Playing The Bad Boy's Game

"So, who sits here?"I whispered, noticing the other empty seat beside me.
Blondie glanced to the clock. "Him," he said just as the time clicked 10. The door opened and I looked up.
My pencil dropped to the ground, eyes wide.
Oh. My. God.
It's him.
The first drug dealer that began my parents addiction.
The player that stole my best friends virginity.
The wicked monster that sent my cousin to rehab.
The hottest guy I've ever seen.
The reason why my life is hell.
And he's coming to be my English partner.


2. Chapter 2: Bitch, please.

Main song of this chapter:

Pom-pom by Missy Elliot

Lol, can you shake it like a pom-pom?



Chapter 2: Bitch, please.

            “Sorry Mr. Gillian.  I had to help my mother at the retirement home this morning,” the handsome student said.  It was a complete lie though.  I knew better.  “The elder ladies needed help with their morning walks.”  Another lie.  “And I had to make sure they all came home safe.”  Bitch, please.  You’d never be caught dead walking an elder across the street.  “But I did get you this.”  He threw an apple to Mr. Gillian and walked to his desk.  What a lying jerk!  I pretended to cough, slipping out a few words of ‘liar’ and ‘fraud’.  Unfortunately, he chose to ignore it.

            “Oh!  Um...Thanks, Mr. Daniels.....” Mr. Gillian said, fumbling as he caught the apple surprised.  Blondie and I stifled a laugh but quickly shut up after the deathly glare from Mr. Gillian.

            The hunky bitch smoothly slid next to me, pulling up real close to me.

            Too close.

            I shifted the chair a bit, keeping my distance.

            “Names O’Brian but people call me Brian.  Yours?” he asked sticking out his sexy hand.  I wonder how many ass’s he’s slapped with that.

            I narrowed my eyes, anger blurring his good looks.  “It’s get lost y—”

            “Hey!”  We both looked up.  “Where are both of your late slips?”  And how come he didn’t ask me this before?  I’m really starting to hate this teacher now.

            Brian pretended to search his pockets and gave a big fake sigh.  “I’m so sorry, Mr. Gillian.  I completely forgot it.”  Liar.  Ding, ding, ding!   Why doesn’t someone just hand him the liar trophy already?

            “I’ll wait for him to come back from the office,” I insisted.  Being alone in the hall with him is the last thing I ever wanted to do.



            “Or you’re going to the office, TO the principle.”

            I cursed under my breath and got up to turn, bumping into Brian as he ‘accidentally’ knocked his head with mine.  “If you really want to bang me you could have just asked,” he smirked in my ear.

            For a second I felt a tad bit of blush forming through my cheeks but then frowned and turned to go the other way, sliding past Blondie and out the door.  I fast-walked down the hall, suddenly ditching the idea of going to the office and keeping a far distance between him and I.

            Just as I thought I was clear, footsteps came up behind me.  I didn’t even have to look back.  I recognized those exact footsteps from a mile away.


            I bolted up; beads of sweat dripping down like a sticky fountain.  I crawled out of bed, the cold wooden floors made me gasp in surprise.I creaked past my sister’s empty room and softly tip toed down the staircase.

            “Four-hundred ninety eight, exact.”

            I froze in place, ears curiously listening.

            “Hon, did you give him the right change?”

            “Don’t worry Mr. DeLor.  Your wife is a smart women.  I trust she can count right.”

            A few chuckles were let loose.  “See?  He’s charming, intelligent and young.”

            “Yes, yes.  Something similar to our daughter, no?”

            “I don’t know about that…”

            More shuffling.  “Here’s the package as promised.”

            “Ah, perfect.”

            Police sirens suddenly blared, making me almost fall down the stairs.  I heard muffles of shouts, trying to make out what they were saying but it was too loud.  I hustled up the stairs back into my room, witnessing the sound of our back door swinging open.  I ran towards my window and looked into the backyard.  A quick black shadow was running, his footsteps silent but yet easy to decipher.  I had a feeling like I recognized that person.

