Same Mistakes (Zayn Malik FanFiction)

A 19 year old girl moves to New York with her brother and friends. She meets zayn malik but will she ever see him again? What happens when she falls in love with zayn and it hurts everyone including herself?


5. Little Story

   ~Connor's p.o.v~

  Deep breathes. I can do it. No I can't what am I even saying she's going though so much, telling her my feelings would just ruin everything we have right now.  

 "Um Connor?" She said looking up at me.  

  "um i just wanted to say to be careful with those boys"

  "Connor why are you so worried it'll be fine"  

   Why am I worried?! Maybe because I love you. I wish I could just say it out the way I have it said in my head, things would just be so easy. 

  "Alright baking is all done for today" she said smiling. 

  "Wow I didn't know how much of a chef you were?"I said.  

  "Hmm you're right. Chef christy I like it" she said winking.

  "I should probably go its pretty late" I said wishing I could stay forever. She walked me to the door while handing me my penny board. 

  "Good night chef" I hugged her and gave her a kiss on the forehead. 

  ~ Christy's p.o.v~

  After Connor left I held back on going to bed because brandon still wasn't home. I heard the door finally open.   "Where have you been"?!? I said screaming worriedly.  

  "With my friends I told you I was leaving" he said 

  "Yeah but you didn't say you'd be back this late!"   

  "Oh sorry I didn't know I had to report everything to you!" He said 

   "You know what just go to bed and no cookies for you!" I walked to my room closing the door and getting all comfy in bed.    Oh bed you're the one person that I'll always be happy to see. I snuggled into my pillow and swifted off.  

   *next morning*  

   *beep* I woke up to the sound of my annoying phone. Uhhh it's already 2 in the afternoon?! I could have slept though world war 3. I checked the message I got.  

    From: Zayn

   To: Christy c:

    Hey love I was wondering if you wanted to come over? 


  I smiled at the thought of me seeing Zayn again but the thought of seeing Liam just sent shivers down my back. 


  From: christy c:

   To: Zayn

   But what if Liam's there :/


  From: Zayn

   To: christy c:

    Don't worry he won't and I'll be there with you :) I'll send you the address 


  From: christy c:

   To: Zayn Fine. See you soon  

    Ok so I'm going to see Zayn again. Wow I need to get dressed. I hurried to get dressed.


  "Brandon I'm leaving!" I said grabbing my car keys and headed for the door.  

   "K!"he yelled. 

  I finally got to the boys it's really nice. I walked up the steps and knocked on the door. Waiting there anxiously I put on a hint of lipgloss. The door finally opened. Liam? 

  "Hey christy" Liam said shyly  I looked down and ignored him. This is awkward...  

     ~Zayn's p.o.v~

  I walked downstairs and saw that Liam already answered the door. 

  "Why didn't you tell me she was here?"

  "Because I wanted to welcome our guest" he said with an attitude. I pushed him aside and let christy in.    "You look great" I said looking at her from head to toe.

  "Thanks.. I guess" she said blushing.

  I brought her to the living room where all the boys were watching sponge bob. 

  ~ Christy's p.o.v ~

   Zayn brought me to living room to meet all the boys.   

  "This is Niall" he said showing me to the blonde boy. 

  "Hey Christy" he said in a Irish accent.

  "This is harry"  

   "Zayn you didn't tell me she was this pretty" the curly haired guy said in a deep voice. I blushed a little bit. And Niall smacked him on the back of his head. I laughed.

  "And last this is Louis"

  "Hello christy!" He shouted out waving his hand.

  "Hey guys its really nice to meet you all" 

  "I wanna show you something" Zayn said grabbing my hand and leading me away. He took me up stairs to his room.

 "Where the ladies room?" I asked him. 

  "All the way down the hall to the right."

  While I was walking I noticed what a big house they had. I mean 5 boys need alot of room but this was way huge. Damn it where was the bathroom again? Was it to the left or right? Really Christy how is it possible to get lost in a house? I kept walking until I noticed a door that was a crack open. I was somewhat curious so I peaked a little further. It was a music room. It had every instrument and a sound booth. Maybe if I just play a little no one will notice... I walked in and saw a guitar laying on the floor. I picked it up and strummed it a few times. Hmm what song should I sing? 

