There's not really much


3. What Just Happened!

Jessica P.O.V

“They’re supposed to meet us here I mean it right now!” I said

“HELP JESS HELP!!!!” Sophia shouted


“SHUT UP GIRL!” he (the one who kidnap me )whispered while covering my mouth

And ten everything was black and I fainted

Shhh “Oww it’s hot!!!” I shouted when I woke up and realize i don’t know where I am “Where am I , AND LET ME GO I SAY L-E-T M-E G-O!!!” I continue shouting

“SHUT UP! BE QUIET!!!” he said

And then someone came in it was Laura and she said ”I got you now tell me when are  you going to meet Nyle!!”

“WHY !!?I thought you hate Nyle...” I replied

“No, I have a crush on him and that’s why I got ur friend SOPHIA!!*EVIL laugh huaahahahahaha*” She replied

“lol, ur wierd” I said

“Bring Sophia in!” She shouted

And then her henchman opened the curtain and there she was hanging on the rope and below her is a pit of the strongest acid and she said (Laura said) “If you want her then tell me!”

“I don’t know don’t ask me I have no Idea!!!” I shouted back

“Fine Henchman get her!” Laura commanded her henchman

And I didn’t feel a thing as in fainted then woke up at my room at my house but there was no Sophia she was still above the pit or Acid I didn’t know what to do so I search more about Laura and find more about her secrets just to save Sophia

“I swear that from this day forward I will do anything for Sophia no matter what then someone came barging in the room it was Michelle, Louie,Diana,and Hailey saying “Nyle HAS BEEN KIDNAP BY NINJAS!!!!!!!!” They shouted at the same time

“WHAT!!”I shouted

“Yes!!!” Hailey said “We were talking and boom all smoke and Nyle was gone

“Come on you’ve got to be kidding me they got Nyle too..” I said

“What do you mean too?” Diana said

“I mean THEY GOT SOPHIA TOO.!!!” I said

“We got to save them!” Louie said

“For Sophia and Nyle and our friendship!!!” I said

“FOR SOPHIA AND NYLE AND OUR FRIENDSHIP!!” they all said together

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