They Don't Know About Us

Asher Nielson has moved to new city, looking for a fresh start, she meets 5 crazy boys and instantly falls in love. But who with?


1. Settling In

Boxes filled the empty spaces in my room. It was exciting. I was living in a new town, looking for a fresh start. I looked over at my clock. It was 11:15. I had loads of unpacking. I started my day with a steamy hot shower. I stripped down and turned the hot water on. Brushing my thick red hair down, steam filled my ensuite. I turned the cold water on and jumped in. It was such a relaxing way to start a day. Hot water drizzled down my back, all the way down to my feet. After a few minutes I turned the water off and wrapped my head and body in a towel. Hot air filled the room and it felt almost tropical in here.

I pranced out of the ensuite and walked over to my bed. My room looked so big and bare. It definatley needed a new look. The walls were painted bright pink. Not my colour. I wanted to paint three of my walls white and one a mint green. I looked into my closet to see what todays outfit would be. I picked up a white baggy, knitted sweater, some dark green ankle biter jeans and my white ankle converses. To top it all off I applied some mascara and a hint of lip gloss. I smacked my lips together and smiled into the mirror of my closet.

I grabbed my phone, wallet and keys and shoved them into my bag and headed out the door.

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