the four best friends

Marlee, Gracie, Jenna, and Aubrie are best friends. One day Gracie wins tickets FRONT row tickets I might say to a one direction concert. After the concert one accident changes their life forever.


6. Disney world?

Gracie's pov 

I woke up and it was oddly quiet! I looked around and saw a bunch of silly string everywhere! Then saw the boys, Eleanor and Jenna had marker all over their faces I got up and looked in a mirror. "AUBRIE!! MARLEE!!" I yell banging on Marlee's door. Marlee sleepy opened the door. Her eyes widened and she started laughing then yelled "It was Aubrie's idea!" Them ran into the kitchen. Our yelling woke everyone else up. "Where's Aubrie?" Harry asked. I looked at Marlee she shrugged. Then the door flew open and Aubrie walked in wearing shorts and a NDSU shirt. She handed us these credit card looming things "What are these?" Niall asked "You Disney World passed duh!" She said acting loo one we should know "You should really wash that marker off before we go." Aubrie said smirking we glared at her. But left and got ready half an hour later we meet out in the hall to an impatient Aubrie "Yay know we can go!" She yelled then skipped to the elevator. "What ride are we going to ride first?" Louis asked Liam said "Toy story ride" at the same time Aubrie said "The Peter Pan ride." That's when I noticed something on Aubrie's foot. "Hey what's that?" I asked 

"My new tattoo." She said smiling "ok you are obsessed with that movie!" Marlee said rolling her eyed but smiling too. I looked closer and what a surprise it was a Peter Pan tattoo the elevator doors opened and we walked out to our car but Aubrie pulled us away "Nope were taking the fun way." She said dragging us to some buses we hopped on one and sat down.. Aubrie an  Liam were arguing over what movie was better toy story or Peter Pan. We finally arrived at Dis eyes World. We walked to the entrance some people said hi to Aubrie and asked her if her grandparents were with her. We decided to go on the Peter Pan ride first Lou and Eleanor sat with each other, Zayn Sat with Perrie (we meet her here) Marlee and Liam who were hitting it off, Jenna and Josh (Who we also meet) Aubrie and Niall and me and Harry. I looked in front if Harry and I and saw Aubrie for gazing at all the art for the Peter Pan ride she has seen that movie sense she was really young her parents once told us when she was five she and her older cousin would play along with the movie and know all the lines. I also noticed Niall kept glancing at het hmm someone has a crush. I turned to Harry "Today is going to be a long day." I said laughing "Why?" He asked "Aubrie knows this ace lime it's her own home so she'll know if we missed something." I said he laughed. "Well I'm glad I can spend it with you." He said I blushed he put his hand on my cheek leaned in and kissed me at first I was surprised but kissed back "EWWWWWWW!!" We herd someone say we pulled apart and looked at Aubrie and Niall who were pretending to barf. I rolled my eyes and we got off the ride. Aubrie let out a small scream and grabbed Liam's arm and started running we ran after them and saw Woody and Buzz were taking pictures. Then we followed Aubrie she was taking us to the castle Harry grabbed my hand and we walked hand in hand After many hours it got dark so we went back to the castle, Aubrie said there was firework. We went home after and someone made the stupid mistake of giving Aubrie duvet so she was all hyper. We watched some movies and then all went to our own rooms. I smiled as I fell asleep thinking of my day with my best friends and Mayne boyfriend then frowned remembering we only have a day left. 

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