The story telling of the madhaus

Well, this is written in my own weird English, after all i am dyslexic. So bear with me but I hope you will enjoy, these stories Anyways..


1. introduction

Well, the only thing I will say, is that wish that I could write these stories just as they are in my year book, and other places where they may be ritten down. with all the strange little drawings and strange letters. And all the other odd things.

For some reason, everything here is a bit out of the normal, a bit out of place you may say. and everything I have ever written seems to be that way. but the computer makes it hard to get all these thing written out, so you can see what it is there is out of place. 

But I hope that there is some one out there, that can see through these storie and understand them. 

though English is not the easiest for me



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