Playing The Bad Boy's Game

"So, who sits here?"I whispered, noticing the other empty seat beside me.
Blondie glanced to the clock. "Him," he said just as the time clicked 10. The door opened and I looked up.
My pencil dropped to the ground, eyes wide.
Oh. My. God.
It's him.
The first drug dealer that began my parents addiction.
The player that stole my best friends virginity.
The wicked monster that sent my cousin to rehab.
The hottest guy I've ever seen.
The reason why my life is hell.
And he's coming to be my English partner.


24. Chapter 21 of Part 1: She's got balls

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Chapter 21((Part 1)): She’s got balls.


We drove in silence for the next few minutes, the moment surprisingly not awkward. It was like we both knew that if one of us even dared to speak, it would turn into another fight, and probably one of us would end up walking back home. What I didn’t understand was why I even bothered to talk to him in the first place. I know he’ll never really change. He can’t. It’s impossible. Right?

Getting a parking spot, I paid with Brian’s money, and killed the engine. The only reason why I dragged Brian out here was because I wanted to know what he was hiding. I was fed up with his secrets, and I knew he had one more, something that he would never want me to know about.

Call me nosy, but I believe I have the right since he did cheat on me, which I would usually never forgive anyone with. For a particular reason, I felt like I couldn’t break up with him yet. I know. I’m insane. That’s what I get for having parents as retards.

“Get out,” I ordered, and went through the door. I wrapped my jacket around my stomach tighter, the temperature suddenly dropping. Slamming it shut, it took me a moment to realize that he was still in the car. Sighing, I opened my door again, and glared. “I said get out.”

He crossed his arms, and stared out the front window instead, not even acknowledging me. “You want to play it that way, fine,” I scoffed and shut the door. Coming to his side, I continuously banged my fist against his glass, like I was trying to shatter it. After a minute or two, I dropped that approach and decided to swing out his door. Taking off his seatbelt, I tried to yank him out, using my feet on the ground for support.

Brian slipped out a smirk, and I scowled, huffing in annoyance. I stood aimlessly by the car, and checked my watch. Flights leaving in half an hour and we still had to get pass security.

I felt like pulling my hair, as my stress level rose. My blood pumped, I was ready to just ditch him and take the flight myself, but that would have been stupid. Besides, the whole reason why I was here was because of him.

Throwing one last aggressive stomp, I looked at Brian, and bit my lip. “Can you please get out of the car?”

Not evening turning around to face me, he stayed expressionless. “No.” Well this day just keeps on getting better and better.

I jumped up and down, and started screaming his name repeatedly, until tourists shot rude glares. I hopped on the roof, shouting for his ass to get out. More people started to stop and stare, some even pulling out their phones to take a photo.

About five minutes later, I got off the roof and stared at Brian, exhausted with sweat. My hair was all damp, my feet were sore, and my car needed to go to the repair shop from all the dents I made.

“For the final time, Brian,” I growled, holding the safety bar above him for support. “Can you please, for everyone’s sake in this parking lot, including yours, get out of the god damn car!!?”


That did it. He wanted the hard way; he was going to get it.

Leaving his door open, I sat on top of Brian, bringing back memories of our first date. With my back to the dashboard, I quickly crashed my lips onto his before he recoiled back, and roughly kissed him. Desire ran over and for a moment, I almost forgot my plan. Feeling him soften, I knew he was reacting the same. Then I did what no women should ever have to do a male.

I slipped my hand in his La-La-Land, and grabbed his joystick. I took one last breathe, staring into his shocked expression, and I knew he was definitely stunned. I shut my eyes closed, and yanked him out of the car by his little friend. He yelped in pain, but I didn't care

Driving all my anger towards my strength, I dragged him into the airport, my hand still in his La-La-land, all the way to the reception desk. I flashed the lady our tickets, and she gawked as she scanned, blinking twice at my arm.

Everyone in the room stared in disbelief. The security men dropped their donuts, gum bubbles popped, and parents covered their children’s eyes.

“Ow. Ow. Ow. Ow. Ow.”

“Shut it, Brian,” I hissed, jerking him through security. We had no baggage so it was easy. The light turned green, and we continued our journey.

“But it hurts!” he whined, his neck strained.

I squeezed harder, and he let out a cry. “I said clam it, douche!”

He winced, and we entered the plane, many passengers snapping in our direction. Taking the only two empty seats near the window, I threw him down, releasing my hand.

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is how it’s done.

Brian panted, and gripped the armrests, his face burning red. His breathes were heavy, and I knew he was slowly simmering down from all the aching.

