My Very Dear Diary (Can Anybody Hear The Sarcasm?)

This is my life day by day. I hope this helps you get to know this little miss author better and helps me to get to tell what I actually have inside. People around me usually think I'm funny and pretty cool but inside I'm actually romantic but broken. I wanna share that side. With you...


2. 18 July 2013



Dear Reader,


Today I met my best friend Nicole and we watched Pirates of the Caribbean 1 together. Actually we were planning to watch all four and considering we watched seven movies yesterday (The Ring, The Ring II, Mirrors, Love Likes Coincidences, Blue Lagoon: The Awakening, Titanic, Prom; and I recommend all of them especially the 4,5 and 6th ones) this means a real performance decreasement. Nevermind, we will continue with that tomorrow.


I don't have pretty much to tell about today, actually, so I may talk about movies. My favorite is the Pirates of the Caribbean serie (3rd one if I had to choose and I'm pretty obsessed with the movie) but there are thousands of other movies that I adore. One of them is Love Likes coincidences. Watch it. Really, you will never regret. Danielle had told me before what was gonna happen in the end but still it was amazing. And once after school when everybody was gone - I know it's wrong but - I took a look inside my crush's locker and in an essay he wrote that that movie was really good. While watching the movie I couldn't help but wonder who was he thinking of when he watched such a romantic movie. Not me. I know that. And it hurts but I got used to it. Last night, after I watched the movie and went to sleep, I had a terrible nightmare. He was kissing the girl that I think he has a crush on. I cried a lot in my dream. And my heart was beating crazy when I woke up.


While watching Blue Lagoon (the latest version) I really got jealous of the girl. The boy was cute and I can tell you that the had some fun together in that deserted istand. Which drove me crazy. I hated the girl. Oh, and after that she acted as if he wasn't even there!


About Titanic, I insisted to watch it but Nicole loved the movie. When she asked me if Jack was gonna die I told her that he was gona get out of the ship alive. And that wasn't a lie. He died after he got out. I guess I like word games... I mean, you learn to love them if you read Dan Brown.


So, I don't think I got more to tell about today, and mom is yelling at me to go sleep :) so I think I gotta go now.


Love you so much more than you could ever possibly imagine,

Your Anonymous Laughter

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