They Don't Know About Us

Asher Nielson has moved to new city, looking for a fresh start, she meets 5 crazy boys and instantly falls in love. But who with?


7. Big Announcement

Nialls jaw was all fixed, but was still sore. I had no idea why Harry would do that. They were such good friends. We sat down and talked.

"Niall, I don't know about you, but lastnight.." I trailed off.

"It meant nothing to you, didn't it?" Niall looked like he was about to cry. I felt like a horrible person.

"I haven't known you for long and, I, couldn't stop myself lastnight. I should have. I'm so sorry Niall." Niall just stood up and walked out. A tear rolled down my cheek. I needed to distract myself from Niall, so I had a shower and then went to go see Dani and El.

"Hey girls!" I walked into a little cafe and saw them sitting there. Dani had a big grin on her face.

"So Ash, did you get a little hanky panky lastnight?" the girls giggled. I rolled my eyes.

"Yeah.." I mumbled. "But it meant nothing." I added. A few more giggles came from the girls.

"So, Lou and I have been planning this for a while and we thought we'd tell everyone together but I couldn't help myself! So here goes, we're taking everyone to California for two weeks!" El squealed with excitement.

"El! That's awesome!" I gave her a big hug.

"When is it?" Dani could hardly contain herself.

"Two weeks! I'm so excited!" We all squealed.

~Louis P.O.V~

I huddled all of the boys around.

"Okay guys, El and I were going to tell you all together but I couldn't wait to tell you guys!

"You're getting married?" Zayn shouted from the back. Laughs filled the room.

"No. But it's just as great! El and I are taking you all to California for two weeks! We leave in two weeks guys, I'm so excited!"

All of the boys were talking amongst themselves except Niall. Something had been bugging him ever since he got home.

"Niall. What's the matter?" I plopped myself beside him on the couch.

"What? Oh, it's nothing." I peered down at his phone. He was texting Asher.


"Wha- How do you know?" He looked worried. I laughed.

"You've got your phone on show silly!" he smiled, but it was fake.

"What happened?" I asked. Niall took a deep breath.

"Well after the park lastnight we headed back to hers and, you know, things got a little heated and then she said it meant nothing. Harry found out, punched me in the jaw." He put his head in his hands and I comforted him, patting his back.

"Don't worry buddy, Cali girls will dig your accent!" he this time, and it wasn't fake.


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