Almost like a Dream

Laura and Nick are two 18 year old's that have something in common, mind powers. What will happen when these two powerful strangers meet at a resort in L.A? And what will Nicks girlfriend think of his and Laura's romantic bond? Wrote in a two person narrative, read the challenges they must overcome with help of there friends.


5. candy shack? more like candy mansion!



“how old where you when you found out about our powers?” he asked. For a minute I just laid there with my hands on my stomach and my legs crunched in an uncomfortable position. Somehow I knew he would ask this question. I want to tell him, but it was so personal that I refuse to tell anyone the truth even myself sometimes. Soon there was a clear liquid coming out of my eyes that people would describe as tears. I sniffed to make the water stop but it only made it worse.


Nick soon lifted himself up to look at me but I covered my face, to embarrassed to show emotion right now. “you don't have to tell me if you can't. It's okay.” he slowly rubs my back to calm me down.


“ I was five years old... anything before that... I don't remember. I was always afraid of the doctor, no matter what I was always scared of thought of a checkup or a needle.” he handed me a box of tissues and rocked me back and forth. “it was about a month after my birthday... and I had a checkup. The night before I had a nightmare but I shook it off because I thought it was just because I was afraid. About 10 minutes before the appointment I had the images in my mind, no matter what I couldn't get them out of my head. And then... my dream happened. First the doctor told me he had to listen to my heartbeat... so he” I gulped, the hot tears still burning my cheeks “... so he put his hand under my shirt and squeezed me right here,” I pointed to my breast. “then he told me I had to pee in a cup, so he pulled off my pants but instead of handing me a cup he put his hand on my mouth and... and he...” I sobbed more and was now shaking like an old car.


“shh, it's okay... it's okay I'm here” he kissed the top of my head wiped the now cold tears off my cheek and chin.


“ I was barley five I didn't know it was a bad thing and I thought it was apart of the checkup so I never told anyone. Your the only one that knows'”


I was afraid at what he would think of me but I guess he feels bad for me because I see it in his eyes.

* * *

BANG! I herd something loud, BANG! There it was again! It was coming from out side. I opened the curtains and a bolt of light flashed bright on my face. It wasn't from the sun, it was from lightning and thunder. And soon buckets of water fell from the sky. “well that sucks,” said Nick form behind me. I was in my bikini and he was getting his swim shorts on. We where going to go to the pool. “now what?”


“ I don't know... don't you know this hotel front to back? There must be something we can do,” I say as I put my blue sweater on.


“ I have an idea,” he says “follow me.”


“okay tell me where we're going,”


“it's a suprise...” we walk to the elevator and he presses the very last button to the top of the building “this,” he says “is my room” my mouth dropped as I saw his room. Talk about out of this world! Huge kitchen, flat screen TV, arcade, massage chairs, only every apple product ever made! If I was him I would never leave!


“wow” is all I can get out “you live hear? In this room? That's insane!”


“yeah” he scratches the back of his neck “ I guess but I find it's too much sometimes.”


“so what are we doing?” I asked.


“well I don't know if it's because I'm hungry or because I'm amazing at it but I think we should bake a cake.”


I put my hand on my chest and in a serious voice said “ you had me at cake”


“what kind shall we make??”


“chocolate all the way!” I said putting a fist in the air and laughing

“no problem” he said with a smile. Damn I love his smile. The way he smiled plastered dimples on his cheeks.


We spent the next hour and a half baking... Okay so maybe he was the one baking but I was there to keep company. When it was time to decorate the cake we relied we had nothing to put on top! “we need something to spice up the cake!” I told Nick.


“we can go to the candy shack in the lobby and get stuff to put on top.” said Nick


“there's a candy shack!? Well lets go!” we raced to the elevator. I won of course... no suprise. “haha I win!” I said as I cached my breath


“yeah over my dead body I was first!” I planted a kiss on his lips and hugged him.


I know that some people would think that considering me and Nick only met just over 24 hours ago that where going to fast. And I would like to say that there wrong. When you have lived your whole life with something dreadful like freakish mind powers it sucks because no one is like you, no one knows how it feels, no one understands. But with Nick it's like we have met years ago and where just saying hello again.


We get to the candy shack and and my eyes went wide. Calling it a 'shack' is a huge under statement. They should call it the 'candy mansion'. I can't help but feel sad for myself, this store is bigger then my apartment. I suddenly herd a quiet voice in my head that sounded like Nicks voice. “you go to the left and ill go to the right.”


I looked at him and said “okay” looking threw the candy made my eyes burn. The bright colorful packaging was overwhelming and the look of sour candy made my mouth water. Although I managed to find five packages of different gummies and Wonka hard candy. “okay I'm all done” I said in Nicks mind.


“meet me at the front.” he said back. The voice inside my head coming from Nick was weird. It was super quiet and seemed almost like a whisper.


I saw him at the front of the store with a basket full of candy and chocolate. He waved at me to come over so I did. “umm enough candy?” I said pointing to the basket “how much will that cost? Cause prices hear aren't cheep”


“ I get it for free!” he says “it was my dads idea to put a candy place in the lobby so the the money just goose back to my account...” he seemed almost embarrassed about this with a side of guilt. We where soon back to his room. I helped decorate the cake and I can honestly say that it looks like a six year old designed it. It was like a unicorn threw up on it. It was three layers (or as Nick told me they where called tears). Chocolate cake with blue icing, but there was too much candy on the cake to see what the color of icing was.


We both ate a piece of cake that was still luke warm. For something that looked super shitty, it was amazing! Probably the best cake I have ever had in my life! “wow Nick that was amazing how did you learn how to cook like that?”


“ I taut myself” he said looking proud


“bull shit I don't believe you-” I was cut off by his lips pressed to mine. I curved my hand around the back of his neck feeling goose-bumps from my touch. He pulled away and said “sorry you had icing on your lips” I laughed as he said “it's gone now” I kissed him again. His hands where on my waist and my hands where now on his chest. I felt something wet slide across my bottom lip so I opened my mouth to have a tongue slip in mouth. This was leading to a full on make out. I didn't care right now it was just me and him and no one ells. That is until I felt like I was being watched. I opened my eyes to see a boy looking at me and Nick kissing! As soon as I notices I pulled back and Nick looked at the guy standing beside us.


“johnny?” said Nick with a high pitched voice it was hard not to laugh. Gee thanks for ruining the moment Johnny.

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