Secretly Related {ON HOLD}

One Direction decided that they should surprise a school. They were going onto a random bus and surprise a few fans. Niall sat beside one person and tapped their shoulder so they would turn around. It was Violet, Harry's cousin. But no one knows that they're cousins. Later, Violet ended up running away from a problem she had and Niall is determined to find her.

slow updates! Sorry! I live with my dad and he doesn't have wi-fi or internet .-. but i'd love it if you'd still read this story?(:


5. Chapter 5

.:Chapter Five:.

Violet's P.O.V

"Vi? You okay?" Holly waved her hand in front of my face.

"What?" I asked grabbing her wrist to make her stop.

"You were staring off at a car?" She questioned.

I shrugged then began walking again towards the school. We walk to the music room while having a mindless conversation. We finally make it to class and walk in. As we walked in, we heard singing. It was Ellen and Amber. They were singing 'Heart Attack' by Demi Lovato. The classroom is pretty big. The piano is in another room, which I like. Only me, Holly, and Mrs. Oliver is usually the only one in the room. Mrs. Oliver is another teacher while there's also Miss Martinez. Mrs. Oliver is older, she has white hair that's always put down which may I add is to short to put up. She has gray eyes and I believe she is actually fifty-two. She's always wearing a skirt and a button up shirt. She wears leggings and high heels. Miss Martinez is her daughter. They kinda look a like. Miss Martinez is tanner then Mrs. Oliver. She's obviously younger, around her late 20's? She has long-ish hair. Past her shoulders. She has bright, almost gray, blue eyes. She wears skirts too but it doesn't go past her knees, just above. "Goin' to piano room." I called out. I walk in and Mrs. Oliver was playing the piano. Right away I knew it was 'Jar Of Hearts' by Christina Perri. Almost spelled like Zayn's girlfriend, Perrie. Of course her and her band knows about me. They saw me once and I just told them. I don't even know why, I guess since Zayn and Perrie are obviously going to be dating for awhile and I don't know, I'm weird. Their reactions was funny first they didn't believe me until Harry walked in.

"Who do you think you are, running around leaving scars." Holly sang.

Well, that surprised me. Like I said before, she usually just listens to rock music. As do I but I listen to other types of music.

"Hello Holly, Violet. You were almost late."

"Sorry, Violet was staring at a car like the freak she is." Holly smiled.

I rolled my eyes and sat beside Mrs. Oliver. I started to play a few keys before I smirked looking at Holly. I started to play the intro for 'Everybody Hurts'.


"Pleeeease Holly!"

She groaned before singing. Mrs. Oliver laughed beside me. Whoops, kinda stole the piano from her.

"Everybody hurts some days-" Holly was cut off my the intercome thingy.

"Hello students. As you may know, One Direction is!"

we heard a few cheers and I heard someone say "faggots". Dumbasses they're obviously not gay. Lucky I'm not in there...

"Now, they will be preforming a few songs after school. They will also be talking about their bully free school supplies. And, they will be doing a contest where we will pull a random name out and they will spend the rest of the day with One Direction!"

Heard cheering again. Oh great.

"Teachers, make a list of who in your class want to be in the contest. That is all." "You girls wanna be in it?" Mrs. Oliver asked, standing.

"I don't think so-"

"Yes!" Holly put her hand over my mouth. Mrs. Oliver chuckled before walking off. I bite her palm and she screamed.

"Stop cutting me off you cunt!"

"Don't bite me!"

I laughed and began playing the piano again.

"Oh, who was in the car that you were staring at?"



(A/N): SORRY IT TOOK ME FOREVER TO WRITE ANOTHER CHAPTER. I have like nine favorites, I guess that's good haha. If you guys like Larry or Niam or Ziam you guys should read my other stories.  'The Unspoken Words' is a Ziam, zianourry FAMILY fan fic. Me and my friend Julia is going to be writing a story together called 'Hidden'. It's going to be a Niam fan fic. The chapters are going to be kinda short as we wrote them on our iPod's .-. but sorry for the late update!! AND SORRY THIS CAME OUT SHORTER THEN I LIKED IT TO BE.

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