Almost like a Dream

Laura and Nick are two 18 year old's that have something in common, mind powers. What will happen when these two powerful strangers meet at a resort in L.A? And what will Nicks girlfriend think of his and Laura's romantic bond? Wrote in a two person narrative, read the challenges they must overcome with help of there friends.


6. seriously Johnny?!

Nicks P.O.V

    Are you kidding me right now? seriously Johnny? I knew he was coming from Chicago to Cali, but I wasn't expecting him for another day and a half! Like, i was in thins heated makeout session with Laura and he just shows up! I feel like punching him in the gut and yelling at him 'What the fuck man!" but I haven't seen him in forever.

    "I take it i was interrupting something?" he asked. I look  over at Laura, her face is as red as a tomato, embarrassed. She just looks so cute. I don't care if i just met her, to me iv'e known her all my life. 

   "This is Laura," I say without taking my gaze off her. "she just came here from L.A" they shake hands awkwardly. I wrap my arm around Laura and she melts into me instantly.

    "Hey, what time is it?" Laura asks. I look down at my gold watch.

    "6:32." I say.

    "Shit! I promised Bambi i'd do something with her at 6:30! I have to go i'll see you tomorrow." she said but then in my head she said sorry this is just really awkward for me i'll see you later, i'll just be in my room  if you need me. She's multitasking, putting her jacket on and talking to me in my head at the same time. I couldn't do that if I tried my hardest. She tries to kiss me on the cheek but when she comes close I turn my head and she kisses me on the lips. She giggles and I could listen to her giggle all day. she then runs out of my room.

    Once she leaves Johnny starts to laugh hysterically. "What?" I ask. He just keeps laughing. He is seriously starting to piss me off.

    "You got it bad for her man, I've never seen you like this before." he says before laughing again.

    I scratch the back of my neck with my hand. "Yeah she's something special to me." heat rushes to my cheeks.

    "I mean how much do you actually get to meet a girl with your freaky deaky futuristic mind talking powers?"

    My head shoots up so fast I'm surprised I don't get whiplash. He knows? how dose he know? I try to act dumb. "Dude are you high? What are these mind powers you're talking about?"

    "Don't play dumb Nick. You probably don't remember because you where wasted. You told me that you can see the future when you sleep and you can that you can talk to people in there minds. At first I didn't believe you but the you talked into my mind and I freaked out. Well... you have purple eyes and she has purple eyes, it's not rocket science dude." he says with a smirk. I can't believe I told him everything... what have I done?

    There's a knock on my door so I go up and answer it. I don't know who to expect. The last thing I want is to have another surprise. But I can't help that mater when I open the door to see Sally...


AN: Heyy guys! I can't explain why I've been gone for so long but I'm back! I have BIG NEWS! 

1) I need a new character... do you want to be in 'Almost like a Dream'? all you have to do is Favourite and like this movella, then leave a description of yourself in the comment! I will pick one person at random choice.

2) I have a new Movella coming out in one week! stay tuned for 'The Costume Party' 

ok byye PS: do you like the new cover???









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