Adalaide moved to Huntington Beach, California when she was in third grade. She has been there ever since. Over the years she made three best friends two of them were brothers and live near them. Keaton, and Wesley. Drew lived all the way on the other side of the town, but was always at Keaton, and Wesley's house. They have been very close for a long time its been almost five years since they all met. Will they be leaving for a once in a lifetime chance? What curiosities could possibly change their friendship forever?


2. Wanna Go On A Trip?



Sarah's POV

Keaton has always been a little shy in some cases. But not as shy as he was yesterday.

This morning I got up at 10. The boys showed up while i was doing my hair and make up.

"Hi Addy!" Keaton yelled. He seemed better than yesterday. So that must be good. "Addy!" Drew yelled. Him and Wes walked up to me Keaton followed. "Yeah?"

"Wanna go on a trip!" Wes asked with a huge grin. "Where?" I asked shocked. "I don't know but you can pick if you have anything in mind. "You really think mom will let me go?"

"I don't know lets find out." Keaton smiled taking my hand. we went over to my mom. "Mom! Can we take Addy on a trip?" Keaton asked. They always called my mom their mom.

"Where will this trip be taking place?" She asked

"We don't know yet." Drew explained.

"Any recomendations?" Wes asked her.

"Well as long as you guys behave I don't mind, but you better pick somewhere fun!" She has always let me do what I want since i'm an only child.

"Thank you mom!" I said hugging her. All the boys joined in. Saying "Thanks mom."

"Boys where do you wanna go!" I asked them.

"I don't know how about you pick Addy." Keaton smiled.

"Uhm how bout Florida?" I asked.

They all looked at eachother and nodded."Sure." They all said together.




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