he randomly snapped, almost making me jump. 

            I chewed on the side of my gum, trying to dig for an answer.  Unfortunately, I had nothing.  Unless he had some fairy godmother, nothing could repair our relationship.

            “Well?” he shot, raising an eyebrow in my direction. 

            “I don’t know!” I blurted, and glared, steam beginning to pour out.  “I need time to recover!”

            “It’s been seven bloody days!” he heaved, his chest rising after each word.  He was like an unknown time bomb.  If the wrong wire got caught, he would explode.  But the more steam I watched him give off made the moment more cautious by the second.

            However, I had my own time bomb to look after.  Clearly with both our stubborn big ass ego’s, I couldn’t exactly control my own.  

            I snorted, anger now bubbling in my system.  “A week isn’t enough—”

            “So how long do I have to wait?” he practically roared, leaving me on the verge of curses.  “Because if you want to get fucking real, I fuckn god damn love you, Rivyn!  I couldn’t stop thinking about you since I woke from my coma!  You’re all I care for, and if it takes years for you to fucking recover, I will sit my ass down out your fucking room, and wait until you’re ready!  I’m not leaving you, no matter how far you run!  So get this fucking information in you stubborn skull before I kill myself!”

            I sat coldly in my seat, both shocked and angry.  “If you loved me so much then why did you use me?” I bitterly mumbled, staring at my brown combat boots.

            Brian apparently heard my comment and answered sternly, “Because I’m a dick.”

            I snorted, “Glad you admitted it.”  I transferred all my burning rage that I wanted to slam down on Brian to the front wall ahead, gradually beginning to create marks on the hard block that separated the driver and us.  “But you know I’m never going to forgive you, right?”

            He flinched at my cruel words, and solemnly nodded.  It was like he secretly knew I was going to say that, but he didn’t bother to reflect the pain.  He deserved it, and I was glad he was taking the hits.  “I was afraid you’d say that,” he said quietly.

            “You should have thought about that before,” I gritted between my teeth, managing my stress level.  Now that his anger tower was knocked down to a few floors, my own rage was beginning to cool off, easing my ticking eruption.

            Brian banged his head against the window, catching me by surprise.  “I KNOW ALREADY!  Jesus Christ!”

            “Yeesh, you don’t need to summon the lord,” I blurted a little too loud.  My humorous sarcasm was never really far was it?

            He released the sudden outburst and grew a small smile, giving a funny look.  “You’re an odd kinky girl, you know?”

            I shrugged, relieved that he broke the tension but disappointed on how I was on the verge of enjoying a conversation with this guy.  “Thanks,” I said flatly, holding back a funny comment. 

            I had to get out of here.  I couldn’t be with him any longer or else I’d really forgive him.  Gagh!  He was driving me crazy!  First we were having a hot make-out, and then we were pretty much biting each others heads off!  Now we were joking around?  This boy is strange.  He’s just so-so-so-sexy! 

            Excuse me?  Pardon, Rivyn?  I was right, and I had nothing to prove otherwise. 

            Brian Daniels is driving me crazily in love. 

            And I couldn’t do anything about it.

            Well… that is unless I’m not around him.  Hm, running away from love.  Not exactly the smartest thing I’ve done but hey, I’m only human! 

            Brian noticed my silence, and I could tell from the corner of my eye gears were turning in his evil head.  He wanted me to break down and come right back into his arms.  He wanted love and lust, and he knew he could get both from me. 

            Alright.  How could I get out of here…..

            “Excuse me, police sir?” I called out, throwing in a hint of need.

             No response.  I wondered if this wall was soundproof but I pushed that thought away. 

            Brian smirked, “Nice try, Rivyn but you’re not going anywhere.”

            I slammed my foot down on his toe, and glared for him to shut up.  “Youch!” he yelped, and I flipped my hair, directing my attention back to the front.

            “Police officer, can you hear me?” I asked sweetly, praying for a  response back.

            “They can’t hear you—”

            “What?” grumbled the man, his voice deep and very distinguished.

            I stuck my tongue out a Brian and leaned closer to the wall.  “This boy beside me is really intruding my personal space right now, so can you please let me out and sit with you?” I said, adding some charm. 


            I scowled and Brian silently chuckled.  Then the imaginary light bulb popped up.

            “HELP!” I screamed, mustering a high pitch squeal.  Brian’s face looked perplexed which almost made me laugh.  “SOMEONE!  HELP!”

            He stared at me, eyebrows scrunched, “What are you—”

            I kicked the wall, and screamed again.  “PLEASE! No!  Get your dirty hands off of me, pervert!”

            Brian’s mouth dropped and I slammed my elbow on the window, creating a loud bang.  “NOT THE SHIRT!  STOP TOUCHING ME!  MY PANTS!”

            I let out a thunderous yelp, and jumped up and down on my seat, shaking the car a little.  Brian’s eyes widened and I grinned.  Making a noise of a zipper with my mouth, I sniffed, making it sound as if I was crying.  "Stop touching me....please," I yelled, eating up Brian's scared look.

              “Ready for the finale?” I mouthed, and he frowned.

            Brian perfectly tried to tackle me to shut up, but I shoved my foot in his gut, and he let out a long husky groan. 

            My throat felt dry as I cried out, sounding as if I was in a lot of pain.  “Help.  Anyone!” I sobbed, making my voice cracked for effect. 

            I kicked him again, and he coughed up another deep groan. 

            Suddenly I felt the car slow down to a stop, and I shouted again, trying to shake the car some more.  I heard the front door slam, and listened to fast feet coming to my side. 

            “Officer, please,” I whimpered.

            The door flew open and I looked up, my face flushed from all the movement.  “Thank god, sir,” I sighed, and jumped out of the car.

            Stumbling as I stood up, I caught Brian peeking out of the window with a painful look.  “Love, that was my crotch you hit!” he groaned, but a hint of playfulness was in his voice. 

            I rolled my eyes, and fought back a smile.  “Oh police officer, thank you once again,” I grinned and looked up at my saviour.

            Staring down at me, beautiful dark eyes gazed straight into mine, making my heart skip a beat.  I took in the police uniform, and connected with his eyes once again. 

            “Y-Y-You’re a---but—I thought--” I breathed.

            “It’s a long story, beautiful,” Damon smiled, and planted a soft kiss on my lips.  A warm exciting tingle shot up my arms, and fireworks began. I was ready to punch his face and kiss him back at the same time.  Bloody hormones.  Just act like you care, Rivyn.  Act like you enjoy his accompany.

            That is, until I felt someone staring.  Tempted with curiosity, I looked over at Brian who looked as if he wanted to kill Damon. 

             If it was legal to kill people with a single look, I think all three of us would be dead by now.


          THanks for reading!                  

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