            Shouts and quick feet were rattling downstairs so I hopped back into bed, pulling the sheets over.  I dug my face into my pillow, rocking myself back sleep.


            I shook my head, shaking out the memory and bolted it down the hall, fast.  However, he was an athlete too.  A few more meters and he would be in arms length.  I cut to the closest turn and swung open the first door visible and jumped up the stairs to another door.

            A gust of wind blew in my face.  Startled, I turn around only to find him sprinting up the stairs.  I slammed the door shut and looked around frantically.

            I was cornered.On the roof.God dammit.

            “You’re a fast runner,” he huffed grinning as he opened the door.  “With horrible directions.”

             “I’ll take that as a compliment,” I smirked, catching my breath.  He was a good runner too but I didn’t want to admit it.  I leaned against the safety bars that made the wall between me and the two story drop below.  Was he planning to rape me?  Kill me?  Force me to go suicide?  Or was he simply trying to get my number… I chuckled at the idea.  If only he were innocent.

            “What are you laughing about?” he asked coming up next to me.  His soft blonde curls looked tempting to go through but I gripped the bars, stopping myself.

            “Why are you following me?” I countered, raising an eyebrow.

            “’Cause I find you attractive,” he simply shrugged.  Oh.

            “What are you going to do now?” I asked dumbly.  He eyed me with a smug grin.  Shit.  Why’d I even ask that?  Before I could get away, he swooped me in his arms, his grasp tight around my waist.  “You ready for the best make-out of your life?”

            Then my natural instinct kicked in.  I slapped him across the face.  Hard.  Hey, I’m a vicious and protective female.  I’m not the type that gets played.

            He immediately released me from his hold.  “What the hell was that for?” he shouted.  I fought back a smile and crossed my arms holding a serious face.  A nice looking red mark formed at the side of his cheek.

            “For ruining my life.”

            Brian shot me a confused look.  “Excuse me?”

            I rolled my eyes.  “You know EXACTLY what I’m talking about, jerk.”

            “Actually, I don’t.”  I smirked waiting for the ‘gottcha!’ or ‘jokes!’  However, he didn’t say anything.

             He doesn’t remember.  He ruined too many lives to even recall what he’s done.

            I clenched my knuckles, face going red.  I couldn’t believe him!  How could he forget ME?!  The whole reason why I’m in this hell hole of America was because of O’Brian Daniels.

            I swore madly at him, breaking into full on spaz.Vocabulary that no Spanish, Asian, Black or White women should ever speak to anyone.  (BTW, her mother is Spanish and Jamacian and her father is Chinese and Canadian)  Words that I never imagined saying tumbled out, one by one.  Once I finished, I was puffing heavily, glaring at him.  If only looks could kill.

            Brian did the last thing I ever thought he would do.  HE LAUGHED!  He clenched his stomach, howling with amusement like it was the funniest joke he ever heard.  My feet were planted to the ground in full shock.  

            “You’re a funny one, you know that?” he said, as he began to settle down.  I dropped my mouth open, surprised.  He took a step closer to me, bringing his chest up against mine.  “And you look, damn hot when you’re mad,” he hushed, tracing my jaw line with his fingers.

            That’s when I lost it.


            “Shit!  You’ve got to stop hitting me,” Brian yelled, rubbing his arm.

            I snorted.  “Then stop being such a loser.  I can’t believe you forgot,” I scoffed, disgusted by his face.  Actually, I wasn’t disgusted by his face at all.  It was more like his one could ever be disgusted by that face…

            “Look, you’re crazily hot and I’d love to make out with but, girl. You got to stop talking nonsense.”

            It was tempting to smack him but hitting Brian by his skull wouldn’t knock any sense in at all.  “Do you even know my name?” I questioned raising an eyebrow.

            Brian smirked.  “Does it look like I care?”  I bit my lip back, holding onto the cold devil tongue that I desperately wanted to unleash.  “Look, if I once got you pregnant, I’m sorry.”

