Stay With Me Forever

The sequel to Stay With Me. Nell moved back to London and is expecting. Niall is back on tour and Nell has to find a job. Will Nell and Niall get married? Will the baby be a boy or a girl? Find out in Stay With Me Forever.


25. A day in the life...

On saturday morning all the boys came over to paint. Nell and Eleanor were taking the twins to the park with Daisy and Louis and Eleanor’s dog, Holiday. Once they had left the boys and I got to work. Zayn ,the artist of the group, worked on the ceiling with Liam and the other boys painted the walls a violet purple. “So have you guys decided on any names yet?” I asked Louis. 

“Yea. If it’s a boy, Thomas and if it’s a girl Holly”

“Those are cute names” said Harry

“Yea they are” agreed Liam

“Have you guys decided on a name yet?” asked Zayn

“Ahh we’ve been discussing, but we haven’t chosen one yet”

“What are you thinking about?” asked Louis

“Ahhh I really want, Saddie but Nell really want’s Harmony” 

“Their both really cute names” said Harry

“Where did Nell get Harmony from?” asked Zayn not taking his eyes off the cloud

“She’s always wanted it. That was one of the names we discussed when we were expecting the twins”

“Ohh Okay”

“I think their both great names” said Liam

“Thanks mate” We got back to painting and by lunch time we were almost finished. After lunch we got back to work and at 3:00 we finally finished.


Nell's POV


At the park Eleanor and I sat down on the bench. Some teenage girls walked past us and awed. El and I looked at each and giggled. We were used it by now, though it did get scary sometimes when they were screaming and yelling out rude and nice stuff. Once it had gotten very extreme with the twins when Niall and I took the twins to the swimming pool, when I was about 3 months pregnant. Girls found out our location and came into the arena yelling and screaming. It got so hectic we had to call Paul to and get us. It was terrifying. The twins were screaming and I was so scared that one of them would get hurt. We had to have a press conference to tell everyone about the experience and ask if they could stop with the harassing actions and threats from jealous fans. Everyone was understanding but I'm am still very worried about the new baby's safety and the twins safety. Anyway at the park the twins ran around with Daisy and Holiday while me and El talked about baby's. "So have you guys got a name yet?" I asked curiously 

"Yea if it's a boy Thomas and if it's a girl Holly" 

"Aww there adorable names"

"How about you guys?"

"We'll I really want Harmony but Niall really wants Saddie. So it's kinda like world war three at our house when someone mentions baby names" Eleanor laughed at my response. 

"I like them both" she said

"So do I but it's really hard to decide on name for another human being"

"I know. Me and Lou are having the same problem" We talked some more and then decided to go and get some ice-cream. We put the dogs on their leads and we both held one of the twins hands. We walked to an ice-cream vendor and each got an ice-cream. We sat down under a tree while we ate. After we fed the ducks and played on the play ground. At around 3:30 we started to head home. As we were walking home the twins picked up leaves and every so often they would throw them up in the air and dance around. It was so cute. When we got home all the boys were sitting around drinking beers. "Are you guys all done with the painting?" 

"Yea. We finished at 3" El and I went up to look at the room. The baby's crib and furniture were all covered up with plastic covers and the walls and ceiling were painted. They looked amazing. We walked back downstairs and thanked all the boys. "Thank you guys so much!! It looks amazing" I walked over and sat on the space next to Niall and Harry. The twins were running around with the dogs playing on the trampoline and their cubby houses. "So guess what Niall!" said Louis holding El's hand. "What?" I asked. Louis laughed. "Are you Niall?" he asked while laughing. I pinched Niall's knee "His other half" I said. Everyone laughed and Louis carried on with his story. "El and I are going to watch the birthing tape tonight" he looked at Eleanor and she gave his hand a tight squeeze. "Ohhhh scary!!" said Niall. I looked at hime weirdly. "It's not as bad as it seems" I said looking at El. "Oh please" coughed Niall. "You wouldn't even let me touch you after" Everyone laughed again "Oh please nothing. I was a twenty year old and had no intentions of having a baby that young, let alone two" I looked at Niall. "Don't get too sassy now" Said Louis snapping his fingers. Everyone bursted out laughing. Harry hadn't said much since we came home. I gave his hand a tight squeeze. I know what was bugging him. He and Katie had just broken up a couple of nights ago. Katie was in Africa studying the wildlife their with Jesse and they had tried a long distance relationship, but it hadn't worked. Jesse and Louis didn't really work either and thats how he ended up with Eleanor. Jessie and Louis broke things off about 2 years ago. I was sad about the whole break-up two of my best friends had to still see each other and  be around each other after a break-up over Skype. It's a horrible way to break-up. Everyone ended up staying for dinner. We ordered some chinese and had a goodnight. Louis and El left at about 8. "Have fun with the birthing tape" said Niall being smart.

"Have fun cleaning up all this mess" Louis said being equally as smart. I looked around. There was a lot of mess. Paint tool's everywhere, chinese boxes half filled with leftovers, beer bottles and all the twins toys laying around. "Yea have fun with this" I said getting up off of the rounded chair. Everyone laughed and Niall looked horrified. "What happened to , 'I'll be there for you?' Remember what you said in your wedding vowels?"

"Yea but then you went and got me pregnant again" I said rubbing my big belly. I walked up stairs leaving Niall to do the cleaning. After about an hour I heard Niall walk up the stairs. Everyone had left and obviously he had finished with the cleaning. As he started to take off his shoes I asked "Did you let Daisy back inside?" I heard him groan as he walked back down the stairs. Daisy ran up to our room, licked my hand and got into her bed. Niall came back in trudging along "Don't look too sad" I said being funny

"Ohh HAHA!" he said emphasising on the haha. He got changed and hoped into bed. He wrapped his arms around me and my belly and we fell asleep, only to wake up the next morning to screaming kids.

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