Smirking, I grabbed a magazine from the chair pocket, and began to flip through the pages.

“You know,” Brian whispered, his body uncomfortably stiff. “He’s hurt.”

“Who? You?” I snorted, taking a look at the latest gossip.

“No. Danny.”

I dropped the magazine on my lap, and looked over, slowly eyeing his pants. “You have a name for him?”

He merely nodded, and only gave a side glance. “Once I reached puberty, I made a name.”

I raised an eyebrow, fascinated by this conversation. “A name?”

Brian slowly glanced at me, and snorted as if I were the stupid one. “It’s a guy thing.”

I rolled my eyes, and carried on with the latest gossip.

“Don’t you have a name for yours?” he asked.

I heaved a sigh, and folded the article. “I beg your pardon?”

“You know, a name?”

I plastered a fake smile, and sat up, this conversation suddenly getting way too interesting. “I’m sorry, but I don’t have a d*ck.”

He leaned back, a grin gradually beginning to grow. “Are you sure, ‘cause it takes some big balls to pull a man into an airport by his cr**ch.”

I smirked. “Those big balls you’re talking about are called boobs. They’re things that us women have on our chest. It’s okay if you don’t understand.” I sweetly patted his cheek, and crossed my legs. “It’s a girl thing.”

Flashing my perfect teeth, I laid back on the head rest, and closed my eyes, satisfied. I knew he was grinning like crazy, but I didn’t want to see it. Brian’s grin’s are contagious you know.


My ears rang and I slowly sat up, rubbing my eyes to reveal a bright light. Slowly inching my head to the window, clouds surrounded the sky, meaning we were still airborne.

A big slurp made me look to the side, and I found Brian chugging down his third Coke can, the bubbly liquid suddenly making my tongue thirsty.

“Can I have some of that?” I asked, reaching for the soda. He pulled back and chugged the rest down with a smirk. I scowled, and stole the last can on his table, and gulped down the pop in a matter of seconds.

I slammed down the empty metal can, and leaned in a little closer. “Wow,” Brian said impressed, “that was----”


I beamed and breathed on his face, wafting the smell to his nose with my hand. “Lovely?” I finished, polishing my work off.

Brian licked his lips, and glared, probably wishing he could shoot darts at my head. “You still didn’t tell me,” he said, giving the flight attendants his garbage.

“Tell what?” I asked, placing my hand over my hungry stomach. “Because if you’re wondering where we’re going, you should have just looked at the huge 200’inch plasma screen back at the airport.”

He rolled his eyes. “Yeah, sorry Miss Know-It-All, but someone was painfully lugging my crotch across the whole building, so I never really got the chance to look.”

I gave a sincere face, my sad gaze glinting. “Oh that’s too bad, isn’t it? So why don’t you ask the other people around you, since, you know, they’re going to THE SAME PLACE AS YOU ARE.”

“Thanks Captain Obvious,” he sneered, but he didn’t ask anyone afterwards. Perhaps he wanted a surprise? I laid back down, reclining the seat a bit, getting ready to relax.

“What’s her name?”

My eyebrows scrunched together, and I frowned, slowly sitting up. “Who?”

“Are you really asking again?” he groaned, making side notes below my waist.

The gears began to turn, and I gently snapped his chin up from staring any lower. “I don’t have a name,” I informed, leaving my expression serious.

“Oh come on,” he joked, nudging my shoulder. “I know you do.”

Annoyingly huffing, I gazed away, and peeked out the window instead. “I don’t.”

“Yes you do.”

“No I don’t.”

“Yes you do.”

“No I don’t.”

“Yes you dooooo!” he sang a little too loud, causing people to turn heads.

I uncomfortably shifted, and stole a glance that said ‘shut-up’. “No I don’t,” I grumbled, properly sitting up. “This conversation is completely inappropriate and immature on so many levels, so I advice you drop it.” My voice sounded more of a threat, which led to silence.

My back too straight, I forced myself not to slouch, the moment soon turning into a quiet session, like someone put the mute button on. The whole plane fell into a hush, and only the engine left a soft buzz in the air.

“It’s Harry.”

Brian gawked, and face towards me, continuously making eye contact to my pants, then back to my eyes. “It’s a….he?”

I meekly nodded, but managed to keep a straight face, not a single bone strained. “I named him when I was ten.”

His eyeballs ogled, and he stared, horribly fascinated by my childhood. “Ten?

