Wrong Direction Right Enough

I'm Tori I live in Ireland I hate almost everyone here so i decided to move to Manchester to move from Bullies, Family, and Drama I hate being hated for being me. It's not fair .This is the story of 5 boys, 5 idiots, 5 singers and 1 girl Whose world Changes.


6. Trying to be Your SuperHero

*Niall's P.O.V* I woke up and tori was gone i had a mini heart attack and ran down stairs forgetting i was in my boxers when i got down stairs the lads were on the couch but no tori. " Vas Happin'" zayn said in a serious tone " where's Tori?' 'In the kitche-' I ran to the kicthen not letting him finish his comment. When i got in the kitchen there she was with her legs up in the chair with a glass of water and a piece of bread witch to me is not a lot to eat. ' hey' she must have been in deep thought cause she jumped a little' ' ohh-hhh hi' 'you okay' ' yeah i'm fine' those words i'm fine are just a huge lie' did i do something?' She sighed and took adeep breath "niall last night you ... you told me you loved me " i looked up from my hands and our eyes locked "Tori, i do love you i know we just met yesterday but the way you smile and bit your lip when you think or are confised drives me insane "Stop" 'you're so beautifuli wish you could see thay anyone can see it' " Niall Stop ' ' i wanna know more about you if you let me of course' i then realized i wad talking to myself she was gonr i ran into the living room the boys pointed at the door. i ran out afterherher shbut she was gone the elevator closed so i took off down the stairs right when i got down there she was getting into my drivers car i ran to the counter "m'am can i use this phone please" she didn't answer probably cause I'm not wearing andy cloths other than boxers so i take the phone "hey where did tori want you to take her ?" ' to the bridge down the road sir' " omg okay don't let hwr do anything stupid i'll be right there ' and with that I ran out the door and down the street i got tons of looks pretty sure i'll see this on the news or something but that doesn't matter . when i got there tori had her arms spread out like a angele on the side of the brigge she was so close to the edge. i just walked up on the side of her and spread my arms " what are you doing here niall go home" " Tori!! ( but then went calm) if you do this you are not doing this alone" you could hear her start to cry ' Niall please i beg you go home i'm not worth it no one likes me niall ' i shook my head trying tp stop my tears "niall you could never love somne whose fat and not good enough you can do better " 'STOP IT!!" i snapped yelling at her making her stumble and start to fal ...... ---------------------------------- i jusy hate cliff hangers but i wanr to say thanks for to everyone who has favorites and liked it really means a lot STAY TUNED MY CARROTT'S
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