  ~ Zayn's p.o.v ~ 

   I stayed in my room waiting for Christina. Man what was taking her so long? I got up and walked down the hall when I heard someone in the music room. I opened the door slightly to see Christy playing the guitar and singing. I know this song. It's give me love by Ed sheeran! I stood there hearing her beautiful voice. When she finally finished she turned around and looked a little shocked.

  ~ Christy's p.o.v ~

  When I was finished playing I was startled when I saw that Zayn was on back of me.  

  "I'm so sorry I didn't mean to come in here I just saw the guitar and- "you have a beautiful voice" he said cutting me off.  

  "Thank you" I said looking down.

  "Why didn't you tell me you could play and sing?" He said   

  "Well you never really asked and I don't know I just-"

   "who was that singing?!" I heard Louis say coming up the stairs with the rest of the boys. 

   All of them were now in the music room staring at me.   

  " it was Christy" Zayn said smiling at me.

  "Wow that was amazing!" Harry said.

  "Yeah that was really good. You play the guitar better than me!" Niall said.

  I laughed and thanked them not knowing what to say.  

  "Wait, aren't we looking for a guitarist?" Liam said raising an eyebrow. 

  "Good idea Liam, she's perfect!" Harry said.  

   Why would Liam want me in their band? Out of all people. That's when I started to get angry. 

  ~ Liam's pov ~

  I waited for her reply hoping she would accept my offer but she only looked angry.

  "And why would I want that Liam? Huh? Why would I want to be anywhere near you!" She said starting to get red.  

  "Christy I'm sorry for whatever I did to you. But please I just want to start over and-"

  "oh that's such bs! But why? So you can forget about me again? You know Liam I think you have a thing for doing that"

  "I'm sorry I tried calling you and writing but you never replied"I said 

  "Would you answer? If the person you loved for so long just leaves without saying goodbye and just forgets about you.. Like you mean nothing to them!" 

  At this point I didn't know what to say to her. I know I hurt her but it was a mistake.

  "I'm sorry I just.. Please Christina just forgive me"  

" I can't do this Liam. You can do this. You can't just leave someone and try to get back in their life."she said storming out the door the way she always did in our arguments. 

  " Christy wait!!" 

  "Look what you did Liam!" Zayn said pushing me aside and running after her. Damn it.   "I'm so confused..." Niall said.   "Yeah   Liam what was that about?" Harry said. 

  " she's my ex" I said walking out.  

     ~Christy's pov~

  I ran out out of the house and I could hear Zayn's footsteps following behind me.

  "Christy wait!"  

   I turned around stopping myself from almost driving away. Almost with tears in my eyes I managed to talk.  


  "I'm so sorry I didn't know he was going to be here, It's all my fault" he walked up to me, grabbed me by the waist and hugged me tight as if he knew I really needed it.

  "Look I don't want this to affect us. Liam's in the band and there's nothing I can do but what I can do is make sure that he won't       hurt you. No one will" he said looking into my eyes.

  "It's ok Zayn. Liam's always been like this. Always the bad guy."

  ~Liam's pov~

   I stormed down the stairs. I'm so mad how can she act like this?! I was half way through the door when I heard Christy.

  "Liam's always been like this. Always the bad guy" 

  "Oh really? Always the bad guy huh?" I said walking towards them. 

  "Liam just leave her alone mate don't you think you caused enough trouble" Zayn said grabbing Christy's hand.

  "No I'm always the bad guy. What about you Christy?"  

   "What are you talking about Liam?" She said 

  "You know exactly what I'm talking about. Why don't we tell Zayn about what happened that night"

  "No Liam stop." She said getting nervous.

  "No no I think Zayn has the right to know the reason why it was easier for me to forget about you"

  "No Liam please stop!" she was now in tears.

  "What is is he talking about" zayn said confused.

  "Let me tell you a little story Zayn" 

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