            I laughed.  “You wish,” I said rolling my eyes.

            “Then what the hell is your problem?” he exclaimed, throwing his arms in the air.

            “You.”  I turned around, leaving him on the roof by himself.

            45 MINUTES LATER

            “Come on ladies!  How long does it take to put on a uniform?” barked Coach Boysin.  Her beefy looking body and bulldog face equalled a hideous monster that enjoyed working sixteen year old girls to their limits.  Well, that’s what people tweeted.   And honestly, for a 5’3 girl like me, I’m quite the athlete that can still slam dunk, so it seemed like a breeze.

            “They’re uncomfortable aren’t they?”  I spun around, facing an average height typical blonde girl.  Yeah, she had everything nailed down.  Big butt, big chest, massive curves and snuck up nose.

            “Completely,” I said giving her a chance to open the conversation.  Mind as well give her a chance since I let down all the other three offers of becoming friends. Shallow glares and ‘I’m busy’ looks really stir away company.  I dressed like the popular type that described the word party or fun.  My aunt’s not exactly good at judging a lacy thong to boxer shorts yet so it’s like hell when I go shopping for clothes with her.  I want to blend but no; she goes and buys the most expensive high-tops and extremely high priced sweater.

            The person to blame this on was Brian.  I was still pissed.

            Luckily, I was starting to simmer down to just plain tired.

            “Like, I’m skinny but man, these are way too tight,” she said trying to stretch the dull blue shorts.

            “Here.  Pass it over.”  She threw me the shorts and I broke off the elastic band with my teeth.  “There,” I said handing it back.

            “Much better,” she sighed putting them back on.  “I’m Klaire by the way.”

“Riyvn,” I grinned.

Coach Boysin slammed the locker door with her fist making us both jump.  “Get out now, Miss Stevens!” the coach bellowed.  Klaire squealed sorry and ran out, leaving me alone with the beast.

“DeLor, I heard several good things about your athletic abilities,” she said as Klaire scurried off.  Her voice was deep as Mr. Gillian’s…scary.  I tried not to stare at her exposed hairy chest but come on, it was quite noticeable.

“Um….thanks sir, I mean—mam,” I stammered, standing up straight.

“I except high standards from you.”

“Yes si—mam!”

“Good, now go out there and make me proud,” she barked. I swear this felt like boot camp.

I naturally saluted and sprinted out of the change room, quickly standing beside Klaire.  She nudged me to see if I was okay and I nodded back.  Adrenaline was bumped through my veins now.

Wolf hoots and whistles broke out as the guys rustled out of the change room.

“The guys and girls gym period is mixed?” I asked surprised.  Back in Canada it was always separate for perverted reasons.

She snorted, reminding me a little of those bitchy blonde girls but Klaire didn’t seem like that type so I pushed the thought away.

“Never.  They mix genders only during the track race and the stretching time.  Sometimes we even do a little co-ed game at the end of class,” she said, eyes sparkling.  I crossed off ‘nail breaking freak’ in my head.  Guess she loves sports as well.

I smiled, relief washing over me.  Thank god.  I would hate to have gym with Brian.

“Alright ladies and gentlemen, everyone outside to the fields!  It’s time for laps!”

Klaire and I headed outside with the crowd.  At the corner of my eye I noticed Klaire shoot a deadly glare at one of the guys checking her out.  I crossed off in my head, ‘not a typical blonde’.  Maybe we could really be friends.

“Look who it is,” said a familiar charming tone.  You’ve got to be kidding me.  I felt a hand slinking up my arm to my neck.  I shivered and pushed the person away, only to have my hand taken in a hard grip.  “Isn’t it my favourite victim,” winked Brian as he wrapped his arms around my waist.

“I’m guessing you two know each other?” asked Klaire raising an eyebrow as she watched me struggle to get him off.

You have no idea, I thought.

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