Goin down or moving to the top?

Apple and windows try to team up and take over human kind...... will there plan fall short and die? Or will there plan go all the way? what will happen if it does? Who does this put in the hot seat? Why isn't the government doing anything? Better question to ask who is running the government?


2. After death or before?

"Now nurse hills, you poor women you have been working here for what 16 years? says Penelope Nurse Hills nods with consent and struggles to get loose from the chair she is tied down to. "It's funny everyone thinks you are guilty of killing my father what they do not know though is that it was not your fault....... it was mine", said Penelope dryly. "I killed him! I gave him a death pill instead of his regular medication." sneered Penelope. "The whole government is mine!" "I may only be 16 but I am the smartest one on the government board.""You should know I am on the apple and windows side and we are going to take over Human Kind!"  "Whew, that feels so good to get off my chest but I mean nurse hills you know to much now and I'm sorry but I kinda have to kill you.", sneered Penelope "Penelope I have known you since you were born please do not do this I was like a mom to you." pleaded Nurse Hills. "My mother did not want me!" screamed Penelope while raising a gun. "Penelope, please she loved you!""How do you know!", screamed Penelope "I am your mother!" "Penelope I am your mother!" screamed Nurse Hills. "Liar! You have lied to me my whole life you know what! "My mother is dead to me.", said Penelope sternly and with that Nurse Hills was dead. "Hey, Dylan I did it she's gone you can come in now.", says Penelope "Are you okay?" asks Dylan as he enters the room. "Yea I'm fine I just don't know about what she said at the end it kind of freaked me out do you think it's true?""Nah, I just think she was in shock..... hey babe it's okay come here.",said Dylan as he stroked her cheek and leaned in for a kiss. "Hey babe, I know because my mom is the boss of apple you had to do this but it was the only way okay?" "Yea i understand besides my dad didn't really care for me anyways.", said Penelope bluntly "Okay....Oh and by the way I have to go but before I go remember keep acting innocent and here is the necklace that I told you would help with headaches." "I'm wearing one too." says Dylan before leaving Penelope in the room where she killed her mother.

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