Allie Jensen was your average cheerleader. She was blond, blue eyed, and despite her stereotype of being dumb, she was actually smart. When a new guy arrives at her school, she develops feelings that she has never felt with other guys. To her, he is a mystery. He eventually reveals his secret to Allie, knowing that she would be in danger. To him, she is the only girl he could trust. Her friends tell her that he is bad news, but Allie doesn't listen to them and continues to fall for the guy even more. Unlike some people, Allie found the good in him.


12. Moving On

The next day, Allie and Lukas entered the courtyard as they both sat down at the table with the others. "It's about time you joined us." Colton said. Ethan arrived a few minutes after they did and sat down. "How are you?" Rae asked Lukas. He shrugged and told everyone that he was doing just fine.

Everyone immersed themselves in conversation, except for Ethan. Allie knew that something was wrong, but she wanted to wait until she was alone with him to ask questions. After lunch, Allie caught up with Ethan before her next class began. "Hey." she said. "Are you okay?"

"How are things going with your new boyfriend?" Ethan asked her. She looked at him confused. "What are you talking about?" She was wondering where Ethan had gotten the boyfriend idea from. "I saw you and Lukas in the meadow last night." he said. She couldn't believe what she was hearing. How did he find out? "Why would you kiss him?"

"Ethan, I think it's time that we should just move on. It's just not working out. I love you, but-"

"You love him more? Yeah, I understand." Ethan interrupted. "I just don't understand what you see in him." He sat down on the bench as Allie sat down beside him with a small space between them. "What are you saying Ethan?" she asked.

"He hasn't told you, has he? Every girl I've been in love with, he's tried to steal. He's tried to make every girl feel sorry for him." he answered.

"But Rae told me that Luke has been talking to all these girls and that he's not interested in them, including Laila and Rae herself. Why would he be interested in me?"

"That's it Allie. I have you. The perfect girl. You're obviously more beautiful than Rae and Laila put together. Even Colton wanted you, but he and Rae are together. If I hadn't made a move on you back in high school, Lukas would've. Then there was the time that I left.

"I regretted every single moment of that and during the summer, I wish I hadn't left you. If I didn't leave you, then Lukas wouldn't have come in to scoop you up into his arms so you'd fall in love with him. I guess it's too late to turn back time now." he sighed.

Before Allie could speak another word, Lukas approached the two of them. "Hey." he said, putting his hands into his pockets. "I'm guessing you want to talk with Allie alone." Ethan said, standing up. "I'll be happy to leave you two."

With that,  Ethan walked away and left Lukas alone with Allie. "He found out about us, didn't he?" Lukas asked her as she nodded, then sighed. "I guess he was watching us while we were in the meadow and none of us picked up on it." she said.

"After you left, I knew someone was watching us but it was too dark to see anyone. I shouldn't have-"

"Luke. It's all over now. What's done has been done." Allie reached up with her hand, touching his cheek. "Just let me handle things with him. He's probably still hurt about what happened." Lukas nodded, then Allie pulled him into a hug.

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