Playing The Bad Boy's Game

"So, who sits here?"I whispered, noticing the other empty seat beside me.
Blondie glanced to the clock. "Him," he said just as the time clicked 10. The door opened and I looked up.
My pencil dropped to the ground, eyes wide.
Oh. My. God.
It's him.
The first drug dealer that began my parents addiction.
The player that stole my best friends virginity.
The wicked monster that sent my cousin to rehab.
The hottest guy I've ever seen.
The reason why my life is hell.
And he's coming to be my English partner.


15. Chapter 15: Hunky Little Liar


I just wanted to say thanks for all those people who keep on reading my story and enjoying it!

Taking the time to read my writing and supporting me through all these 15 chapters means a lot to me. 


Love you all!




Theme song:  Truth About Love By P!nk


Chapter 15:  Hunky Little Liar


            “So, you got a plan for the party tomorrow?” hissed Klaire.

            I smiled and fixed my lab coat.  “Oh, I know so.”

            “Miss Stevens and Miss DeLor, please show me your work.”

            I got up along with Klaire and we stepped aside for our science teacher to examine.

            “Are you sure you took out the legs?” I nudged her, our back faced to him.

            She shrugged.  “I’m not a scientist, how am I suppose to know?”

            “What about the intestines?” I whispered, playing with the latex gloves.

            Klaire gave me a worried look.  “I was in charge of taking those out?

            “Mmmhhm,” I nodded, flashing a sheepish smile.

            The science teacher turned around and we quickly straightened our backs.  “Very well done.  Several things need to be arranged but other than that, you’re both heading to an A.” 

            “Thank you,” we chorused, making sure he was out of ear shot.

            Turning back to the table we began to remove the legs of the pig.  “Aw, man,” I gagged, holding my breath.

            “I can believe this is part of the curriculum,” choked Klaire, closing her eyes as a string of red dangled from her glove. 

            “I’m used it,” I said, laughing at her disgusted expression.

            “What?  How?” she questioned, taking a peek at me.

            “Back home, I lived in the downtown area.  My parents were rarely home for eating times and I would usually be the one who arranged the meals, cooking the raw meat.  I went to the butcher’s every Sunday, waiting and watching him as he slaughtered what was going to soon be in my stomach.”

            Klaire gapped at me.  “Are you serious?  I would hate to see, let alone smell, dead animals early in the morning or late at night.”

            I laughed.  “Oh, boy.  If you weren’t used to the rotten-smell, then, yeah, you were going to get a hell of an awakening.”

            Her eyes widened.  “That would suck for whoever wasn’t used to that smell.”

            “It would, wouldn’t it?” I grinned.

            If mine connections were real, I swear, one just happened.

            “You are pure evil,” Klaire said, shaking her head. 

            I smirked and grabbed a plastic bag from the drawer, slipping some pig guts inside.  Making sure the coast was clear, I snuck the bag of guts, concealing the smell, and dropped it in my pencil case.  “Honey, I’m just fighting fire with fire.”   

            Raising my hand, the science teacher came over.



            I don’t understand.  What was she doing?  What was happening to me?  Why am I like this?  Why was she being like this? 

            Ugh, girls.  Why must they be so confusing?

            “Yo, Brian!  Check this out!”

            Chris handed me his phone, showing me the school blog.  “Why are you showing this to me?” I said, scrolling down to the latest update.  I popped a chip in my mouth while glancing at the screen.  Eating in Study Hall wasn’t allowed.  Us, being bad ass’, didn’t care. 

            “Just read,” he sighed.

            Hottest girl:  Rivyn DeLor –does she have the hots for Brian or is she just giving a good tease?  Better watch out Mr. Daniels, looks like a new tiger is entering American High. 

            I blankly stared at the screen.  I’m going to have to have a talk with McGaffey-G.

            “Brian, what’s wrong?  Does that actually worry you?”

            I frowned and tossed back his phone.  “No.  I know for a fact Rivyn has the hots for me.  No doubt about it.”

            Chris snorted.  “Then why was she teasing you this whole day?”

            I opened my mouth to speak, and quickly closed, not having anything to say.

            “....well?” he ushered, waiting for me to answer.

            Scavenging something to say, I spat out, “She can’t play games like I can, Chris.  No one can.  I’m Brian Daniels, the bad ass player of American High.”  With that, I stood my book up, blocking Chris’s face from mine.

            “You good, man?” he asked, his voice sounding worried.  

            I glanced across the table to see Chris with a concerned look. 

            “Yeah,” I said, waving my hand at him like it was nothing.

            Chris smirked.  And I’m usually the one who smirks.

            “I know when you’re lying, Brian.  I’m not your best friend for nothing,” he said, giving me a smile.  “You’re falling for her.”

            I shot up and glared at him.  “Am not!”

            This made him laugh.  “Then why are you so protective?”

            “I am not protective!”

            “Then why are you standing up and causing a scene for yourself?”

            I frowned and gazed around to see some people looking at me.  The study hall supervisor shot me a deathly glare.

            Sitting back down, I took a gulp of Coke and shut my mouth, not wanting to accidentally say something stupid.

            “You might not know it,” started Chris crossing his arms, “but you’re going to---” I shoved a fry down his throat.

            “Shut up,” I demanded, slamming my hands down.  “I will NEVER fall in love, you hear?  I never lose my bets and I never will.  I’m not going to let some girl get in the way of that!”  I stood up again, and left the Study Hall, storming away far as possible. 

            I mumbled curses under my breath, cussing about nonsense until I had the urge to just leave.  I went to my locker and furiously spun my combination. 

            “ my ass......” I murmured, trying to get my locker to open.  The stupid lock wouldn’t work!  About to ditch my bag, I remembered my car key was in there. 

