Wrong Direction Right Enough

I'm Tori I live in Ireland I hate almost everyone here so i decided to move to Manchester to move from Bullies, Family, and Drama I hate being hated for being me. It's not fair .This is the story of 5 boys, 5 idiots, 5 singers and 1 girl Whose world Changes.


5. 4 lettered Word

*Niall's P.O.V* I walked into the living room everyone was home and surrounding tori and laughing good they like her. I saw her yawn and i grabbed her hand and led her to my room. ' you probably need some cloths to sleep in ' i threw her a pair of my boxers and a hoodie. She went to the bathroom when she came back she looked so cute and tiny in my cloths her hair down wavy lite brunett she looked so nervous ' you okay?' 'Uh yeah whe do i sleep?' ' right here with me i was nervous with my' words ' that ok?' ' yes Ni' ' w-what' 'shhh i remember you and everything wierdly i think your cloths made me remebe you and my life ' ' that's good' she got into bed and I rapped my arms arounde her 'nia-' 'just let it happen' i felt her go to sleep ' i love you *Toris P.O..V I was in the bathroom changing the an a small box fell to the floor it and all the meories came flooding back i opehe the bathroom niall was in his boxers and shirtless i felt me face get hot ' where do i sleep?' I was letting my nervs take control when i lyed down i felt nialls arms and pull me closer ' nia-' i tried saying but got cut off ' just don't fight me just let it happen ' hes right i'm to tierd to argue but i just layed there listening to niall's heart beat. 'I love you' i paused my breathing and looked to see if someone was in here did niall just say he loved me?---------------------- boring chapter sorry for all the mispellings i'm doing this on my fone and it erases different sentences when i try to fix them but i hope you're enjoing iy
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