Goin down or moving to the top?

Apple and windows try to team up and take over human kind...... will there plan fall short and die? Or will there plan go all the way? what will happen if it does? Who does this put in the hot seat? Why isn't the government doing anything? Better question to ask who is running the government?


3. The truth

"Mom do I seriously have to date Penelope?" "All I'm doing is lying and saying I'm in love with her?"asks Dylan. "Dylan we have been over this she is our test subject and so far everything is going well, she is responding to all the actions we programmed her to do.""I mean sure she thinks shes helping us but we programmed her to do that.""We put a chip in her, and Mr.Sim the boss of windows and I both have the app to tell her what to do and how to act." "Did you give her the necklace?" asks Mrs.Wicker. "Yea I told her to wear it because it helps her headaches.""I told her that's why I have one....but mom I know that's a lie because I still get headaches what does this necklace actually do?" "Why am I wearing one?" asks Dylan. "Dylan not now!" said Mrs.Wicker sternly. "Fine mom I'll drop it but I need to know why can't I go to public school?" "Dylan we have been over this it's not safe and Mr.Sim just pulled his daughter Ariana out of school." "She's going into her senior year as well.""So Mr.Sim and I realized we should get a person to home school you guys." "What! so I am going to be home schooled with some random girl I don't even know!" "Great plan mom Great plan.""I need you to do this for me okay?"asks Mrs.Wicker "Why mom? Huh why? Why do i need to always follow your rules?",asked Dylan.BECAUSE! I need him to think I am nice and a good person!" screamed Mrs.Wicker "Mom what are you talking about?" asks Dylan "Look Dylan I need a drink just leave me alone" says Mrs.Wicker tiredly "Yes Ma'am" said Dylan before rushing off.

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