Stay With Me Forever

The sequel to Stay With Me. Nell moved back to London and is expecting. Niall is back on tour and Nell has to find a job. Will Nell and Niall get married? Will the baby be a boy or a girl? Find out in Stay With Me Forever.


24. 4 Years Later

Niall's POV


It was the twins first day of school. Nell was 6 months pregnant again and I just got back from the Where We Are tour. It was incredible but it was good to be back home. 


I woke up early the next day and let Daisy out into the garden. I went and woke the twins up. "Boys time to get up" I said opening up their curtains. Slowly the boys got up and went downstairs. I followed them and poured them some cereal. While they were eating Nell came downstairs and kissed each of the boys on the cheek. She then came over and gave me a quick peck on the lips. "Morning" I said happily. I then lent over and kissed her belly "Morning Sunshine" the baby kicked a little and Nell started to giggle. After the boys finished their breakfast Nell took them up stairs and got them changed. I was sitting reading the news paper when the boys, Perrie and Eleanor. Eleanor and Louis just got married a year ago, so they were still in their lovey-dovey  phase. It was cute but got annoying sometimes. Eleanor was also 7 months pregnant. They were here to see the boys on their first day of school. "Hey" they all said coming in. "Hi" I said back. They all came in and sat down around the table. Perrie and Eleanor went upstairs to see Nell. They came back down with the twins about 20 minutes later. They were all dressed and ready to go. So was Nell. 

"Uncle Harry" yelled Michael running and jumping on him. "Oof" grunted Harry. He picked him up and Luke calmly walked over to Liam and sat on his lap. They were both so different. "Okay say good-bye boys. We have to get going". One by one everyone said good-bye to them and me and Nell hoped into the car. We drove to their school and walked into their class. "Welcome" said the teacher "I'm Mrs Bell, I will be your teacher for the year" She said to the boys. They boys nodded and Mrs Bell showed them to their cubby's. We helped them unpack their things and get settled in. When it was time to go, Nell and I hugged the boys and said good- bye. "We will be back at 2:30 to pick you up. Okay?" Nell said trying to comfort Luke. A tear fell down his face and he slowly wiped it away. Nell looked like she was about to cry so she kissed him on the forehead and walked out of the classroom. I gave him a tight squeeze and said "Michael will be with you all day and you'll make friends" He nodded. "Bye daddy" he whispered. "Bye Luke" I got up and walked out. Michael was already playing with the puzzles on the floor. Nell was standing in the conner wiping away some tears. I went over to her and wrapped my hand around her waist. "They will be fine" I said kissing her cheek. "I know, it's just that their growing up so fast" 

"But just think of all the free time we'll have" I said giving her a cheeky grin.

"No we have to go to the doctors remember"

"Yea I know" I said disappointed


Nell's POV


*At the Doctors*


The nurse squirted some gel on to my stomach. "So would you guys like to know the sex today?" I looked at Niall, I wanted to but it was up to him as well. "I would like to, What about you Niall" he looked at my stomach. "I would love to know too"

"Okay then" said the nurse. She rubbed the monitor over my big belly, "You guys are having a  

baby girl. Congratulations" She smiled at us and then took the monitor off. "Oh my god! Yay!"

"I can't believe it! A little baby girl" said Niall happily. The nurse handed me a washing towel and I wiped away the gel. "You guys just have to check out at the front office and make a new appointment" she said smiling to us. When we left the doctors that day we headed straight to the shops. We had gotten rid of all the boys baby stuff right before I found out I was pregnant again. I know, smart. We bought a new crib, some clothes, a changing table, toys and all the things a baby needs. We bought all of them in white. When we got home we went into the new babies room and looked around. At the moment it was blue, but Niall and the boys were going to paint it a different colour.  I was thing a nice purple with some clouds on the roof. The room was quite big and had a little step going to the window. We decided to put her crib there and her changing table next to wardrobe.  It was 1 when we finished deciding were everything would  go. I was tired so I decided to go have a lie down. Daisy followed and I slowly backed myself into the couch. Daisy snuggled in and I put on a movie. Not long after I was asleep. 


Niall's POV


When I went downstairs after putting all of the baby's things together, Nell was fast asleep. It was 2:15 so I had to leave and pick up the twins. I didn't want to wake Nell. So I left the house quietly and went and picked up the twins. When we got home Nell had just woken up and was in the toilet. When she came out she hugged the twins and sat down on the couch again. THe twins sat  down on either side of her and stared at her stomach. Nell reached down and grabbed one of the twins hand each. She placed it on her belly. The baby must have been kicking. The twins giggled and took their hands of frightened when she kicked. I walked over and knelt down in front of Nell. "Here boys" I placed their hands back on to her stomach and started talking to the baby. "Hello in there. Anyone home?"The boys laughed hysterically and then started talking to the baby. "Hello baby" said Luke with his mouth right against her stomach. "Helllooooo" said Michael, ringing out the word. They were so cute. I looked at Nell, she was smiling at the boys and how they were talking. I smiled knowing my family was nearly complete.


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