A smile cracked on the tip end of my lip, however I forced the dead serious look to stay. “Yes. I was ten. I hit my puberty early,” I admitted, still astonished that I was actually telling him this. “Yup. I’m pretty proud of all of this.” I shaped my curves with my hands and we both laughed.

“You should be,” he chuckled, and shook his head. Tracing his finger over his jaw, he smiled. “So why did you name him Harry?”

I blinked about five times, dumbstruck to his stupid question.

Suddenly catching on, he quickly opened his mouth, completely awkward. “Oooohhhh. That’s why.” I bit my lip from bursting, and slipped out a giggle. He uneasily rubbed the back of his neck, presenting a weak smile. “So I guess you didn’t name it after One Direction?”

We left the next second silent, and then we cracked up, our stomachs shortly hurting after a minute or two.

The funny thing was that that band didn’t come out when I was ten, except I didn’t care. I was actually having fun with Brian, something that I missed. Maybe this was a good idea to bring him today, maybe, just maybe, everything will work out right.



I was blind. Literally.

“If you push me into a lake or something, you’re dead,” I said, holding my hands behind my waist.

“Yeah yeah, I’ll probably be down the next block before you could even reach me,” Rivyn chuckled, guiding by my back. She pushed us up the stairs, and I almost tripped as she shoved harder once we were at the top. She stifled a laugh and I glared, which wasn’t as powerful as I thought since I had a blindfold over my eyes.

“Where are we now?” I asked, feeling us cross a street. Cars honked, and many people shared different conversations as we passed.

“Somewhere,” she evilly sang, and I almost fell over a curb.

“Watch it!” I scolded, my heart skipping a beat.

She snorted and I hated her even more. Why did I even trust her in the first place? Right. Because she’s my girlfriend. Well, I think so. Worry spread, and the thought of us not being together made me nervous. I didn’t want to lose Rivyn. I couldn’t. She was perfect for me. More than I could ever ask for.

“Alright,” she said, the pavement familiar under my feet. “You can take it off now.”

I slowly undid the knot behind my head, and dropped the fabric in my hands. Bubbles floated up my throat and I smiled, glancing at Rivyn. She grinned, and I took her hand, a warm excitement exploding inside.

Her eyes sparkled, and I brought her close, pressing her chest up against mine. Leaning in, I breathed in a sweet sense of bliss, my heart hammering per second. I grasped her cold cheek, and gave a soft kiss, the taste of her blending in my mouth.

Desire ran through my blood, and I was about to go over the edge until she slowly pulled back. Sadness spread across my face, but she smiled instead, and twined her fingers with mine.

The cold breeze from above whisked to eye-level and tiny snowflakes gently began to fall, some landing on her long eyelashes. The first day of snow. “Welcome home,” she whispered.


My arm laced around her waist as I pulled her to my side, the feeling of her close burned. “Remember that statue over there?” she asked, pointing towards a beaten monument at the side of the park.

Squinting, I peeled my eyes off of her and tried to make out the post. “No, I don’t,” I flatly said, my voice dropping. A cold mixture consumed inside of my stomach, the sadness about my childhood erased. “Perhaps I did when I was younger, but I can’t remember.”

“Oh,” she said, and we walked along the pathway. The air seemed thin, my jacket barely keeping me warm.

“Last time I came here was when I was sixteen, before I moved to America,” I confessed, hugging her close as we headed forward. “My dad would usually take me out here to play football.”

She noticed my change in voice, and curiously stared. “Where is he now?”

I cleared my throat, and bit my lip, stopping the swelling of sadness in my system. “Noah told me he left when we moved to America.” Her head rested against my shoulder and she was about to stop me from saying more until I continued, “it turned out that my dad had a secret as well. He was having an affair with another woman, and my mom found out. She took Noah and I to America, to get away from our dad. She hates his girlfriend and her family, and curses everyday about them.”

“I’m sorry to hear,” Rivyn whispered, and her eyes searched the ground. As we walked along, I could tell the moment was slowly getting crushed by my childhood story, which displeased me.

“Its fine, my dad broke up with his girlfriend shortly after because she loved another man. He already had two daughters, so the girlfriend was happy since she never wanted to make a child in the first place.”

Rivyn looked puzzled for a moment, “so the man she loved already had two children?”

I nodded, and gazed ahead. “Yeah, but that’s old stuff now. My dad is probably somewhere out there, with someone different maybe. Perhaps that lady’s happy, although Noah said she had a drug issue, and so did her husband. I was thankful to hear that my dad left her after that, but what I’m still confused about, is why my mom still likes to be called Mrs. Daniels.”

