Allie Jensen was your average cheerleader. She was blond, blue eyed, and despite her stereotype of being dumb, she was actually smart. When a new guy arrives at her school, she develops feelings that she has never felt with other guys. To her, he is a mystery. He eventually reveals his secret to Allie, knowing that she would be in danger. To him, she is the only girl he could trust. Her friends tell her that he is bad news, but Allie doesn't listen to them and continues to fall for the guy even more. Unlike some people, Allie found the good in him.


7. This is It

"Many animal attacks have been occurring in the area. At least four to five wolves have been spotted, but they are unable to be hunted down. Numbers of deaths continue to increase. If you ever plan to go outside, be careful and never travel alone."

Allie poured herself a cup of coffee while talking on the phone with Charlotte. "Yeah, the animal attacks have been on the news all week." she said, grabbing her mug and sat down in front of the TV. Charlotte and Olivia were both on vacation for spring break while Allie decided to stay home.

"I haven't seen Ethan since we got out for break." she added with a sigh. She took a sip of her coffee, then set down her mug on the coffee table as she picked up her remote to change the channel. Every single channel was talking about the animal attacks and Allie was getting tired of it all.

"I'll see you after break. Bye." She hung up the phone and turned off the TV. She was getting worried about Ethan. She knew about his secret, but often times, he would randomly disappear without saying a word to her.

Allie finished her coffee and got up from the couch, making her way to the kitchen. As she placed her mug in the sink, she saw a dark shadow appear. The moment she blinked, the dark shadow was gone. Her mind could've been playing tricks with her.

She slightly shook her head and went upstairs to finish any homework her teachers had given her over break. Her phone rang and she looked down, receiving a text message from Ethan. He was telling her to meet him at an address that was unknown to her.

Allie quickly got dressed, grabbed her keys, and drove to the stated address. She arrived at the building, parking her car out front. As soon as she got out of her car, Ethan was already walking towards her direction. She met him halfway as he embraced his arms around her.

"I'm so glad you're safe." he said.

"What's been going on?" she asked him as they pulled away from the hug. "Let's go inside." he said, taking her hand and led her inside the building. As they entered the building, there were three other people gathered in the lobby.

Allie only knew one other person, Laila. The other two were unknown to her. "Why did you bring her here? She's one of them." A blond girl spat. Ethan kept his arm around Allie's waist, holding her close to him. Did Ethan know who these people were?

"Rae, Allie is a friend. She's not one of the people trying to hunt us down." Laila said. Allie was confused as Laila and Rae got into an argument. "She's a really nice girl once you get to know her." The other guy told Allie with a smile, winking at her.

Allie heard growl come from within Ethan's throat. She sensed that Ethan didn't like the other guy very much. "Colton, I suggest you stay away from Allie." Ethan said. Did Ethan not like competition? Allie asked herself, looking back and forth between the two guys.

"What? I was only trying to reassure her that everything's safe." Colton said.

"Where's Lukas?" Ethan asked.

"He went out for a run. He'll be here soon." Rae replied.

"That boy is always late." Laila muttered under her breath. Allie was beyond confused. She needed a moment to sit down. "You okay?" Ethan looked down at her. She slightly nodded her head and said, "I just need a moment."

"Hey guys, sorry I'm-"

"We know you're late Luke." Laila interrupted. Lukas playfully growled at her as she did the same to him. "Who's this beauty?" Lukas asked, admiring Allie. He held out his hand towards her direction about to introduce himself when Ethan stepped in front of her. "Her name is Allie, and I want you to stay away from her." Ethan said.

"Ethan, I can speak for myself." Allie said.

"Just as long as she doesn't spill any secrets about us being here, we're safe from everyone trying to kill us." Rae said.

"She won't. You can trust her." Laila said.

"How do you know she hasn't already told her friends about us?" Colton asked.

"They only know about Ethan." Allie answered.

"Can you trust these so called 'friends' of yours?" Rae crossed her arms over her chest, glaring at Allie. "Look, you don't have to trust me but I can assure you that my friends won't say a thing about Ethan or any of you. It's not their business to tell, nor is it mine." Allie said.

Rae just stared blankly at Allie for a moment, completely shocked that someone was the first person to talk back at her. "I like this girl. Keep her Ethan." Lukas smiled.

"We can't just hide out here forever." Laila said.

"Of course we can't. If the animal attacks don't stop," Ethan paused to look at everyone else but Allie. "Then we will be run out of town."

"Why look at us?" Rae asked.

"I know Laila and I haven't been the ones hurting the people out there. It has to be one of you three, or all of you." Ethan replied.

Rae rolled her eyes, "Oh please. Ethan, ever since we came here, we turned the town upside down. It's so much more fun to live in now." she smirked. Allie could tell that Rae liked Ethan, but of course, he didn't like her.

"Listen, my girlfriend and her friends live in this town. It's their home, not ours. If it isn't safe for them, it definitely isn't safe for us." Ethan said. Allie liked how he called her his girlfriend. It made her stand out above all of them.

"What are we going to do then?" Laila asked.


It was the last day of spring break. Both Allie and Ethan were sitting in Ethan's car. If Allie had known that this would be their last date, she would've done to keep him from leaving. She knew it was for the best. She knew that he and all of his friends had to leave.

"I don't want to say good bye to you." Allie said, looking down at her hands. "I'm not saying good bye. As much as it hurts you, it's hurting me too. I never planned to leave, but I want to keep you safe." Ethan said.

She looked into his bright blue eyes, leaning over and kissed him on the lips. She pulled away, knowing that it would be hard for her to let him go if he continued to stay. "Will I see you again?" she asked him.

"As long as everything is settled, I'll come back for you babe." he said. "I promise." Allie kissed his lips again before getting out of the car, closing the door. She stood on her driveway, watching him drive down the street as tears rolled down her face.

Deep within her, she knew that Ethan would come back for her. But she didn't know how long he would be gone for. She wasn't sure if it would take days, weeks, months, or even years until he came back. Even if he came back and had forgotten about her, she would never forget about him.

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