Stay With Me Forever

The sequel to Stay With Me. Nell moved back to London and is expecting. Niall is back on tour and Nell has to find a job. Will Nell and Niall get married? Will the baby be a boy or a girl? Find out in Stay With Me Forever.


28. Still in labour....

Nell's POV


Well the nurse lied. I was still in labour 12 hours later. I was moving around the room when the doctor came in and checked me again. "7 cm's! Almost there!" He said happily. "Can we do something to speed it up? She's been in labour for over 19 hours!"

"I'm afraid you can't do anything to induce labour, this far into it" I moaned and rolled my head back. I started crying. The pain was getting insanely strong. Niall came over and dabbed my face with a cold face washer. Harry, Liam and Danielle had left about two hours ago and Lou had come back with Zayn. About every 10 minutes the contractions would come back. They hurt like hell, but what could we do? I was exhausted, but couldn't sleep. hungry but I couldn't eat and I was so uncomfortable. I have been in labour since 1 yesterday afternoon. It was now 8 the next morning. How long was this going to last?


Niall's POV


She was getting closer, just very very slowly. About an hour ago, Nell had a really bad contraction and started crying. I think it was the stress and everything that had happened. I didn't think a labour could last this long. We were going into the 20th hour of labour and El texted that she would be here soon. I was exhausted but I couldn't leave Nell by herself. El got here around 9:30 with Hunter and sat down next to Nell and held her hand. They chatted for a while. "Wake me up if the doctor comes in" El nodded and I drifted off into a light sleep immediately. 


Nell's POV


Oh My God!! Get this baby out! I don't understand why she doesn't want to come into this beautiful world. El came in just before Niall went to sleep and sat down next to me. "How are you feeling gorgeous?" she asked squeezing my hand.


"Yea I would think. I thought my labour was long" she said trying to make me laugh.

"Tomorrow, when the baby's out. Then the joke will be funny" I said smiling. I decided to have another shower. El helped me and Lou decided to go home with Hunter. Zayn left and Perrie came after she had dropped the twins off at school. I stood in the shower for a good half hour before I called El back in to help me. Once I was dried and into a clean gown, the doctor came back in. He checked me again "8 cm" he said proudly. I sighed and tried to eat some sugar lollies, to keep my strength up.

*4 Hours Later* 

Well it's official. I have been in labour for more than 1 day. Whooppee!! Whats my prize? The doctor had come back in several time's but still no baby" Several time's fangirls had come into the hospital and asked for my room number. Harry and Liam, who were back had gone out side and asked for some privacy. On the 29th hour of labour the doctor came in with amazingly good news. "Let's go to delivery" he said smiling ear to ear.Niall jumped awake when he heard the doctor. "What's happening?" 

"Nell's ready to push!" said El happily. "Okay i'll have some nurse's come and take you too delivery in a moment"

"Okay thank you so much" I said happily. When the doctor walked out, Niall rushed over to me and gave me a big kiss. "She's finally coming" he said with his amazing accent. "I love you so much" I said kissing him again. "I love you too" The nurse came in and El squeezed my hand. "Have fun" shouted Harry as I was being pulled away. Niall held my hand the whole way to the room. Once we were there Niall put on a hospital outfit and came and held my hand. 


Niall's POV


"Okay push now" Nell started pushing and after 10 seconds stopped.

"Okay Nell on the count of 3 I want you to start pushing again for 10 seconds. Okay?" Nell nodded. "Come on baby you can do it" I said glancing down to see the baby crowning. "1, 2, 3, PUSH" shouted the doctor. Nell's face went bright red from her holding in her breath. "Breathe baby breathe. We don't want you passing out" At that very moment we heard the tiniest most gorgeous cry in the whole world. I looked up and saw my baby girl for the first time. "Oh my god Nell look! She's here!" I held her hand and then the doctor came over and handed me our daughter. I started to cry and showed her to Nell. "Look at her. She's so beautiful and she's ours" Nell's eyes started to flutter and the machine that she was started beeping. The nurses started rushing around and one injected Nell with a needle, another took the baby off me and I started panicking. "What's going on?" The doctor said something to the nurse and the nurse came over and grabbed my arm. "I'm sorry but your going to have leave the room and wait out in the waiting room" I looked at her and started yelling. "No No! Tell me whats going on. I'm her husband! I deserve to know"

"I'm sorry but I can't help you right now" she walked back into the room and I was left alone in the hall. I slid down the wall and started crying. I was so worried. Was she going to die? What would happen to us?


Nell's POV


I couldn't really remember much of the birth. All I remember is Niall showing me our beautiful little girl. Then the lights went out. I then remember waking up to a bright light and hearing lot's of beeps. "Hello" I said. 6 people jumped up and I saw there faces more clearly. "Niall?"

He grabbed my hand "I'm here gorgeous" I smiled and then saw everyone else. "Where is she?" 

"Ahh there was complications in the birth and she was born underweight so there going to come in a little bit so you can try breast feeding her"

"Is she okay? She will be coming home right?" I asked worriedly

"Yes sweetie. She's going to be coming home. But that might not be for awhile"

"How long?" I asked. I didn't want to stay in this hospital any longer.

"Depends how long it takes for her to gain some weight and for you to feel better" I nodded and El and Lou came over. I talked to them for awhile until the midwife came in with my baby. "She's hungry and wants some food" I nodded. When the nurse handed me the tiny little baby for the first time I started crying. Everyone came over and met her for the first time. "Welcome to the world baby girl" I smiled at her and she opened her big, blue gorgeous eyes. When I tried to breastfeed her she wouldn't take it for about half an hour. She was getting frustrating. The nurse tried to make conversation but I was more focused on getting her to feed so we could go home.  "So have you guys gotten a name for this gorgeous girl?" 

"No. We have discussed it but we haven't decided on one yet" she nodded and finally she started feeding properly. After an hour of feeding everyone else had a cuddle and then she had to go back to the nurse. I went to sleep and everyone left except Perrie. Niall went to go pick up the twins and go home for a little bit.   

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