I Only Miss You When I'm Breathing

Sequel To It's In His DNA
If you don't read it's in his DNA you wont understand anything about this.

15 months have pasted since the dreadful night Summah can't help but think about every night but the past 6 months since having her beautiful baby girl, she's been receiving weird phone calls and weird letters. she never fully moved of from Niall, although a part of her thinks she should, she just can't do it, Harry being her babies only male figure around, he is more than happy to spend every bit of time he can with her, what can happen to Summah, that forces her to relive that terrifying night where she lost her one and only.


3. Chapter Two

"Good morning, look who woke up before you today" i heard Harry mumble quietly to me, as i pealed my eyes open i saw him holding Dakota.

"Good morning, and hello my princess thanks Harry" i said as i grabbed her from him.

"No worries, oh and this was at the door for you this morning" he said handing me an envelope with Summah-Rose written on the front, i jumped at seeing this letter, the thought that maybe he got my letter yesterday at the park ran through my mind, i waited for Harry to leave my room before opening it, but once he was gone, i placed Dakota on my lap in bed and ripped the envelope open.

"I'm sorry Summah, i really am, i want to come back to you, i really do, but Harry is always around, so i just leave it.

Are you with him now?

How did you know that i'd get that letter and not someone else Summah?

She is mine? you couldn't have picked a more perfect name, i've missed 6 months of her life already? i feel like the worst person, i want to be there for you both.

drop your reply at the park at 10:30am please, i want to meet Dakota

With Love -N x

p.s. Sorry i frightened you yesterday."

i was so nervous to see him again, what if he doesn't even show, so many things ran through my mind before i finally looked at the clock to see the time, only to see it was 10am already.

i rushed around my room throwing on something to wear, grabbing the pram setting it up and sitting down to quickly reply to his letter, incase he didn't show.

"Don't be Niall.

With Harry? no, i stuck by what i told him, that it'll never happen, but he's been amazing helping with Dakota, i just kind of wish it was you helping instead.

i don't know to be honest Niall, i just hoped you get it, hoped and prayed.

she is yours, she's also a perfect baby, hardly ever cries, unless she is hungry.

I think you would have frightened me more if you knocked on the door and didn't run away."

I quickly folded the letter up and put it in Dakota's pram i pushed the pram down towards the kitchen where i heard Harry talking away to Dakota.

"Harry i'm taking Dakota for a walk, i'll be back in a while" i said smiling at him prying Dakota from his grip to place her in the pram, when i finally got out the door i had 10 minutes to get to the park.

i'd reached the park with a few minutes to spare, i walked over to wear i'd dropped the letter yesterday for Niall, i sat down and pulled Dakota from her pram, i saw someone sit down beside me in the corner of my eye, but before i could even look up i heard them speak.

"She's looks just like you Sum" i recognised his voice instantly, i head flying up our eyes meeting instantly.

"Niall" i said flinging one of my arms around him, the other one still holding onto Dakota

"How're you? where're you staying? if you need a place to stay you can stay with me and Harry?"

"Wooh Summah, Summah, i'm fine really, i have a place to stay, i'll tell you later where, i just wanted to see you and this beautiful little lady" he said lowering his head to look at Dakota.

"Can i, please" he said gesturing to hold Dakota, i pushed her towards him.

i watched him with her, the way he was with her, the way she smiled at the faces he was pulling at her, it all came so natural to him.

"Have dinner with me tonight? please?" he said whilst playing with Dakota still.

"Really? when"

"meet me here at 6pm" he said handing me a piece of paper with an address on it & number.

i nodded my head at him smiling.

we stayed talking for a a while longer before, i'd received 4 messages from Harry asking where i was and 2 missed calls, Dakota needed a bottle and a sleep, i put Dakota back in her pram and turned to say goodbye, but before any words were exchanged he grabbed me, pulling me into his embrace.

"I've missed this so much" he whispered kissing the side of my head.

"I'll see you at 6 okay" he continued pulling away from me smiling, i nodded and turned back to Dakota and headed home to get ready.


So, i couldn't get time to write any more as i have my best friend staying over tonight.
so i wrote this little chapter, the next one will be dinner and a little surprise...

Are we excited? ;)

Much Love Jay-Jay xx

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