Lets say forever?

This was the day. The day that you had been waiting for in 8 months. This was the day, you were going to see your biggest idol live on stage, for the very first time.

You were going with your best friend. Your best friend wasn't the biggest Belieber, but you always had such a great time with her, so therefor she was an obvious choice to take with you to the concert.

This day was the best day of your life, and little did you know that one moment could change your life forever.....


2. When Time Stands Still

People were starting to gather around a fence, you pushed your way through the crowd so you were standing face to face with the fence.

Suddenly you see a person coming your way, you couldn't believe your own eyes. It was like the time stood still. It was Justin. Your heart started to beat really fast, and you got sweaty palms.

Justin started at the very end of the crowd, he took som quick pictures, wrote some autographs and all of the usual things. People were screaming but all you could hear was your own breath. This couldn't be real. Justin slowly approached you, and you couldn't believe your own eyes. 

"Hey! It was you who danced wasn't it?"

You couldn't get one word out of your mouth.

"Ye-ye-ye-yeah" you stammered.

"Breath sweety" Justin giggled.

"I can't talk with you, when you're acting like that" Justin laughed, with that laugh he always had in his Instagram videos.

You sighed deeply "Okay, I'm good now" 

"I think you're a really great dancer, have you thought about making it to like a career possibility? Like you're really talented!" 

You blushed over your whole face.

"Thanks, it means a lot to me that you think that" You said, while having the biggest smile on your face.

You put you hand on the fence, without knowing that you were about to touch Justins hand.

The moment you touched Justins hand, both of your eyes met. It was like an electric shock going through your body, this was your moment. It felt like the whole world stood still for 10 minutes, although the touch only lasted for like 3 seconds. You felt this special connection between you and Justin, in that moment your hands touched and your eyes met. You wanted Justin to stay forever, just you and him. Forever and always.

"Oh, I have to get moving, there is more Beliebers waiting for me" Justin said awkwardly while looking down on the ground with a smile.

"Su-su-sure" You stammered again.

You couldn't believe what had just happened, you leaned up against the fence, while you sighed deeply.

Out of the corner of your eye, you could see Justin coming running back, with his hand out giving all of the Beliebers a high five. You hurried putting your hand out before it was your turn to get a high five. But something unexpectedly  happened.

"Meet me here 11:30" Justin quickly whispered before moving on.

All of it was like an illusion. You suddenly became dizzy and felt the need to sit down. You leaned up against the fence, while dropping down on the ground. You buried your face in your hands, and started crying hysterically

"Whats wrong" Your best friend asked with a little giggle, it was that comforting giggle. She always had that giggle when she was happy for you.

"He-he-he" you stammered while still crying hysterically.

"We need to get you out of here!" You best friend said.

*10 minutes later*

You leaned up against a tree, sitting on the ground.

"Thanks for taking me out of there" You said relieved.

"You're welcome, I mean you were completely out of it" Your best friend laughed.

"Yeah I know, but it was just, it felt like me and Justin had this special connection, like I don't know? It was like an electric shock going though my whole body, it was truly amazing! I just can't describe the feeling"

"But what did he tell you? I saw his mouth move when he approached you with the high five? And after that you just totally freaked out" Your best friend asked.

You turned your head, looking your best friend deeply in her eyes "He wants to see me later"


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