-Vision- Looking Through Darkness...

The Corporation run by an old friend of Mr Roberts, he had demoted himself and announced a new Manager to take over. Of course Mr Roberts felt as he was perfect for the role. And this promotion could have been given to just about any hard worker. Due to too much drama in the business, his old friend shut down the corporation. Only one person could save the businesses, and that one person is...?

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- Written By Luke J -

[Vortex Competition Entry]


7. Kevin’s Vision’s Interruptions

Chapter 7: Kevin’s Vision’s Interruptions


“Kevin, can we talk?” Mr Roberts asked. His dark black and blue tie hanged from his white collar. Kevin stopped in his tracks, and slowly turned to face Mr Roberts. “W-What is it…?” he replied, his voice sounded broken. Mr Roberts scratched his head, “Do you think that-“, Mr Roberts paused. Kevin’s facial expression changed from listening with focus to him not caring. “Forget it…” Mr Roberts sighed deeply, his lungs felt the posture of Kevin interrupt the feelings in his heart.

Before walking off the opposite direction, Kevin placed his two hands back into his warm ragged pockets. “I’d rather not talk, how about we speak later!” Kevin shouted from across the hallway. Mr Roberts smiled, ‘maybe I have a second chance’ he thought to himself. Due to the behaviour of his workers causing pain and suffering, Mr Jameson had been sleeping for a full night. “Sir… can I-“, Mr-Roberts bravely stood at the door of Mr Jameson’s office. “W-What…?” Mr Jameson awoken in shock. “Oh… It’s you, just come inside, and then I’ll speak. Take a seat-“, Mr Jameson spoke with an attitude that no worker on earth would want to listen to.

“You’ve got some nerve to just enter.” Mr Jameson mumbled. Mr Jameson’s office looked like filth. Melted tangy cheese hanging over chair legs. Broken metal with a silver outline stared at Mr Roberts as soon as he entered that room of disgust. “I’m here… to talk about Kevin” Mr Roberts said. ‘I hope he listens this time’ Mr Roberts thought. “Ha-ha, you've got some nerve to mention him too…” Mr Jameson laughed for too long. The joke hadn’t even been that funny, because it wasn’t a joke. “Anyway… since I’m your boss.” Mr Jameson paused. “It would be wrong for me to do this…” Mr Jameson looked half dead, his voice had sounded more broken than ever.

The darkness in his eyes seemed to lurk with-in the entire office. His strange blushing like marks slowly uprooting from his evil grin. He looked so disturbing, Mr Roberts could not keep his eyes on his own boss. Mr Jameson turned away for a few seconds, until he realised that Mr Roberts is still standing behind him. “Kevin… he is a good-“, Mr Jameson rudely interrupted. “I don’t care what he is, I see him as a classy type of person. He means good to our business.” Mr Jameson whispered. Feeling heartbroken once again, Mr Roberts stood up to his own boss. “I-I’m sick of you…” Mr Roberts mumbled under his short breaths. “Ha-ha, like I said. The door is there, you’ve got nerve” Mr Jameson laughed again, ‘I hate Jameson. I just want him out of our business’ Mr Roberts thought.

Slamming the door behind him, Mr Roberts didn't walk out with nothing. Hidden away in his left pocket. Kevin had given him a note, it had been a note that Mr Roberts had forgotten. Slowly looking down, his eyes bended towards his two pockets. Rustling through one of his several pockets, he found the note. It had looked a little crumbled, broken down too. It read: ‘Hey Roberts, I’d love to speak to you. However, this job isn’t working. The floors seems to echo my name – love, Kevin’. The note seemed like a cry for help. Mr Roberts crumbled it into a further bundle of trash. As he threw it on the ground with a face that made him look weak.

After realising that the note had been more of a death sentence, He decided to meet Kevin in his office. Slowly approaching his office, Mr Roberts could see Kevin on the other end of the hallway. A few steps closer, and Kevin’s head was just about viewable. “K-Kevin!” Mr Roberts shouted. It had been a random outburst of loud noise for Kevin to hear. “W-What!” Kevin screamed, his voice sounded a little painful. “Do you happen to know what this note is about?” Mr Roberts shouted louder. Kevin nodded from a distance, whilst taking out a sharp object from his right pocket. “Y-Yes. And I’m not going to be another to fall for you!” Kevin screamed, his voice sounded like a screech. Mr Roberts felt that Kevin has a fear for this place. As he backed off from Kevin as much as he could.


