Maliyah Horan . Bullied by Her own Brother and His friends . Why do they hate her So Much? What did she ever do ?


2. Chapter 1.



Maliyah's P.O.V-


I Was Upstairs Listening to Music Reading A Book . I Was Listening to I'd Rather go Blind by Beyonce . 

I Was Humming the Lyrics Until My bedroom Door Flung Niall . I Was scared who know what he would do .. I Got up and Backed away into a Corner.

" Hey Fattie Don't you think you should take a break from eating everything in the house? " He smirked .


I Started crying , I Put my head in my hands . For a Minute Niall Looked Hurt and Guilty But I Shook it off . I Pushed right Pass Him and Ran into My Bathroom . 

I Ran in and Locked The door . I Dropped to the floor and Got my razor Out of my Drawer .. and Started Sliding it across my Wrist . I Just sat their and cryed . 


Niall's P.O.V -


I Hate Seeing Maliyah Like This I Honestly Don't Know why I Do this To her . I Mean Its MY SISTER . I Shouldn't act like That To her . She needs someone to be their for her . 


Ever since My parents died a Year ago I Guess something Just Hit me And I Needed to take all the Pain out on someone else , I Guess she was Just their at the moment . 


I Need to stop this . I Love Her so Much I Cant Lose Her too . My eyes started to Tear Up . 

I Just remembered I Just started Hitting and Kicking her . I Hate Myself . 

What Have i Caused ? .. I Forced the Boys into it Otherwise I Would Leave them behind . 

They didn't want to But I Made them . 

I Wish I Could take this all back . She isn't even Fat Nor Ugly .. She is skinny I Mean too skinny she looks weak and She is beautiful . 

Im such a monster i thought . 

I Only hope She hasn't harmed herself that would kill me .. 


I Walked out Of Her room Crying . I Went downstairs and Called the guys . 

They finally picked up 

"Vas Happenin? " Zayn Answered 

"Zayn I Cant do this to Maliyah Anymore . It Kills me to see her like this " I Cryed through the Phone. 

" So The Deal is off? " Zayn said Happy and Shocked at the same time 

" Yes .. I Hope she forgives me " I Questioned . 

"She Hopefully will forgive all of us Nialler but their Are still Everyone at school Who Bullie her But i Have to go Nialler The boys and I Are coming to your flat Tonight See you soon " With that he Hung Up . 


I Hope Maliyah Forgives all of us ... Fingers Crossed .



Maliyah's P.O.V -


I Looked at Myself through the Mirror . I Lifted up my shirt . They're right Im Fat . Im Ugly .

Why Me Mum ? Why me ? 





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