the four best friends

Marlee, Gracie, Jenna, and Aubrie are best friends. One day Gracie wins tickets FRONT row tickets I might say to a one direction concert. After the concert one accident changes their life forever.


2. a teddy bear and swimming

Marlee's pov

I woke up to Aubrie screaming at us "GET UP YOU LAZY BUMS!" i sat up. "What?" Gracie said rubbing her eyes "I want food." she said pouting "Well why do-oh ya never mind." Jenna said thinking to last time Aubrie nearly set Gracie's house on fire. We went to Gracie's kitchen. Gracie and Jenna started making pancakes and bacon. we sat down and ate the pancakes were good. The bacon? I didn't eat it i don't eat meat. "Hey at the concert it anyone asks Aubrie and i are twins." I say "What concert?" Aubrie asked she is a very forgetful person. "The one Di-" Gracie started "OH YAAA!" Aubrie said. After a hour we all went home to pack. Gracie came and picked me up Jenna was in the car with her already next we drove to Aubrie's house we went to the front door. i knocked on the door. Eli opened the door "AUBRIE YOUR FRIENDS ARE HERE!" he yelled there was no reply he let us and we went to her room she was laying on her bed with NCIS on the TV. her bag next to her. Jenna stood in front of the TV. "MOVE!" Aubrie yelled. Gracie turned the TV off. Aubrie got up and grabbed her bag and her iPhone (we all had one). We walked out of her room running into Jonah. "Hi." he said smiling to Gracie he had a crush on her (Not really that would be weird). we said hello and walked downstairs to the door when Beckett came running on his small chubby two year old legs "Wa i wan hug." he said. Aubrie bent down and gave him a 'Horan' hug. Then Beckett pulled out his teddy bear. "So you can remer me." he said handing it to her. We all gave him a hug then left. Aubrie had the teddy bear in her bag. we drove to the airport.  we got on the plane and took off. the concert was in Orlando Florida and we lived in Fargo North Dakota. After a few hours we FINALLY arrived then went to our hotel Aubrie and I are sharing a room and Gracie and Jenna were across the hall. We decided to go swimming

Jenna's pov

We went down to the pool and i swam for a while but then decide to sit and watch. Five boys came into the pool i didn't look at them I looked for Aubrie, Gracie and Marlee. they came up to me and we went to the vending machine in the pool area we were eating when Aubrie got a text her eyes got big. "NOOOOOOOOOOOO!" she yelled people gave her weird looks. "Ziva is leaving NCIS." she said frowning "Lets get your mind off that and go swimming." Marlee says. Ok i swear she lives in that show. we jumped in the lazy river and got four one person tub things we were talking when we herd a bunch of screams.we looked in the direction of the screams and there was the none other but ONE DIRECTION!!!!

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