“Well, perhaps she’s passed her depression for her ex-husband and is moving on. Possibly...” Rivyn’s eyes softened, and she stopped walking, “she has nothing to hide.”

Guilt washed over as I thought about the bet. I had something to hide. It wasn’t pretty either. And maybe it was time---

Beep! My Blackberry vibrated, and I took it out, reading the text from Chris. It turns out that he sent quite a few during the plane ride.


Where the hell are you?


Are you with Rivyn?


Brian! Your mom’s driving me crazy!


Are you okay?


Please tell me you’re okay

I quickly texted Chris that I was fine and that I was with Rivyn.

“Hey, who is it?” she asked, stopping. I shoved my phone in my back pocket, and pressed her hips up against mine.

“Just Chris,” I said, and a sudden feeling of familiarity made me look over my shoulder. “We’re here?” I blurted.

She frowned and looked around, “What? Where?”

I grinned, and remembered the sun beating down on my face, a heat wave splashing down my back. “Where I first met you.” Turning my head to the side, I merely gasped to see the bench still here. Rivyn blinked twice, as if she had a flashback, retracing into the past. “This was the bench I was sitting on, and then you kicked some pervert ass just over there,” I pointed by the stature and gazed at her. “I was a like, ‘Damn, she can fight’, and when you passed by, I handed my cigar out and asked—”

“Want one?” she laughed, knocking foreheads with mine.

“I couldn’t breathe,” I murmured, leaning my face in. “My clothes stuck to my skin, and I had the urge to hold you.”

She grinned, “I don’t talk to strangers, I said. Then I was about to leave until you asked if I wanted to sit.”

“You did, and I badly wanted to inch closer,” I whispered, barely hovering over her lips. “You raised your eyebrow in a sexy way—”

“Like this?” She raised her eyebrow the same as before, and the first firework lit up. “I asked what you wanted, and you answered, ‘nothing’.”

“You got up, and headed the other way, and I called out my name. You didn’t listen and I asked for yours. Then you said—”

“This is fucking cheesy.”

I chuckled, remembering the Rivyn I know. “Yeah, but you’re catching on, aren’t you? And then you ignored. I asked for your name, and you smirked---”

“I don’t talk to strangers,” she finished, giving a smug grin. “And that was how we met. God, we sound like old married farts that fight about the stupidest things.”

I beamed, and pecked a kiss on her soft lips. “Well, we’re half way there.” Her face lit up and she was about to come for seconds until my phone beeped.

“You should take that,” Rivyn said, and backed away.

I cursed heavily in my head, and checked the screen. It was from Chris again.

Where are you guys then? Aw, man. Did you win? Did she say it? Did I win?

“Win what?”

I glanced up, and saw Rivyn paralyzed . Her face frozen, she reread the text from my hand, and I quickly shoved it away. But it was too late.

“Say what? Win what?!” I was speechless. My mouth opened to speak, however nothing came out. “Talk to me, Brian!”

A cold, icy guilt seeped deeper into my stomach, and I suddenly felt queasy. The clouds stirred above, and a sharp wind pierced through my neck, down my loose jacket.

“Daniels!” Rivyn shouted, gently slapping my cheek. “You there?”

I snapped open, and laced my fingers over hers. “It was just a bet,” I whispered, unsure myself if she heard it.

“You—you—you made a bet on me?” she sputtered in shock.

The snow got heavier, and more came down. “No! Well, yes! But I didn’t mean to! It was to save Chris!”

“Chris? He was a part of this too?” Her voice rose, and she yanked her hand away. “What was the bet about, and why the fuck am I in it?!!”

I breathed in and out, not wanting to tip the boat. “When you first came, Chris said decided we shouldn’t be bachelors---”

“So this is a bachelor game? Am I the one getting played!?” she practically screamed, her eyes burning.

“No! It was just between Chris and I. The guys knew too but they had nothing to do with it! Chris was going to change everything! He wanted to grow up and become---”

“Mature adults?! Brian, listen to me and listen to me well,” she pushed my chest and I backed up, slightly scared. I knew where this was going. And I didn’t want to hear it. “Everyone will grow up eventually, whether they like it or not. Bets, and drinks won’t save you from that. Learn to accept it.”

“That was before!” I embraced her in a tight hug, not letting go. “I know that now because of you! You taught me that there’s more to life than trying to relive my childhood. You taught me to move on, and look at better things that I already have. And you’re my better thing!”

