Wrong Direction Right Enough

I'm Tori I live in Ireland I hate almost everyone here so i decided to move to Manchester to move from Bullies, Family, and Drama I hate being hated for being me. It's not fair .This is the story of 5 boys, 5 idiots, 5 singers and 1 girl Whose world Changes.


4. His

Harry looked so shocked niall ran around the couch and grabbed my arms ' where ..... Why.... Tori? ' 'yes Niall ' ' why did you run? ' i wish i knew what he was talking about. His eyes full of sorrow i felt my heart being torn into pieces ' Tori Listen!! ' he said slitely rasing his voice i looked at Harry for help. Harry pulled Niall out of the room ' Ni, shes here because she herself and forgot who she was and her memory' ' But Harry she remembers me .... Hows that possible ' liam entered making me and Niall go silent ' the doctor said she should be okay in a week or so and things she remembers are most important i'm going to check on her ' 'Niall !! You .... She.... Was talking about how she remembered a guy at the airport' Niall looked up at me eyes full of tears threatinh to spill I hate seeing him like this 'Hazza' he smiled and hugged me letting his tears follow you can tell he has deep feelungs for her 'Hazza? Hmm I well, do you think the lads and Uncle Si will be ok with this? ' 'Honestly, i think they'll love her she's so perfect 'i'm going to see how liams doing *Niall's Thoughts* I think i found my princess but, i have to make sure shes only mine * End of Niall's thoughts* -------------------------------------- Idk if i should keep going no one really seems interested ugh butis okay (._.)/
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