Stay With Me Forever

The sequel to Stay With Me. Nell moved back to London and is expecting. Niall is back on tour and Nell has to find a job. Will Nell and Niall get married? Will the baby be a boy or a girl? Find out in Stay With Me Forever.


42. Back to London

Niall's POV


It was finally time to go home after over a month of travelling. I was excited to see Nell's face when she saw the for sale sign in our front garden. She was going to flip. As usual, Nell was running around trying to pack, get the kids ready and sort out her own things. Before she started getting angry, I jumped in and took the twins to the bathroom and got them ready for our flight home. It was very hard but we finally got all of the kids, ourselves and all our luggage out the door and to the airport in time for our flight. 


Nell's POV


Even though I was sad to leave the beautiful weather behind, I couldn't wait to be back in my own bed. It was going to be great. The flight was long and boring. Not much happened. The kids slept, Niall and I talked about bills and boring things. I was in the middle of feeding Avery, when the flight attendant switched on the seatbelt sign and said that we would be landing in the next five minutes. YAY!! I put Avery down in her seat and buckled myself up. Before I knew it we had gone through customs and were all seated in a taxi driving towards home.


Niall's POV


We were almost home. The secret would be out in a matter of seconds. I was so excited. 

"Uhhh Niall...... Why is there a for sale sign out the front of our house?" It was in the middle of the day, so the sign was very noticeable. I didn't say anything, I just payed the driver and started getting our bags out. "Niall?" I looked up and shrugged. She was getting pissed off. I opened the door and we all walked inside. The twins ran straight for their lego table and Nell set our stuff up in our room and laid Avery down. "NELLLLLL!" I yelled. 

She ran downstairs. "What is it?"  

"I think you need to take a look at this" I said pointing to the dockets on the bench. 

"Arghh" She said as she walked towards the bench. I took a step back and watched her face turn into a wide smile. "Niall....What have you done?" I smiled back. 

"Are we moving?" She asked.  I nodded and the smile on my face grew bigger. She ran and leaped into my arms. "Niall! Your gorgeous cheeky devil! I love you" She kissed me and jumped down with a sad look on her face. 

"What about your band and Simon?" She asked.

"Well Simon thinks that we deserve some time off, especially since we all trying to start a family and getting into long term relationships" Nell nodded eagerly so I continued "So Simon has given us all a year off and sent as to do what we please" She squealed and jumped back into my arms. As we hugged, a thought dawned on me. How was I supposed to tell the boys?

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