Cass was just a regular girl until One Direction came at a school concert.


2. Concert

                                                                        Cass' P.O.V.

        Oh, he's so polite. Then he said," Oh I have to go bye." I sadly said"Bye." Oh, too bad  he had to leave, most likely to get mobbed again. I can't wait until the concert at the end of the day, I might see him again. I'll try to talk to him after school today. I can't wait until then.

                                                        * 1 and a half hours later *

     We're filing into the auditorium for the concert. It's awfully quiet for what's happening. The curtains open then everyone screams. It's deafening then they start playing. I'm looking at Niall the whole time and him at me. When they finisged he mouthed ' come here'. I went the oppisite way of everone else. When I went there the boys said"Hi" and I waved back.  Niall said"This is Harry.." "I know." I said. They all chuckled softly, everyone but Niall." Well I talked to the band about you and we were wondering if...

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