Same Mistakes (Zayn Malik FanFiction)

A 19 year old girl moves to New York with her brother and friends. She meets zayn malik but will she ever see him again? What happens when she falls in love with zayn and it hurts everyone including herself?


6. Our Secret Place

Christina's POV:

  "You don't understand why I did what I did Liam!" 

  "Then tell me why you did it! And I want the real reason because I don't believe that you were drunk that night!" Liam yelled. 

  "Fine I will! 


  ""Liam and I went to a party and his best friend Jason went too. I went to go get a drink and Jason stopped me.

  "Can I talk to you? " Jason said to me. It was weird that Jason wanted to talk to me because we barely ever talk. But whatever I couldn't say no now. 

  "Um sure. What is it?" 

  "I'm jealous of Liam. He has it all!"Jason said. 

  "What do you mean?" 

  "He has the looks and he can have anything he wants and he has YOU!" Jason yelled.   "Uhh I'm sorry I have to go."  

  As I was about to leave he grabbed me and kissed me harshly. From the corner of my eyes I saw Liam. Oh god! I needed to talk to Liam.  I tried to push Jason off me but he wouldnt let go. finally he got off me but was still holding my wrist very tightly. 

  "You better not tell anybody about this especially Liam." He told me. 

  "And what if I do?"  

  "I will hurt him and you wouldn't want your perfect Liam hurt now would you!" He said with a grin on his face. 

   I pulled my wrist away from his hard grip and ran outside to find liam. 

  "Liam!" I yelled hoping he would reply. 

  About a week later I was doing my weekly grocery shopping when I saw Liam. I was scared that he wouldn't want to talk to me but happy that I could finally see him again. I decided that I should talk to him. 

  "Liam?" I said but it turned to be be more like a question. 

  " umm I have to go." Liam said. 

  " no wait just let me explain. Give me 2 minutes." 

  "You have 2 minutes nothing more so hurry." He said. 

   I couldn't tell him the truth because if I did he would tell Jason and he would hurt him  so I decided to just make up a story.

  "We'll um that night of the party I was drinking and I didn't really know what was going on in my head. I was really drunk and I shouldn't have done that I'm so sorry. I promise I will never do that again.  My life has been so different without you and I really need you." I said hoping he will forgive me. 

  "I miss you too! I'm sorry I didn't let you tell me what really happened." Liam said. 

  "So are we back together?" I asked. 

  " of course! I can't stand another day without you." Liam said.   

  After that day we were back to way we used to be before the party. When all of a sudden Liam wouldn't answer my calls. I thought something happened with him and Jason. Until one day I was watching t.v and I saw the face I could never forget, Liam. He was on x-factor. Now I know why he wasn't answering any of my calls. I guess the fame got to him."

  *end of flashback*

  I looked up to see zayn with his mouth wide open full of shock. Liam was sitting with a face full of sorrow.

  "I'm so sorry christy. You should have told me what really happened!" Liam said.

  "I was trying to protect you from Jason but I guess you didn't care."  

  "No christy I do care." Liam said as he came in to hug me. But I denied it. 

  "Liam don't touch me! I tried to protect you and what do you do? You forgot about me! You forget about the people that love you the most!" I was really mad with my eyes full of tears.       "But christy-" Liam said but was interrupted. 

  "NO LIAM! All this time I would think to myself what did I do wrong? What could I have done right? Why am I such a bad person? But then I realized that its not my fault. It's YOURS!" 

  "What's all the screaming about?" Niall said coming down the stairs. 

  "Umm nothing we are just picking a movie to watch." Zayn said. 

  "Rather loud" Harry said. 

  "You must really like that movie!" Louis said which made him,Niall,and Harry laugh with him.         "We'll actually I can't stay guys sorry I have to go." 

  "Oh that right christy and I have to get to our dinner reservations, see you guys later!" Zayn yelled as he grabbed my hands and pulled me out the door with him. 

  "What dinner reservations?" I said as I walked out of the house with zayn. 

  "The one I secretly planned for us." Zayn said smiling which made me blush. 

  We got into the car and after 2 minutes of driving, he turned on the radio and started to smile when I heard one of my favorite songs ever! It was Lego house by Ed sheeran. 

  "I know you like this song. It's ok you can sing." Zayn said smiling. Which made me roll my eyes. 

  "You think I don't want to sing because I'm shy?" I said laughing a bit. 

  "We'll I don't see you singing so yea you seem pretty shy." Zayn said.  

  "We'll maybe I just don't want to." I said folding my arms.

  "You don't want to because your shy." He said. 

