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2. Harry and Mia <3

-Mia was walking down the street, she was on the phone with her best friend-

Who was rambling on about how she met this guy, You just "mmhmmed" at everything she said, Your jealousy slightly taken over.  Your best friend Megan was non-stop chatting about how great he was, while you were still single.
"(Best friend name) I have to go" you lie, wanting to hear no more of her stories.

Quickly you look at the time and see you're late to one of your blind dates. 
You hope that this time it's not some kind of drugged up hipster. 


When you get there you sit at the location you and your blind date agreed on meeting.
He's late, so you take out your phone and look up one direction and see that your favorite Harry Styles is on a date.
You giggle at the thought of it.

Moments later you see a boy around your age walk up to you and sit down. He has a hood up and sunglasses on.
"Err hi?" You say.
He takes his glasses and hood off and smile a bright beautiful smile at you....
"H-h-h-Harry s-s-s-styles!!!" You stutter.
He laughed, and quickly grabbed on of your hand and leaned in and said,
"I seen your profile online, and I was just astonished that someone could look soooo good."  He smirked " I had to meet you in person, and now here we are."
He continued "have you ever just seen someone and you had this weird sensation like, that you NEED to be with them, or you feel as if you NEED to kiss them, we'll, that's all I felt, I still feel actually, after seeing your photo love."

This is all so surreal you think, Harry damn Edward Styles, wants me?! Lil'O me?! You smile widely and say, "Harry, I know how you feel." 
And with those five words, Harry was tied to you. After a long date, he took you home.....
(In your house)
"What a lovely home you have Mia" he said looking around
He looks at you and you say, "what?!" Wonder what the hell the mater was. 
"I-I- I just want to kiss you..." Harry muttered
Quickly before you could respond, Harry kissed you and you felt his soft warm lips upon yours. 
You couldn't explain it, but you felt right at home. 
"Harry...." You manage to say when you both catch your breath before more smogging. 
" I feel so...." You stared to say
"Right?" He quickly said.
And with that, Harry slipped your shirt off and then you undressed him........
Moments later you were having sec with Harry Styles.
Later that night you passed out cuddling with him.
But before you fell asleep you heard Harry mumble...
"Mia, I know we just met, but this feels right, and I know I sound crazy, but I think I love you.... Stay with me..."

Sorry if it was really awful.... It was the first one Ive made in a while /.\
Hope you like it though!! 


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