After finally reaching Kevin’s perched body. Mr Roberts sat down a little towards him. “S-So, you’ll afraid?” Mr Roberts eased his tune, his voice sounded calm and reliable. “Yes, I’d rather just stay on this floor though. It seems to know me.” Kevin flinched, the sharp object just looming in the darkness behind his back. “I saw you… I saw you with something sharp” Kevin replied, his voice sounded feared. “Don’t worry, calm down Kevin…” Mr Roberts whispered, trying to reassure a Kevin who had been unsure his whole life. “All I see… is an evil grin, you look demonic!” Kevin screamed, his voice stopped screeching. Although his skin went pale, and Mr Roberts felt sorry for him.

“A-Although you see a twisted man.” Mr Roberts sighed deeply. “Don’t you see who I really am?” He said. It sounded like a poem, well the beginning of a poem. Mr Roberts felt alone near Kevin, “O-Oh really… I see what you see, a deranged twisted man” Kevin replied, his voice sounded calmer than usual. “So why aren’t you afraid of me?” Mr Roberts spoke with a deeper voice. “B-Because, my vision sees differently. I see you with a demonic face, an evil grin that freaks me out!” Kevin started to lose his mind again, screaming louder than before. “If you keep facing me, maybe you will face your deepest fear.” Mr Roberts eased his voice, sounding calmer and subtle. “You think I want to face a fear?” Kevin replied, unsure whether Mr Robert’s really was a demonic demon.

“I s-see things differently too.” Mr Roberts whispered, “I see you as a boy trapped in a man’s body.” Mr Roberts continued. Kevin looked up at Mr Robert’s facing him eyes to eyes. “I see darkness looming around you” Kevin started to speak again. “Calm down, take a deep breath.” Mr Roberts replied. Kevin stopped panting, and finally had taken three deep breaths. “How do you feel now…?” Mr Roberts whispered, “I feel better…” Kevin replied with a smile. ‘He is finally smiling with an actual smile?’ Mr Roberts thought to himself. “Ha-ha, I see you’ll smiling” Kevin laughed. “Oh really. Because looking at you tells the same story.” Mr Roberts replied with a happy smile. Letting out a few giggles every two seconds. He just wanted to make peace with Kevin, and it seemed to work…

“So… Kevin, now that you’ll feeling better, how about we talk in my office.” Mr Roberts said. His voice sounded calm and reassuring. It had been the voice Kevin was searching for. “Sounds good.” Kevin replied with his smile slowly fading away. As they entered the office, Mr Roberts pulled out a chair for Kevin to sit down on. With a second smile that soon faded into nothing but an unsure face. Mr Roberts tried to stay relaxed, as he stayed relaxed, Kevin would most likely follow. “Let’s talk about your boss.” Kevin jittered, he said something that was on his mind. Mr Roberts looked unsure for once, “Fine” he said. “Good, Mr Jameson is a well employed man” Kevin replied. Mr Roberts begged to differ, he didn’t see any kindness in that old man’s heart.

“We’ll just talk about you Kevin, Thanks though.” Mr Roberts rudely interrupted. Kevin looked at Mr Roberts with an observing look. His eyes moved side to side, as they traced along with Mr Roberts movement. “Fine by me, I’d rather talk about myself anyway” Kevin replied with a cheeky grin. “So- Kevin, I want you to talk to me. Express your inner self” Mr Roberts replied with an unsure face. Kevin looked surprised, “I don’t express myself through words… I express myself through pain” Kevin replied, as his eyes were now focussed on the corner of the room. Mr Roberts noticed Kevin’s eye movement changing from the corner to the other side of the room. “Why are you so interested in that corner?” Mr Roberts asked, “I'm not, I just don’t like looking at you.” Kevin said, it sounded offensive, and he most likely meant it. ‘Thanks a lot Kevin’ Mr Roberts thought.

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