The Life Change

a 13 girl who was bullied, summer came and her brother told her to visit him with her mom, he was a millionare and he had tickets and vip passes to the One direction concert and since that day her life changes


6. hangout with the boys!

the boys picked me us, it was full of parrazzi's i had haters! i was popular. all my social things like, facebook, instagram twitter, keept getting like a thousand notfications per second i got to turn my fhone notifications off! anyway i had a good time with them i had some sad news tho i was not gonna see them until im 20 ugh! i felt so sad i also had a new suprise... i wonder what is it! anyway..

harry: bye liliris...

niall: bye lili...

louis: we will miss you bye

liam: you are an amazing fan to hang out with...bye :(

zayn: you are really cool ill miss you

me: bye guys i love you so much it was nice hanging with you ill guess ill see you when im 20? :(

the boys: yeah! time will pass flying!

me: yeah :( bye! 

the boys: bye!!!

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