One Direction Imagines :)

Doing one direction imagines. Clean, dirty. Just put your name, boy, and what happens in the comments.


7. Makayla & 2 boys imagine! :3

*Makayla pov* Louis are you ready? If not hurry up!! I yelled. Louis yelled back, calm down makayla! I'm coming, don't get your underwear in a twist. I sighed and yelled, you better hurry or I'm asking Niall to come with me instead. Ha. That did it. I heard running from his room to the living room. Louis said, I'm here! And just smiled at me innocently. I rolled my eyes while laughing and said, leggo!! This all started, because of a simple game of Truth or Dare. *PAST* Liam was shouting, hurry up guys!! Louis and I are waiting! Louis wants to play truth or dare! I yell, YAY!! running towards the living room. I see Zayn and Harry walking behind me and Niall in the kitchen. I chuckle to myself. I had a crush on Niall, but the problem is that I have a crush on Louis too. I hate it. I hate being in a love triangle. We all sat down in a circle on the rug and Liam said, I go first! Liam said, Ok.....Harry! Truthhh or DARE!? Calm down liam! I yelled. Louis said to me, he's hyper so that explains it. I nodded and looked at Harry. Harry said, truth. Niall screamed, WUSSY!! Harry glared at Niall and looked at liam for the question. Liam said, it true....that... You like someone? Harry said, Ye- Hold up! I'm not done yet. Liam said. He added, and who? Harry groaned and liam was smirking. Harry said Yep! And its.... My friend Mia. I said, cool now! Moving on! We played more rounds and Zayn asked, Louis..truth or dare? Truth. Zayn made no comment, but said, is it true you like Makayla? I froze and Louis answered, yep. And he smiled at me with no hesitation. Niall said, Kk move on. It's...Harry's turn! Harry asked Niall and Niall said truth. Harry asked, is it also true you like Makayla as well as Louis? I was confused now, but looked at Niall. Niall nodded yes. Then it grew into an awkward silent. I broke it and said, ok. I like you both, but I can only choose one of you. I'm sorry.... Niall and Louis were glaring at each other and started to argue who will treat me best. I yelled, guys! Stop fighting! They stopped and stared at me. Ok, I will let both of you take me on a date. Who will go first? Louis raised his hand and I nodded. I looked at Niall and said, You will take me the day after Louis's day. Ok? He nodded and went up to his room. * END OF PAST. * *PRESENT* *Louis pov* Yes! Makayla us going on a date with me! In your face Niall! Wait. Oh...its me then niall. I'm if she picks niall, not me? I gotta win here heart. *Makayla pov* Ok, you ready! Louis said. I winced, but nodded. He took me to an amusement park. I love them, but hate ferris wheels. Its freaking scary!! But I LOVE THE ZIPPER!! it is awesome! I saw it and said, come on Louis! Let's go to the zipper! He looked unsure, but nodded. We went on and man! Louis was screaming like a girl! I was just sitting there laughing my ass off! When we got off, Louis threw up all over the guy in charge of the zipper. I was like.....oh my god Louis. We ran off and they chased us out! It was hilarious! I gotta say it was fun. Louis said, I'm sorry about throwing up thing, but did you like it!? With an exciting face. I nodded my head yes and said good night to Louis. Next day was Nialls day. Let say it was AWESOME!!! I'm sorry Lou, but nialls was better! Niall took me to a treehouse! It was big! It had flat screen tv, Jacuzzi, pool, game room and a studio. We hanged out there all day. It was the best day of my life. After that was over, I woke up and saw Niall and Louis in my face. They were bombering me with questions. I said, ok. I'm so sorry Lou, but i choose niall. Louis said, its ok. I kinda knew niall was gonna win and plus I met this girl! So have fun! ;) Niall and I shrugged and cuddled the rest of the day. 2 weeks later..... He asked me to be his princess. :) * author note * HOPE YOU LIKE IT MAKAYLA! :D sorry if sucked. Tried my best. Plus its long. Lol you! -Kaleb! :3
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