There's not really much


2. School

Sophia P.O.V

As I arrived school I saw my friends Louis,Jessica,Michelle,Diana, Hailey,and Nyle..

“Morning Soph..!”my friend said while walking towards me...

“Oh, Hey, morning guys” I said in a sleepy voice

“Why still a bit sleepy?” Nyle said

“Haha very funny ,Yeah still a bit sleepy... *yawnn*” I replied

“Lol “ Michelle said

“Come on go to class!!!” ms.Riana said saying to other student

“Uh-oh let’s go before she catches us wondering around...” I said

“Good Idea.. Let’s go.” Diana said

And right then we swiftly and fast went off to class,Chemics class well actually it’s Labortory room then ms.Riana came to class “Alright students Today we will learn to make things that no other chemists has ever invented! Are you READY!!!?”ms.Riana said

She’s (ms.Riana) full of suprises and bright ideas but she is also very super really strick plus she likes to make jokes lol no teacher is that funny and strick too...

“Wow I hope it’s invidual coz I’m not going to grup with such losers!!!” Laura said

And she’s (Laura) is the class most popularest girl and captain of the cheerleaders... and is really bossy,and really mean

“Ughh... why is ms.weirdo (Sophia) here.. ha!” Laura said

“Don’t listen to her Sophia” Jessica said

 “Okay, Class partner up!” Ms. Riana said

“Uh-oh looks like ms weirdo has no partner!!!” Laura said

“It’s Okay I can partner up with anyone…” I said

“Hey everyone’s picked wanna partner up?” Nyle asked

“Sure…why not sides we’ll get detention if we don’t have a partner...” I said

“Look ms. weirdo is partnering up with Mr. loser!”Laura said while pointing at me

“Hey stop it!” I said

“I’m sorry you got involved …” I said

“Nah, its okay Sophia…” He replied

Then as the time pass by  TONG-TONG-TONG (school bell)

“Lunch time students” Ms. Riana everyone went fast off to the canteen

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