            Groaning, I tried the combination again.  No luck.

            Impatient as hell, I angrily kicked my locker and hit my head on the door.

            My life was sucking at this point.  

            The sound of footsteps came around the corner.  I looked up and found a figure at the other end of the hall.  They spun their combination and easily popped open their locker.  Lucky.  The student threw something in their locker and quickly sprayed something.  Probably a girl.

            Suddenly, something caught my eye.  Their feet began to tap.  Then they began to shuffle.  Were they.....dancing?  They’re hands moved in a motion, matching with their hips and feet.  Whoever it was, they could really dance.  The person moved like paper, smooth yet cuttingly sharp. 

            Nice reference, Brian, I thought, wanting to slap myself.  I was losing my intelligence too.  Just great. 

            I slowly walked towards them, fascinated and driven to who it was.  The closer I got, the louder the music was.  I realized the familiar sound, similar to the beats you would hear in clubs. 

            Ha, maybe it was a pole-dancer.

            Curiosity pulling me in, the figure turned around the corner, dancing away from me.  I followed, picking up speed.  The sound of banging lockers made me bop my head a little.  Perfect hits and timing, it matched with the song they were dancing to.

            Breaking into a sprint, I dashed around the ben, only to find myself bumping into them.

            “Woah!”  Naturally instinct pulling in, I caught onto their hand, catching them before they reached the ground.  I pulled them to my chest, wanting to see who this mysterious dancer was.

            “Oh!” Rivyn gasped as our eyes met, only an inch away. 

            I stared back, stunned as she was.  Her headphones were tucked in her ear, the music began to fade, the playlist probably coming to an end.  She smelt like strawberries, how delicious. 

            “Nice to see you,” I whispered as I could feel her heart beating against me.

            “Nice to see you, too,” she whispered back, still out of breathe from her little dance.  My heart hammered, taking in how close we were. 

            Maybe it was because I knew she would break away at any second, or my craving couldn’t handle itself, whatever it was; I’m glad it happened.

            No hesitation, I collided my lips with hers and closed my eyes, a million sparks flying.  Not wanting to frighten her, I planted my mouth softly, taking in the moment before Rivyn pulled away.

            Except, she didn’t. 

            She stood frozen, not pulling away put not intensifying the kiss either.  Grasping this option, I gracefully continued to keep my lips on her, hoping she’d take it.

            A pair of hands raked to my hair and out of the blue, she deepened the kiss and opened her mouth.  My stomach did summersaults and it was like a rocket shot out. 

            Next thing I knew, we were hooking up and our breaths were starting to get heavy.  Honestly, it was the best make-out that I’ve ever had. 

            It was entirely different when I compared Rivyn to other girls.  For one, she could work her tongue like me.  Second, she tasted amazing.  Third, she didn’t make me feel incomplete.  She made me feel like I was one with myself. 

            I felt alive.

            As it seemed like forever, we finally broke apart, releasing our lips.  At the same time, we both opened our eyes, our faces still staying only an inch apart.  Just like we started. 

            “I guess you do kiss as fast as you run,” I panted.  We were both out of breathe and I could feel our hearts beating quick.

            A smile formed on her face.  “You’re not so bad yourself,” she breathed.

            The bell rang, startling us.  People began to pool out of class, going into fourth period. 

            Rivyn broke apart and was about to leave me hanging.  And I, Brian Daniels, never let a girl leave just like that.

            “You’re coming with me,” I ordered.

            I griped her hand and dragged her in the opposite direction.  “Brian!  Wait?!  What?! Where are you taking me!?” she shouted, her soft side going down the drain.  The bitch I know is finally coming back.

            Me being an ass, I tightened my hand to shut her up, but, of course, that’s not how things roll with Rivyn.  She thrashed my hand against a locker, making me cry out a small yelp. 

            Dashing away, she booked it down the hall, disappearing into the crowd. 

            I stubbornly shoved people, one guy even getting a palm in the face, trying to find Rivyn. 

            Were the hallways always this busy?  Man, I really needed to see what was going on more often instead of flirting with girls.

            Minutes passing and finally giving up, I stopped and found myself just standing absently in the middle of everyone.  It was like she got sucked in the crowd, and I was trying to find a needle in a hay-stack.


            I turned around to see Chris coming behind me. 

            “Hey!” I said, giving a weak smile.

            “Where were you in class?” he asked, trying to read my face.

            Thinking about what happened; I chuckled in response and slung my arm around his shoulder.  She might have left but I knew she enjoyed that kiss. 

            “I got what I wanted.  Now all she needs is a push.”

            He gave me a perplexed look.  “What do you mean?”

            I winked.  “No matter how much that so-called tiger fights, she can’t resist me.  She’s going to fall for me, Chris.  At the party.  Tomorrow night.  She’s going to fall hard.

            His face brightened and he slapped me on the back.  “Just make sure you don’t fall with her,” he chuckled.  “Of course, you would never fall for anyone, right?”

            I smirked.  “Never.”

            My phone vibrated and I pulled it out of my pocket.

            Chris took me into a head-lock and rustled my hair.  “SO WHO’S READY TO PARTY AT THE DANIEL’S TOMORROW?!!!!” he hollered, getting everyone in the halls to cheer.  It was like the words ‘party’ and ‘Daniels’ switched each person to wild mode.

            Slipping out of Chris’s grasp, I checked the screen.  I reread it twice and checked to see if anyone was on their phone.  I tried to follow the caller but it was unknown.  My hands got numb and I reread it once more.

            Tsk. Tsk.  It’s not good to lie, Brian.  Karma’s a real bitch....especially to naughty players like you.  Watch yourself, bad boy.  You  just might be playing yourself instead.


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