Wrong Direction Right Enough

I'm Tori I live in Ireland I hate almost everyone here so i decided to move to Manchester to move from Bullies, Family, and Drama I hate being hated for being me. It's not fair .This is the story of 5 boys, 5 idiots, 5 singers and 1 girl Whose world Changes.


1. To New Beginings

* This is my first FanFiction sorry if the Writing style is bad hope you like it Enjoy* *At the Airpor Head Phones in looking around i'm leaving all this honestly I'm so happy this place is my h Ireland but I keep dealing with the Drama and bullies worst of all love. My Boyfrien- Ex Boyfriend cheated on my with some slut and I forgave him its my weakness i have but I couldn't stay with him any longer he had sex with a witch she made my life truly hell her name was brittany. *flash back* " Hey there's that Whore" brittany said pushing me into my locker. I just slid down staring at her " I see you're still alive fail to kill your self again?" She walked off laughing with her friends. I ran as fast as i could to the bath room and cried silently only letting out a few louder crys I slid down the wall forgetting my bruise from hitting the lockers. I can't take this I reached into my bag pulled out a small box opened it and grabbed the razor pulling up my long sleeves I put the blade upto my wrist and cut....cut.....cut *End of Flash Back* "Flight 6 is now boarding to manchester. Flight 6 to manchester. Well thats me, good bye Ireland and good bye worries... I hope. I got my seat close to the window of course I need to sleep so when i start a new life i can start fresh, I feel my eyes going heavy then black. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Know it was a Short Chapter How did you like it ? We'll meet the boys the next Chapter but how??? :)
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