  "No because I wouldn't want to make you feel bad because my voice is better." I said laughing so hard. 

  "Oh really you think your better than me?" He said.   

  "Oh I know I'm better than you!" I said which made him start to laugh as well.

  "Ok show me what you got." Zayn said.

  "Don't hold me dowwwwn. I think my braceesss are breaking but that's more than I can taaaakkkkkeee." I sang and was actually very proud.

  "Not bad not bad. And it's dark in a cold December but I've got you to keep me warmmmm if your broken I will mend you and ill keep you sheltered from the storm that's raging oooonnnnnnn now!" Zayn sang which made me laugh.

  Hearing his voice made me melt but I couldn't show any feeling for him yet. 

  We finally arrived at the restaurant. As we walked in zayn grabbed my hand and I felt butterflies in my stomach. 

  We walked inside and zayn asked for our table. At least there was barely a lot of people because I was not looking forward to pictures and rumors of me and zayn.

  Zayn's POV:  

  "Here is your table." The waitress said winking at me but I just ignored her.

  "Thanks" said christy. 

  We sat down and ordered our drinks.  

  "So why didn't you tell me played guitar?"   

  "I already told you. You never asked." Christy said. 

  "We'll I would've expected you to tell me if you did play." 

  " I guess you were wrong." She said smiling.   We order our food and talked for a while, until we finished our food.  

 "I have a surprise for you."  

 "What is it?" She asked. 

  "We'll what kind of surprise would it be off you knew?" 

  She laughed and I saw that beautiful smile of hers. 

  "Would you like anything else?" The waitress asked as I saw her slip a piece of paper with her number on it. I looked and saw that christy was a little red as if she was jealous. 

  I grabbed the paper and handed it back to the waitress   "No thanks we will just take the check thank you." I said as the waitress looked at me with an angry face. 

  We got the check and as I was about to pay I saw christy take money out of her bag.  

  "No it's ok I will pay."  

  "No I couldn't let you pay for me again." She said. 


  "Yea don't you remember when you payed for my drink at the Starbucks." She said and then I remembered that that was the day I met her. 

  "No gentleman lets the women pay. Just think of this as my treat." I said as I gave the card to the waitress and she gave us our receipt and we left.  

  "So where is this surprise at?" She asked.  

  "You will see when we get there." 

  Christina's POV:

   It was a quick ride until everything started to look familiar. We stopped at a stop sign in the middle nowhere and zayn put a bandana around my eyes so I couldn't see the surprise.    "What are you doing?" I asked while giggling. 

  "I told you it was a surprise." Zayn said smiling. 

  We drove for about another 5 minutes and that's when the car stopped.  

  "Can I open my eyes yet?"  

  "No not yet. Wait." He said as I heard his door close and my door open. He grabbed my hand and pulled me out of the car. We walked a couple of more steps until we stopped again with my eyes still closed. 

    "I come here whenever I just need a break or just to think about things and get away for a while. This is my secret place but now it's ours." He said which made me smile.  

    He took of the bandana and I saw the whole city from the mountain top. 

    "This has always been my secret place." 

    "What do you mean?" He asked in shock.  

   "I used to come here as a kid whenever my dad felt down and we would lay down by the rocks and just listen to the birds and stare at the stars." 

  "Wait you never told me what happened to your parents." Zayn said but it came out more like a question. 

    We walked towards the rocks to sit so I can tell zayn my story.   

   "We'll when I was little my mom left my brother and I so I never really knew her. When my mom left I guess it made my dad think that we would leave too so he became very controlling. But then my dad started to become depressed and he would take all his anger out on me and my brother. Finally when I turned 19 I was an adult so I left to New York with my brother, Brandon and 2 of my best friends moved here with me so yea I guess I'm happy now."

  "I'm sorry I shouldn't have asked." Zayn said.  

   "It's ok if anybody should know it should be you."

  "I'm sorry about everything." He said. 

  "what do you mean?" 

  "I'm sorry about the whole Liam thing and making you go through all that."

  "It's ok it's not your fault." 

  "It's getting kinda late I think we should go back" Zayn said as he kissed me on the cheek. I hope he didn't notice that I blushed. 

  We walked back to the car and he drove me back home. We finally got to he drive way.  

  "This is my stop. Thank you for every thing!" 

  "Let me walk you inside." 

  Zayn's POV  

   We got to her front door.  

  "I had a really good time." 

  "Yea me too. Thank you!" Christy said while smiling. 

   I watched her lips as she talked. I wanted to kiss her but I wasn't really sure how she felt about me. Just do it Zayn. Go for it. 

  I leaned in and she leaned in as we both closed our eyes.  



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