“Brian! If I taught you all of that crazy bullshit, then why didn’t you end the bet?”

She had a point. “Because—because,” I searched her face, hoping for an answer, and then stopped. “Because I didn’t want to go soft. I didn’t want to lose my status of being a player.”

“Because you were scared! You had a choice Brian, either me or you’re reputation. Clearly you’ve made your choice!” Rivyn hissed, trying to get away.

I squeezed her closer, hugging her waist. “No. I haven’t. I want you. You’re my choice!”

She shook her head, and tears began to slowly trickle down. I wiped some away with my thumb, but she tore her face from mine. “He was right,” she whispered.

Confusion swarmed like a virus, and I snapped, “Who?”

“Noah’s right, we’re too alike,” she murmured, her lips tasting the salty tears. I continuously cleaned her watery drops but more came as I tried harder. I felt like ripping Noah’s head off until Rivyn grabbed my hand, her own shaking. “We’ve cheated on each other, Brian. Both of us! We’ve lied to each other’s faces, and we’ve kept dark secrets. We’re too similar! Don’t you see? We’re just a bad mix!”

“I can change! We can change!” I pleaded, releasing my hand from hers. I cupped her face, and slowly kissed each tear.

“We can’t. We’ve done too much damage on each other. These past few days have just been stressful, and I think it’s just going to keep piling on. Now that I know you’ve been using me this whole time, I-I-I just can’t take it. I’m sorry.” She bit her lip, and her eyes tore away.

I dug my hand into her hair, taking the strands as they lightly slipped between my fingers. It was as if someone was crushing my heart, the air suddenly getting thinner and thinner. Soon, I’ll be out, and I’ll have nothing left. “No, don’t be sorry. It’s not your fault! It’s mine! I’ve made so many mistakes in my life, and if I lose you.....please, don’t go,” I begged.

“You’re right,” her head tilted down, blocking any contact. A spark lit up, and a small smile curled on my face. “It’s not my fault.”

It was as if she punched me in the stomach, and I just got knocked out by the wind. “What do you mean---”

“It’s no one’s fault, but that doesn’t mean it’ll change anything,” she said, and gave a short kiss, one last tear rolling off her cheek. “Opposites attract, Brian. It’s how it goes. And clearly, we’re just too alike.”

“No, no, you can’t just do this to me!” I wanted to pull her closer but it was like she built a solid boundary between us.

“I can’t take this. We’re done,” she said, her voice hollow. My eyes got watery, but I let them show, not a bit worried about what she thought.

“Rivyn,” I breathed, my heart stopping. “I love you.”

She stared at me, her face red from the icy winds, and eyes empty, knowing it was already over. “I don’t feel the same,” was all she said, and turned around, walking the opposite direction.

Except this time, I was going to go after her.

“Rivyn!” I cried out, and she soon started to run. About to chase after her, somebody grabbed my shoulder, spinning me around.

Someone in a black ski mask shook their head, their eyes piercing through the tiny two holes. “You shouldn’t keep doing this,” they said, their deep voice raspy and coarse. My eyes flickered to the bat in their hand, and I before I could throw a punch, they swung their weapon, clobbering me out cold.



I thought tears had their limits. But I guess I was wrong. I’m always wrong; about Brian for example. I trusted him. But he was simply using me. I was just part of his game, and I was getting played the whole time.

And I never even knew.

The snow began to fall harder and the winds started to pick up. Seconds later, I picked up speed too, and my tears soon turned into tiny shards of ice that cut past me. I found myself hurling into an alley, the turns soon confusing and eventually, I was lost. Spinning around, I ended up in a dead end, my feet sore, and face cold.

Only in a small winter jacket, I felt so small between the several huge brick buildings, my hands stuffed in my pockets. No doors in sight, I couldn’t remember which directions I took to end up here, so I made my way to the corner, and crouched down, my butt sitting on a piece of cardboard.

My eyelids got heavy, exhausted from all the running, and soon, I was drifting asleep outside, while the wind cut across my cheeks.

A bitter feeling sat in my stomach, as it didn’t soothe my condition. Brian and I were done. Over. He used me. And here I am, in a complete different country, crying in the corner, in the middle of winter.

Heartbroken, I merely heard footsteps approach and the last word audible, until I hit the darkness.




....You guys have to click this link on the side: “Don’t Lie” by Black Eyed Peas *tear* it really gets to the heart, and it honestly, from the deepest part of my soul, is the perfect example for this chapter. Please search it up if the link doesn’t work (even though it should), and listen to the song.

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