Stay With Me Forever

The sequel to Stay With Me. Nell moved back to London and is expecting. Niall is back on tour and Nell has to find a job. Will Nell and Niall get married? Will the baby be a boy or a girl? Find out in Stay With Me Forever.


40. Thoughts...

Nell's POV


For the past week I had thought about telling Niall what I was thinking and how I wanted to move back to Australia. But I didn't have the guts too. Well not until he saw me looking at house's for sale in Australia. I knew I shouldn't have but I just wanted to see what was on the market. 

"Are you planning on leaving me?" Niall said jokingly as he walked in and saw what I was doing. I slammed my laptop shut and blushed. 

"Ohh no. You caught me" I said kissing him on the lips "My other husband wants to move so..."

He playfully jumped on me and we kissed for a bit. "No seriously, what are you doing?" he asked me. 

"Err you know, just looking at houses" Trying to hide my secret. He nodded and kissed me again. 

"Well I'll let you be" He said getting of off me. I got up as well and pushed him out the door. 

"Yes you should. My other husband will be here soon and I must get ready" I said winking at him and shutting the door. 


Niall's POV


When I walked in on Nell looking at house's, I finally figured out what had been bothering her.She wanted to move back to Australia. It all made sense now. The way she had acted weirdly in the cold weather and how she glowed in the sun. I was sure that was what she had wanted for a long time. I didn't know what I was going to do but I knew that I had to do something.


I spent all afternoon on the computer trying to figure this out. I called Simon first and asked what that would do to the band and if we could work around it. He said that he was planning on giving all of us a year off because he understands that all of us were growing up and starting families. I thanked him and then called the real estate agent. I asked her to find some really nice, big house's near the beach in Sydney and Brisbane. I know her parents lived in Perth but I still wasn't that keen on her parents. She found some amazing houses and then I asked her to put our house up for sale, so that when we got home, Nell would see it I could surprise her and tell her about my plans. I am so excited to go home and see the look on her face. 


Nell's POV


While Niall was in on his computer, I took the twins down to the beach. Avery was asleep in the cot. I left a note for Niall and we all ran down to the beach. We splashed around and built sandcastles for about 4 hours. We went home just before sunset. When we got inside, Niall was asleep with Avery on his chest. It was so cute I took a picture and posted it on Twitter. I started dinner and helped the twins build some lego. 


That night in bed I thought about the close call today. I thought about how Niall would react. He would probably refuse to come. I should just forget it. It was a stupid idea. He has a world wide famous band and no way would Simon would allow him to move half way across the world and leave the rest of his band mates. My decision was to drop the whole idea.

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